Super Gene - Chapter 251: Ending an Era

Chapter 251: Ending an Era

Chapter 251: Ending an Era

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The atmosphere during the training of the school team was somewhat depressing. After they saw the result of the draw, many old members found it devastating to meet the Alliance Central Military Academy in the second round.

Invincible monster. For the old team members, the pressure was simply too much.

The schedule also disturbed Situ Xiang's plan. Originally, she planned to let the team practice in rounds of matches. With Han Sen in the team, they could at least make it to the fifth round.

After other team members gained enough practice and confidence, they could then face the Alliance Central Military Academy. Even if they could not win, they would have a decent performance.

However, now in the second round they would run into the monster, and if they lost at the round, they would have and even worse ranking than last year. Situ Xiang knew that they could not lose this one, but even with Han Sen on the team, she was not confident.

After all, the main item in the archery tournament was a team match, whereas the individual match was more of a performing nature. The schools ranking mainly depended on the result of the team match.

In Blackhawk, except for Han Sen, there were very few people she could rely on. The old team members had lost their confidence, and the new ones could not be completely trusted in such a big game yet.

The current situation made it very difficult for Situ Xiang. She thought secretly, "d.a.m.n you, hand. Why did you have such bad luck in the draw?"

No matter how bad the luck was, as the coach, she had to boost the team's morale.

It was not working though. Basically, all the old team members thought they would lose for sure. Even if they could make it to the second round, they would lose then.

"So unfortunate! Such a strong opponent in the second round," s.h.i.+ Zhikang couldn't help but complained.

"It is a good thing. Only strong opponents could bring us more progress," said Zhang Yang excitedly, full of hope.

Lu Meng said casually, "More progress but less opportunity. With our current team, even Han Sen could not get us past the second round."

"The result does not matter that much, as long as we grow. We have not tried yet, so how do you know that we would lose. Do you agree, Han Sen?" Zhang Yang asked Han Sen.

"Of course we will win." Han Sen smiled and said, "Don't you feel it is quite interesting?"

"What is interesting?" asked s.h.i.+ Zhikang, puzzled.

"The Alliance Central Military Academy is the king in the league and Jing Jiwu is the number one military school student. If we beat them, we will be ending an era. Don't you think it's interesting?" Asked Han Sen, smiling.

"I don't feel is interesting at all. I would rather have a week opponent," s.h.i.+ Zhikang smiled bitterly and said.

"Han Sen, do not take Jing Jiwu lightly. He is a formidable man," said Lu Meng solemnly.

"I never take anyone lightly, but I do feel it is very interesting. To end a dynasty and bury it in history, I cannot think of something more exciting than this," Han Sen said seriously.

"Exactly, Han Sen, I support you." Zhang Yang had fires burning in his eyes, and it looked like he could not wait to fight.

"You are not normal, but since we are roommates, if you decide to go, I will go with you. I am just afraid that the coach would not give us the opportunity," s.h.i.+ Zhikang said worriedly.

Lu Meng curled his lips. "Relax, we will definitely go. The coach is clever and she would not use those old teammates who have lost all their confidence. It is very likely we will represent the school."

As Han Sen was walking toward the cafeteria, his comlink rang. It was from Tang Zhenliu. When he answered the call, the holographic images of Lin Feng and Tang Zhenliu both appeared.

"Have you decided to partic.i.p.ate in the archery tournament?" asked Tang Zhenliu hurriedly.

"I am in the archery department, and as a member of the school team, I will definitely be partic.i.p.ating. Is there a problem?" Han Sen did not understand why Tang Zhenliu would care about this.

Tang Zhenliu did not speak but looked at Lin Feng.

"Do you think you could win?" asked Lin Feng.

"I'm not sure," replied Han Sen quickly. Jing Jiwu was so strong that he could not tell whether he could win before actually fighting the monster.

"I'll be watching your game," said Lin Feng calmly.

Han Sen cast an odd look at Lin Feng, not knowing what he meant.

Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but explain, "Han Sen, Jing Jiwu used to go to the same school we went to. He was as strong as Lin Feng. Unfortunately, he transferred to the Alliance Central Military Academy later, and never had a chance to have a proper fight with Lin Feng. It will definitely be difficult battle. You feel nervous now?"

Han Sen shrugged and said, "I have never thought that I would lose, so there is nothing to be nervous about."

"If Jing Jiwu has heard this, he will definitely be very happy. Should I tell him you said that?" Tang Zhenliu grinned.

"As you like," Han Sen said casually.

"Be very careful. Jing Jiwu is the most talented and hard-working guy I have ever seen," Lin Feng suddenly cut in.

Han Sen was surprised, and nodded seriously.

Someone that was able to get such a remark from Lin Feng was definitely incredibly formidable.

"Well then, we'll go there and watch your game." Tang Zhenliu quickly hung up and called Jing Jiwu.

"Number one military school student, that sounds so much better than Dollar." Han Sen touched his chin contentedly.

However, to gain that t.i.tle, he must get rid of the guy who was named the monster.

When he came to the cafeteria, Ji Yanran had already took a table. Luckily her roommate was not here, and Han Sen felt he was about to get lucky.

"I heard that the archery school team will run into Jing Jiwu in the second round," said Ji Yanran.

"Yes, what about it?" Han Sen was surprised that even Ji Yanran started to care about the archery tournament.

"If you could beat Jing Jiwu, I will treat you to a four-day deluxe couple's tour to the Aegean Sea," Ji Yanran blinked and said.

Han Sen suddenly felt a strong desire to win. His eyes lighting up like a lightbulb, Han Sen muttered, "four-day… deluxe… couple's tour…"