Super Gene - Chapter 258: The Only Chance

Chapter 258: The Only Chance

Chapter 258: The Only Chance

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Situ Xiang did not know what to say. She wanted to win more than anybody. However, the gap between the two teams was too big.

Situ Xiang had no clue herself as to how to beat the strongest military school. But as a coach, she could not tell her team that they had no hope.

After watching the first match of the Alliance Central Military Academy, Situ Xiang had to say that this was probably the best team the archery tournament had ever seen.

With the monster Jing Jiwu and other players like Qin Cheng, the team was so strong that it was beyond her imagination.

"If you really want to win, there is only one way." Situ Xiang pondered for a while and said to Han Sen.

In fact, Situ Xiang had thought about this match a million times. But no matter what decision she made, she thought they would still lose.

The absolute gap in strength was beyond any strategy or tactics. But even so, Situ Xiang still hoped to win. She had a tentative plan, but she did not even believe it was possible to execute. It was deep in her mind, but she did not even have enough confidence to share that with her team. From a coach, the plan was quite absurd.

Questioned by Han Sen like this, Situ Xiang had half a mind to share her plan. Although it was a bit ridiculous, what if they could actually realize it?

The desire to win burned in Situ Xiang, which motivated her to speak her mind. But she did not say it immediately, and chose to test the water first.

"I really want to win. Whatever the method is, please tell me," said Han Sen earnestly, full of fighting will.

Situ Xiang was quite touched. She did not expect that Han Sen who seemed to care little about the school team had such a sense of honor.

If she knew that he was actually thinking about a trip with his girlfriend, she would probably be p.i.s.sed off.

Situ Xiang felt all her team members watching her, full of hope.

No one wanted to lose, even the old team members, as long as there was a chance to win.

"Coach, please tell us, how can we win?" Zhang Yang asked Situ Xiang hurriedly.

Situ Xiang gritted her teeth and said grimly, "When it comes to the absolute strength, you had no chance at all. Each and every one of their players is more experienced. Even the collaboration among them is much better than you guys."

Situ Xiang paused and continued, "However, that doesn't mean everything. Although they had a huge advantage, it does not mean you have no chance."

Situ Xiang's gaze fell upon Han Sen. "Although this chance is extremely slim, if you're willing to try, there is a possibility; whereas if you do not try, you will definitely lose. If you decide to give it a shot, you will still have a 99% chance of losing. Are you still willing to do this?"

"Please tell us how to do it." Han Sen was calm and determined. Other team members also looked at Situ Xiang eagerly.

"Here… Look at this…" Situ Xiang pulled out the simulation of the field and started to explain.

Before the match began, the stands were filled with the audience from all over the Alliance.

People were extremely enthusiastic about this match between Jing Jiwu and Han Sen.

All sorts of media platforms were also all over this match. The unpopular archery tournament became such a hit this year.

Wen Xiuxiu was doing all the talking today, as the expert Feng Jiulun was pulled off by Huaxing Station because of the complaints.

At the back of the stands, too young man in were whispering to each other.

"Lin Feng, do you think Han Sen could win?" asked Tang Zhenliu casually.

"In terms of the overall strength of his team, Han Sen has no chance." Lin Feng smiled.

"And?" Tang Zhenliu knew Lin Feng had more to say.

Lin Feng thought about it and said, "However, Han Sen's strength was So, he might be able to get rid of a single person without using the entire team."

"You mean Han Sen has a chance to eliminate Jing Jiwu?" Tang Zhenliu regarded Lin Feng.

"Very hard to say. Maybe there is a chance," whispered Lin Feng.

Even he could not predict the result of this game and had to wait and see.

On the stands were almost all the partic.i.p.ating teams. Even the teams that did not have a match this day were here. Qiu Mingmei was also here with her teammates.

Most of them were here to observe the Alliance Central Military Academy. In the first round, the team's opponent was too weak to make them show their real strength.

Although they did not believe that Blackhawk was the match of the Alliance Central Military Academy, they thought Han Sen would be able to force the monster to show what he got.

In the waiting room, s.h.i.+ Zhikang nervously rubbed his hands together and murmured to Zhang Yang, "You think coach's idea will really work?"

"Why not? If we make every effort, there's definitely a chance," replied Zhang Yang calmly.

"But this is beyond our efforts. It is simply too risky. Once they could tell what we're doing, we will definitely lose." s.h.i.+ Zhikang was still nervous.

"It is risky. But this is our only chance. Maybe you would like to share a better idea?" said Lu Meng.

"If I have a better idea, I will not be so nervous. What do you think, Sen?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang smiled bitterly.

"This is the best way and our only chance. Let's just do what the coach said," said Han Sen calmly.

The light was on and all the team members looked to Situ Xiang.

"It's time." Situ Xiang took a deep breath and led her team out.

The moment they appeared in the site, they were greeted by waves of cheers.