Super Gene - Chapter 249: Revenge

Chapter 249: Revenge

Chapter 249: Revenge

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"Captain, it is a sacred-blood creature we are going to hunt. I don't think we could bring any irrelevant person," objected Yang Manli when hearing Qing was also coming.

"Han Sen, this is such a good opportunity. I really would like to see how you hunt. Please bring me with you." The condition was not a compulsory one written in the mission, so Qing had to beg Han Sen.

"I'm only suggesting because of safety concern," said Yang Manli.

"It is fine. Let's go together." Han Sen knew that Yang Manli was right that they would save a lot of trouble without Qing.

Although Qing and Yuan had maxed out on all other geno points except for sacred ones with money, they were still lacking in real combat experience and would not be very useful when fighting a sacred-blood creature.

Han Sen had his own plan, which was why he agreed to take Qing.

"Ha-ha, Manli, you should learn more from your boss," said Qing contentedly.

Yang Manli gritted her teeth and did not speak. This was something she had never experienced when Qin Xuan was the head.

Yang Manli was even more skeptical of Qin Xuan's decision to choose Han Sen. Such an unreasonable person! Could he really make a better head than her?

The team of four were on their way, all riding mutant mounts. It only took them two days to reach the destination.

"Han Sen, the sacred-blood creature is in that forest. It looks like an ape and is incredibly flexible. The scariest thing was its speed. Last time, if Gambler were not there to protect us, we would've been dead," said Qing with lingering fear.

Han Sen nodded, as he also heard that Gambler was severely injured. Due to the nondisclosure agreement, he did not know why he was hurt. And it turned out to be about this sacred-blood creature.

Yang Manli said seriously, "Last time Qin Xuan and I had checked. The sacred-blood creature is too fast and sly. In the forest, it was extremely difficult to kill it, unless with a large group. In this mission, we are not allowed to kill it directly, which makes the task even harder."

Han Sen looked at the forest which was quite lush. The trees were all more than 10 feet tall, and even the sun could not s.h.i.+ne through. To fight a sacred-blood creature in darkness was indeed difficult.

Qin Xuan had also written that this sacred-blood creature was very fast and strong. She could match its strength but not its flexibility.

Even Qin Xuan said that, it was easy to tell how hard it would be to kill the sacred-blood creature.

"Qing, Yuan, please wait outside. I will enter with Yang Manli and call you over when we had disabled the sacred-blood creature," Han Sen said to the two boys and led Yang inside the forest.

Yang was good at archery, which could not be of much use in such an environment. However, as Han Sen's deputy, she had to obey Han Sen's order and follow him into the forest.

When they were at the border of the forest, Han Sen stopped and said to Yang Manli, "Manli, you go ahead and lead the sacred-blood creature out. I will cover you with bow and arrows. Do not worry, I will kill the creature immediately when it's out."

Yang Manli was dumbstruck, her mind filled with the word "revenge." With trees everywhere, what good will a cover do? Archery could barely be of any use here.

Yang Manli thought that there was only one possibility for Han Sen to do this – trying to kill her.

"You're trying to get even with me in the name of public interest," Yang Manli gritted her teeth and said.

Han Sen did not explain himself, but smiled and said, "You can also choose not to execute my order."

Yang Manli gave Han Sen a fierce stare and walked into the forest. Different from Han Sen, she was from a service family and valued order.

The trees were so dense in the forest that it was very dim. Yang Manli summoned a broadsword and walked carefully. As she was walking, she thought she would definitely apply for a transfer if she could get out of here alive.

"Qin Xuan, you did make the wrong choice. The minute you leave, he is turning on me. Is this what you call a talent?" Yang Manli felt sadness and anger at the same time.

As Yang Manli turned back, she did not see Han Sen at all, and was even more certain that Han Sen was trying to get a revenge.

When she turned her head, a black ape jumped out from the thick fallen leaves on the ground.

The ape was so fast that it was in her face in an instant. Because she turned her head back, Yang Manli did not discover the creature in time. It was too late for her to dodge or run. She had to hack her broadsword at the ape.

Although she had nice broadsword skills and decent strength, she was not able to match a sacred-blood creature in anything but archery.

The sacred-blood creature grabbed her weapon with one paw. The mutant weapon couldn't even hurt its skin. The ape's other paw quickly snapped at Yang Manli's neck.

Watching the nails as sharp as daggers, Yang Manli could no longer fight back. She sighed inwardly, "d.a.m.n, I'm going to die under the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's scheme."

When she was almost desperate, she saw a silver flash cutting off the paw next to her neck. as the paw fell, blood sprayed out.

Han Sen quickly rushed from the side and moved to the screaming sacred-blood creature.

Yang Manli watched Han Sen's figure and did not know how he appeared. With complex emotions, she did not move.

"Didn't he want to get even with me? Where did he come from?" Yang Manli saw Han Sen's figure moving swiftly, a silver weapon dancing away. The sacred-blood creature lost all four limbs in an instant and was about to die.