Super Gene - Chapter 254: Archery Expert

Chapter 254: Archery Expert

Chapter 254: Archery Expert

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"I was just wondering why they both chose archery. It turns out that there's something going on between the two!"

"Exactly! I can't wait to see their duel."

"Monster and Emperor, very interesting. I believe Han Sen's black and white boxing ID is Emperor."

"I have seen Han Sen's black and white boxing compet.i.tion. He even beat Nalan Chengnuo 5 to 0 and Jing Jiwu only beat Nalan Chengnuo 3 to 2."

"Must be a great show."

"So exciting!"

The Alliance Central Military Academy won their first round without any suspense.

However, the team did not leave after the game, but changed outfits and sat on the stands to watch other teams games, giving more evidence to those who were speculating about the relations.h.i.+p between Han Sen and Jing Jiwu.

Wen Xiuxiu became super excited and focused her camera on Jing Jiwu and Han Sen instead of the game itself.

The viewers of the game were also in a heated discussion. Eventually, it was Blackhawk' s turn. Their opponent was Smith military Academy.

People were guessing who Situ Xiang would pick to represent Blackhawk and were surprised by the result. Except for Xu Tianhao was the old Capt., the other four teammates were the four freshmen from room 304.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang was so surprised that he open his mouth wide. He did not expect to be able to represent the school. His level was only average and even slightly worse than those old team members.

As for Lu Meng and Zhang Yang, they had been performing at top levels in the school team, so that it made sense the coach picked them.

"Carry on. I believe in you." Situ Xiang smiled and patted s.h.i.+ Zhikang on the shoulder.

Like Lu Meng had predicted, Situ Xiang was someone who valued morale very much. She would rather take s.h.i.+ Zhikang than those who had lost their confidence.

If the old captain Xu Tianhao did not have faith, Situ Xiang might even replace him as well.

"Don't worry. We'll be here for you," Zhang Yang patted s.h.i.+ Zhikang and said.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang immediately exclaimed, "What's to be worried about? This round we don't even have to face the monster. Even in the next round, Han Sen will win it for us."

Lu Meng and Zhang Yang through a contemptuous look at s.h.i.+ Zhikang and went back to training.

The team compet.i.tion was a playoff system. Each group had five members. In the venue full of obstacles, the team that outed all five members of the other group would win. It was almost like a shootout, only with arrows. The arrows used in the game were flat-headed magnetic ones. Once the arrow hit a player, the person would be out immediately.

In the show hosted by Wen Xiuxiu, a famous archery expert Feng Jiulun was invited to a.n.a.lyze the game.

"Professor Feng Jiulun, could you make an a.n.a.lysis of the current situation of the two teams?" Wen Xiuxiu asked Feng Jiulun.

Although Wen Xiuxiu did not know much about archery before, she did her homework before she came and now knew quite a lot about the rules and the teams.

Smith military Academy was on the same level as Blackhawk. Last year, Smith military Academy did not do that well in archery either, only slightly better than Blackhawk.

This year, Smith Military Academy also recruited many archery students, among whom Fang Wending was one of the top.

Feng Jiulun cleared his throat and said lightly, "Blackhawk and Smith are on the same level and I will say it's a 60% chance of winning."

"You think Blackhawk only has a 60% chance of winning?" asked Wen Xiuxiu, surprised.

"No, I believe Smith has 60% chance of winning," said Feng Jiulun casually.

Wen Xiuxiu was a bit dumbstruck. Everyone knew that Han Sen was the player that Jing Jiwu took very seriously, so she did not expect Feng to say that.

Feng Jiulun did not wait for another question before he continued, "I know that there is a lot of hype on the Skynet about Han Sen and Jing Jiwu. However, as a professional archery a.n.a.lyst, I could tell you that it is just a PR stunt. Han Sen and Blackhawk did not have what it takes to be the Alliance Central military Academy's match. I would say that it would be hard for them even to beat Smith."

Feng Jiulun's remark led to fury of the viewers.

"What kind of expert is this? What's all this bull c.r.a.p?"

"My Emperor is hand-picked by Jing Jiwu. Smith is nothing."

"Where does the so-called expert come from?"

"PR stunt my a.s.s."

Both Jing Jiwu's fans and Han Sen's fans voiced their dissatisfaction.

Although Wen Xiuxiu felt embarra.s.sed, she could not discredit an expert on her own show. She had to say, "There must be a reason why you support Smith?"

Feng Jiulun smiled and said, "As an expert, I would not be easily affected by public opinion. To the contrary, I value data. The reason that I say Smith has a better chance at winning is that through scientific a.n.a.lysis, Blackhawk is nowhere near Smith. I do not need to make a judgment, only an interpretation of the numbers. Although the public are misled by the PR stunt and fake news, that does not change the fact that Blackhawk is a weak team."

Wen Xiuxiu was mortified at this point. One of the fake news Feng Jiulun talked about was her article.

Feng Jiulun, on the other hand, did not know that Wen Xiuxiu had written such a report. The reason he made such an a.n.a.lysis was that Fang Wending was Feng Jiulun's nephew. Feng Jiulun knew that Fang Wending's parents were professional archers and that Fang Wending had really good skills, so he utilized this opportunity to brag about his own wonderful a.n.a.lytical skills and gain his nephew some popularity.