Super Gene - Chapter 248: Privileges

Chapter 248: Privileges

Chapter 248: Privileges

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Han Sen wanted to find his girlfriend, but had no chance at all. The moment she came out of the training facility, he was summoned by Qin Xuan to the Steel Armor Shelter.

Qin Xuan was supposed to enter Ssecond G.o.d's Sanctuary a month ago and had delayed until now just to wait for him to make the transition in the leaders.h.i.+p of the special squad.

Qin Xuan called Han Sen over and handed to him all the doc.u.ments he needed to have.

Yang Manli was still the deputy head of the special squad, and other people were also staying. Han Sen was familiar with them all.

After the transition, Qin Xuan told Han Sen in private, "Yang Manli is proud, but she's a good and capable person. Do trust her with important things. As a leader, it is more important how you delegate. For example, Yang Manli cannot make a good leader because she has to do everything herself."

"Yes, captain," said Han Sen.

Qin Xuan stood up and said with a smile, "From now on, you will be the captain. I'm leaving the special squad to you. Do well but no need to linger here. Evolve as soon as possible. Second G.o.d's Sanctuary is where you truly belong."

After leaving the shelter, Han Sen could not wait to log in the online platform of the special squad. It took several authentication procedures before he could access it.

After entering the platform, Han Sen searched his name and found he was indeed already the new head of the Steel Armor Special Squad. Under him were eight members including Yang Manli. The special squad system was very selective about the members' qualifications. Thanks to Qin Xuan, Han Sen did not run into too much trouble in joining the special squad in the past.

The missions accomplished by the eight members would not only bring rewards to themselves, but also points to the head, which could be used to exchange for some internal resources.

Because Han Sen had just become the head, no one had contributed anything to his points. However, four members including Gambler were all in the middle of some missions. When they finished their missions, Han Sen would be the one who will benefit from them.

He checked the ongoing missions and found that Gambler's mission could bring him three points when accomplished, while the missions of the other three persons could only give him two points.

If they could all finish their missions, Han Sen would be able to gain nine points.

"What could nine points be worth?" Han Sen entered the resource page and was shocked.

There were S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall licenses and geno solutions. A bottle of S-level geno solution would only cost 10 points, and an S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license 30.

"Eventually I have become the boss." Han Sen became very excited. After leading the special squad for some time, he would be able to earn all these with no effort.

"No wonder Yang Manli wanted to be the head. This is so good." Han Sen celebrated secretly.

He immediately checked the available missions to take, and saw that only one mission was available in Steel Armor Shelter, which was submitted by Yuan.

The content of the mission was to a.s.sist Yuan to kill a specific sacred-blood creature with the condition that the last strike must be made by Yuan.

The reward for this mission was a bottle of S-level geno solution. Also, as the head of the special squad, he would be able to gain 10 points, which equaled another bottle of S-level geno solution.

"So generous! I wonder if anyone would take this mission?" Han Sen now had many subordinates and did not want to work so hard himself.

He printed out the information of the sacred-blood creature provided by Yuan and entered Steel Armor Shelter again. Calling Yang Manli over, he said, "Manli, who do you think could finish this task in our squad?"

"Captain, please refer to me using my full name." Yang Manli saw the doc.u.ments, but did not reach out. She said, "This one is beyond our ability."

"How would you know that if you did not look at the file?" Han Sen frowned.

"Qin Xuan had determined that even with the entire squad, we will not be able to kill the sacred-blood creature, and that was why she did not take it. If you need, there are more detailed reports on the sacred-blood creature in the cabinet on your left," explained Yang Manli calmly.

Han Sen got up and walked over to the cabinet. He found Qin Xuan's report on the sacred-blood creature, which was quite detailed. It seemed that Qin Xuan had tried to kill it but given up.

After reviewing the files, Han Sen smiled at Yang Manli, "Manli, if I remember correctly, you have a duty to a.s.sist me?"

"Only in the squad, also please don't call me…"

Han Sen cut in, "Okay then, go back and pack. You're coming with me."

"Where?" Yang Manli paused.

"Wherever the sacred-blood creature is." Han Sen knocked at the files on the table with his knuckles and added, "Tell Yuan that we will take the task and ask him to lead the way."

"Qin Xuan said that…" Yang Manli wanted to argue.

"I am the head and you are the deputy. Now I have decided to accomplish this mission. Do you have any question?" Asked Han Sen.

"No." Yang Manli saluted him and did not argue any longer.

"Please bring Yuan here then," Han Sen said with a smile.

Yang Manli went to execute the order, but deep down she did not believe that Han Sen could really finish this task. After all, Qin Xuan had told her that it was impossible.

As the top in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, Qin Xuan was of course stronger than Han Sen. The mission that she deemed impossible was definitely too difficult for Han Sen.

As a soldier, Yang Manli still obeyed her order and called Yuan over.

Qing also came with Yuan. When Qing saw Han Sen, he immediately said, "Han Sen, I knew you could make it. Look at you, the head of the special squad now. You must look out for Yuan and me in the future. We are counting on you."