Super Gene - Chapter 252: Four-Day Deluxe Couple’s Tour

Chapter 252: Four-Day Deluxe Couple’s Tour

Chapter 252: Four-Day Deluxe Couple’s Tour

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Originally, Han Sen wanted to wait and see how it went. However, he now had every drive to beat the Alliance Central Military Academy.

Thinking of the four-day deluxe couple's tour, and his s.e.xy, beautiful girlfriend, Han Sen felt his blood was boiling.

The reason Ji Yanran wanted Han Sen to beat Jing Jiwu was that last year when she led the team of Hand of G.o.d, they lost to Jing Jiwu and stopped before entering the top 16.

Woman were vengeful creatures, and Han Sen's team happened to be running into Jing Jiwu. Obviously, Ji Yanran did not want her boyfriend to lose to the same person.

Eyes on the bonus, Han Sen researched many videos of Jing Jiwu's previous matches.

Han Sen had to admit that Jing Jiwu was very strong. He could barely find any flaw. It was almost impossible to beat the guy through his weaknesses.

However, Jing Jiwu was also absolutely among the top of all military school students in terms of strength. To overpower him was also out of the question.

Han Sen compared himself to Jing Jiwu and found that he was worse in both strength and speed himself.

Tang Zhenliu told Han Sen that Jing Jiwu had already maxed out on all geno points. The reason Jing Jiwu had not gone to second G.o.d's Sanctuary was that he wished to fight with Lin Feng in the next Chosen Contest.

In addition, the hyper geno art practiced by Jing Jiwu was also incredible. Even Lin Feng and Tang Zhenliu did not know what kind of hyper geno art it was, but it worked very well in that an average person whose geno points were maxed out was not Jing Jiwu's match at all.

"It is very difficult. If I have maxed out on my geno points, I could definitely beat him fair and square. However, my geno points are still not there yet."

What Han Sen did not know was that he was studying his opponent, his opponent was also studying him. Lin Feng had said that Jing Jiwu was the most talented and hard-working person. Jing Jiwu had a strong mind, but he never took any opponent lightly, especially someone that Lin Feng valued.

Jing Jiwu had gathered all the information about Han Sen on the Skynet, including the video of the warframe contest in the Starry Cup. He also watched the black and white boxing video and Han Sen's commercial.

Jing Jiwu had found almost everything and watched them all carefully.

"Jing, what are you watching?" Qin Cheng walked over and stood behind Jing Jiwu.

Qin Cheng was number two in the school archery team of the Alliance Central Military Academy.

Originally, Qin Cheng was not in the archery team, but the warframe team. He used to be the captain of the warframe school team and won the champions.h.i.+p for the school. Because Jing Jiwu said "I want you as my teammate," he transferred to the archery team.

Even so, Qin Cheng was among the top in the Military Academy league. Even without Jing Jiwu, Qin Cheng could lead the team to win.

"Han Sen from Blackhawk," said Jing Jiwu, his eyes on the video, not missing a single detail.

"I've heard about this person. Since he beat Nalan Chengnuo in black and white boxing, he should be very strong." Qin Cheng sat down next to Jing Jiwu and asked, "What do you know about him so far?"

"Very good," said Jing Jiwu.

Qin Cheng looked at Jing Jiwu in surprise. Not many people could get such comment from Jing Jiwu. At least in all the contests that they partic.i.p.ated together, he had never heard Jing Jiwu say this about anyone.

"How good?" Qin Cheng asked seriously.

"His fitness level is similar to yours, and he could make amazing judgment about his opponents' thoughts. It almost looks like he could read one's mind."

"Then it'll be very interesting. That's great. If we do not even have a decent opponent, this game would be too boring." Qin Cheng laughed.

"That's right. But I would rather watch his videos and study more. It is very hard to deal with someone like him." Jing Jiwu also laughed. He would never fear any opponent.

Qin Cheng nodded, opened two cans of beer, pa.s.sed one to Jing Jiwu and leaned on the sofa. After watching all of Han Sen's videos, Qin Cheng said, "He is indeed very strong. How are his teammates?"

"Not so good." Jing Jiwu showed videos of other players from Blackhawk. He did a very thorough research.

Qin Cheng was used to Jing Jiwu's style. After watching everything, he lamented, "The teammates are too week."

The archery tournament was an unpopular game. However, this year's game received extra attention because Jing Jiwu had chosen to partic.i.p.ate.

Many fans wanted to see Jing Jiwu or Qin Cheng in person even went to Planet Goth to watch the game.

All the archery teams from different military academies were also led to Planet Goth and arranged to stay in the hotel opposite the stadium.

When Situ Xiang went to arrange for the team's accommodation, the Blackhawk school team were standing in the lobby, watching other teams coming in and out.

"Are you Han Sen?" A girl in uniform saw Han Sen and walked over.

"I am. And you are?" Han Sen looked at the girl standing in front of him, who was wearing a uniform of a different school and carrying a quiver.

"My name is Qiu Mingmei. I liked your commercial a lot. Could I ask for signature?" The girl took out a pen and paper, watching Han Sen expectantly.

"Qiu Mingmei! You're Qiu Mingmei from Senwu military Academy?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang and several old team members stared at the girl incredulously.

The name of Qiu Mingmei was known by almost every archer in military schools. Last year when she was still a freshman, she led her team which was rather weak to rank the third in the tournament.

Qiu Mingmei had also become famous after that. This year, she and Senwu Academy received a lot of attention.