Super Gene - Chapter 250: Against the Monster

Chapter 250: Against the Monster

Chapter 250: Against the Monster

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On her way back, Yang Manli rode her mount following Han Sen, watching her boss with mixed feelings.

Yang Manli suddenly felt that Han Sen had become someone she did not know. The guy who she used to despise had grown so strong.

When she lost in the archery compet.i.tion against him, she was a little bit unconvinced. However, now she felt ashamed for how she looked at Han Sen, who had grown to be someone she needed to look up to.

"Qin Xuan does have better judgment than I do," thought Yang Manli.

Yuan and Qing marched together with Han Sen. Although Yuan did not get the beast soul after killing the sacred-blood creature, he was still praising Han Sen.

"Han Sen, in the future we can live with ease. With you in Steel Armor Shelter, we don't need to worry about hunting anymore," Qing said excitedly.

"I am not able to kill every sacred-blood creature," Han Sen smiled and said.

This time, it was such an easy kill for him because the environment was perfect for an like himself. Also, Qin Xuan had already left him with detailed information, which helped him a lot.

After returning to his office at Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen said to Yang Manli, "Deputy, your performance today was not professional. With your ability, you should've done better."

Blus.h.i.+ng, Yang Manli moved her lips but failed to mutter a word.

Indeed, as Han Sen said, she could have done much better even though she could not beat the creature. The reason why she acted poorly was that she was distracted by her grudge.

Yang Manli had no argument to make.

"As a soldier, you should trust your comrade. Obviously, you did not trust me."

"I am sorry, captain. It will not happen again," Yang Manli said with her head down.

It was rare that Yang Manli would apologize. However, she realized that she had made a terrible mistake, and Han Sen's performance had won him her respect.

"Great," Han Sen said with satisfaction. "This stops here, and I do not want to see it happen again."

"Never," said Yang Manli.

After Yang Manli left, Han Sen went back to the Alliance and logged in the special squad platform.

Yuan had marked completion of the mission. Because Han Sen had accomplished it on his own, the gift card of the S-level geno solution and 10 points were added to his name.

Han Sen was overjoyed, but he did not have something in mind to buy, so he kept the gift card and points.

Actually, if he could find the tutorials for hyper geno arts, he only needed to buy the corresponding geno solutions and would not need a license.

However, Han Sen did not have a tutorial at the point and could not make use of the gift card.

Eventually, Han Sen had time to enjoy a nice meal with his girlfriend Ji Yanran, without knowing that there was a storm approaching.

Because the Military Academy League had forbidden one player competing in multiple subjects, Jing Jiwu chose to partic.i.p.ate in the archery tournament this year, driving many to pay special attention to the archery tournament.

When the list of players and game schedule were published by the league, a lot of people discovered that the opponent of the Alliance Central Military Academy was Blackhawk in the second round.

If it were the Blackhawk that people had known, no one would pay extra attention to them. However, people noticed that Han Sen was one of the Blackhawk players. Many people were suddenly reminded that Han Sen was an archery student after all.

"That'll be something to watch. Jing Jiwu versus Han Sen!"

"I only know that Han Sen is great at warframe and black and white boxing. Who has any idea about his archery skills?"

"Being an archery student himself, he would definitely be very good."

"As good as he is, he could not compare to Jing Jiwu the monster."

"Aha, I never watch archery contests, but I'm watching this time for Jing Jiwu."

"Jing Jiwu, you are always my number one."

"The best military school student ever, I mean Jing Jiwu."

"I admit that Han Sen is very strong, but against Jing Jiwu he stands no chance."

"Han Sen is weaker than Jing Jiwu, and his teammates were way weaker than Jing Jiwu's teammates. In the team compet.i.tion, there is no suspense who the winner will be. I hope Han Sen could do well in individual contests."

"I like them both. Whoever loses will make me sad."

"It is such a shame that Jing Jiwu can only be in the archery tournament. I really want to see his warframe performance."

"I prefer to watch his martial arts compet.i.tion."

"Jing Jiwu, forever King."

"No matter what, this should be a very good match to watch. I hope that Han Sen could do well so that we can watch for a longer time."

On the Skynet, no one thought the Alliance Central Military Academy would lose. After all, Jing Jiwu had ruled the league for three years without losing in anything.

Although Han Sen was also doing well in warframe and black and white boxing, he did not seem to be quite Jing Jiwu's match.

Even Fang Mingquan, who had always had faith in Han Sen, was conservative when predicting the results, only wis.h.i.+ng Blackhawk and Han Sen the best.

After watching Jing Jiwu's previous games, he had to admit that Jing Jiwu was indeed a monster.

In the entire Military Academy league, or the entire unevolved population, it would be hard to find Jing Jiwu's match.

Fang Mingquan could not see any flaw in Jing Jiwu. Han Sen would always surprise him, but Jing Jiwu made him feel absolute pressure.

No matter what kind of opponents Jing Jiwu ran into, the monster would always win.

"A perfect monster," was all that Fang could say about Jing Jiwu.

If Nalan Chengnuo could be described as wise, then Jing Jiwu should be called a ruler.