Super Gene - Chapter 253: An Invite from the Monster

Chapter 253: An Invite from the Monster

Chapter 253: An Invite from the Monster

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Han Sen had only studied the team members of the Alliance Central Military Academy, and did not have much knowledge of other military schools. Nor did he know Qiu Mingmei's name. He signed for her and gave her the piece of paper back.

"Thank you so much. I wish that we could have a match together." Qiu Mingmei was very excited and returned to her team.

Han Sen turned back and saw the jealous look on his teammates face. s.h.i.+ Zhikang put his strong arm around Han Sen's neck and shouted, "Han Sen, Qiu Mingmei asked you for a signature!"

Not only his own teammates, but also other students in the lobby were throwing angry looks at Han Sen.

Qiu Mingmei was gorgeous and had great archery skills. There was no doubt that she was a star in the archery tournament. Her asking for Han Sen's signature naturally made many guys bristle.

"Stop it guys. Behave yourselves, please." After Situ Xiang and the team manager finished the paperwork, the team members went to their own respective rooms.

"Do not run around. When you finish eating, just go to the stadium and do some training on the spot." Situ Xiang did not want the team to run around and make trouble.

After dinner, the team went to the Goth Stadium, where the 10-day compet.i.tion would be held.

"It's Jing Jiwu!" When they reached the venue, s.h.i.+ Zhikang whispered.

Everyone looked over and saw the school team of the Alliance Central Military Academy were doing a training. Jing Jiwu was shooting at a moving target 300 feet from him and had hit the bull's eye eight times in a row.

"Insanely stable," commended Lu Meng.

Suddenly, a guy came to Han Sen with a bow in his hand and asked in a provocative tone, "Are you Han Sen?"

"I am. Who are you?" Han Sen looked the guy up and down and did not recognize him.

"Remember me. I am Fang Wending from Smith Military Academy. And we will beat your team and enter the second round to face the Alliance Central Military Academy," said the guy arrogantly.

Han Sen smiled and did not speak. When s.h.i.+ Zhikang was about to say something, another person came over to them.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang moved his lips and did not make a sound, staring his eyes wide at the person who had come.

Not just s.h.i.+ Zhikang, almost everyone was looking at that person, because it was Jing Jiwu from the Alliance Central Military Academy.

"Jing Jiwu." Jing Jiwu introduced himself and reached out his right hand in front of Han Sen.

"Han Sen." Han Sen paused and shook his hand.

Jing Jiwu smiled and said, "I wanted to say hi when we meet at the match. However, since I've seen you here, I should probably say hi now. I look forward to our game."

"Me too." Han Sen was quite confused. The strong players he had met were all kind of strange. Jing Jiwu just came to talk to him out of nowhere.

Han Sen did not feel anything when he heard what Jing Jiwu had said. But other people were quite shocked.

The reporters around the venue were drafting millions of headlines in their mind.

"An Invite from the Monster,""Nemesis of the Emperor,""On the probability of the Victory of Blackhawk,"…

Either way, many people now knew that Jing Jiwu took Blackhawk, or rather Han Sen, very seriously.

Fang Wending was left alone felt terrible. No one was paying attention to him and his remark was completely forgotten because of Jing Jiwu's presence.

Wen Xiuxiu was also doing a live show of the training in the stadium. When she saw the scene, she was pleasantly surprised.

She was supposed to do a show on black and white boxing, but volunteered to do a show on the archery tournament, knowing Han Sen would be partic.i.p.ating.

She did not understand why Han Sen would give up black and white boxing for archery. He was doing so well in black and white boxing that he could guarantee great performance.

Although he was from the Archery Department, Wen Xiuxiu still did not understand his choice.

This year, Jing Jiwu had chosen to take part in the archery tournament, and according to the rules, he could no longer show up in black and white boxing compet.i.tions which made Saint Germain the strongest team.

Han Sen had proven that he could easily beat Saint Germain and this was supposed to be a perfect opportunity for him. However, he chose to compete in archery and the ran into the Alliance Central Military Academy in the second round, which was beyond her comprehension.

Watching Han Sen and Jing Jiwu talking, Wen Xiuxiu suddenly thought she understood something.

"Han Sen and Jing Jiwu must have made a pact to compete in the archery tournament. That must be why they have chosen the archery tournament together." Wen Xiuxiu let her imagination run wild.

She had even drafted the t.i.tle of her piece, "The Rendezvous between the Monster and the Emperor."

As Wen Xiuxiu got more and more excited about her work, she went back to her office and started writing.

Wen Xiuxiu did have a lot of creativity. In fact, Jing Jiwu was only saying hi to Han Sen because he had heard about Han Sen from Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng. In her writing, Han Sen and Jing Jiwu had all sorts of love and hatred between them. Paired with the pictures she took, it almost seemed real.

After reading her reports, everyone started to discuss the relations.h.i.+p between Jing Jiwu and Han Sen.