Super Gene - Chapter 247: Rather Easy

Chapter 247: Rather Easy

Chapter 247: Rather Easy

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"If you could beat me, I would be very happy." Situ Xiang suddenly smiled and narrowed her eyes. "However, Han Sen, it is not easy to achieve that. I look forward to seeing your performance."

Situ Xiang carried her bow and arrows to her spot and Han Sen went to the other spot.

Ten moving targets meant that ten targets would randomly came from different locations. Whoever hit the effective area of the target first would gain a point.

Different from a regular target in archery, these targets had no rings on them, but only the differentiation between effective area and noneffective area. An arrow on the noneffective area meant zero point, and an arrow on the effective area meant one point.

Han Sen tried his bow. They were both using 7.0 bows, so the bows could take a certain level of strength. Although Situ Xiang was an evolver, she could not put more strength into it.

Hence Situ Xiang's advantage was only her speed of reaction.

"Can we start?" Situ Xiang also tried her bow out. Although she was an evolver, she did not dare to slack in front of someone like Han Sen.

"Yes." Han Sen nodded.

Situ Xiang started the system, and a countdown began. They both drew their bowstrings.

Suddenly, a target in the shape of a human emerged from behind a wall. Two arrows left the strings at the same time.


The two arrows. .h.i.t the neck area of the target, which was the effective area, almost at the same time.


Situ Xiang's scorekeeper rang. She gained a point because she hit the target first.

"A coach is a coach," said Situ Xiang with content.

"Well done. You almost needed no time to react." Han Sen had spared no efforts, but Situ Xiang was absolutely faster than him, which was something he could not make up for.

Even among evolvers, Situ Xiang was doing very well.

"You did pretty well already. Top of the unevolved for sure." Situ Xiang meant what she said. It was only slightly slower than her. She had never seen this kind of speed among Blackhawk students.

Situ Xiang was even more satisfied with Han Sen after this round. He was also able to hit the target right in the neck, which showed that he was dexterous.

"I believe that there's no point for us to continue," decided Situ Xiang.

She had already tested his ability and thought it would be needless for them to continue. Competing as an evolver with him, she was not being fair in the first place.

"Nine rounds left. I believe I still haven't lost," Han Sen said with a smile.

If they were both in the battlefield and Situ Xiang were using a bow that could match her strength, Han Sen would not stand any chance. However, in a game like this, things were different.

Situ Xiang was only using a 7.0 practice bow, and all Han Sen was lacking was his reflex.

Normally speaking, Han Sen would definitely lose because of this difference. In Han Sen's eyes, however, he believed he could still manage to win.

"Sure, let's continue then." Situ Xiang was considering losing to Han Sen on purpose in the next round, otherwise Han Sen might end up with too bad a score to maintain his confidence.

As the two were talking, the game was still on. Suddenly a fox-shaped target jumped up from the floor.

All the targets appeared randomly in this game. Because Situ Xiang needed less time to react, she could always. .h.i.t the target first.

Situ Xiang shot her arrow with confidence and saw Han Sen shooting slightly slower than her.

Although she was pleased with Han Sen's performance, Situ Xiang believed that she had won.

Just when her arrow was about to hit the target, Han Sen's arrow knocked hers away from the target and ended up hitting the target.


As Situ Xiang was dazed, Han Sen gained one point.

"1:1 now coach. It seems that I'm rather lucky." Han Sen smiled at Situ Xiang.

"Is it luck?" Situ Xiang frowned. This kind of situation would happen when two archers were shooting at the Same target. However, the probability of such circ.u.mstance was really low.

"Maybe it is luck." Situ Xiang did not pay too much attention to this incident and prepared for the third round.

After all, even she could not guarantee hitting the effective area of the target after knocking another arrow away.

Soon, Situ Xiang was shocked. She could not believe her eyes. Three rounds in a row, Han Sen's arrow knocked hers away and hit the effective area of all the targets.

Situ Xiang thought it was incredible and widened her eyes, "Did you do it on purpose?"

She was not questioning him, but confirming.

If Han Sen could really accomplish this, his archery skills were simply beyond her imagination.

"Other than this, I could not think of any other method to win," Han Sen shrugged and said. He had already wasted too much time and would like to see his dear girlfriend as soon as possible.

Hearing him admit doing it on purpose, Situ Xiang asked the student with complex emotions, "How did you do that?"

"It is rather easy. To knock your arrow away, the hardest part is to determine the trajectory of the arrows. Since we are aiming at the same target, it is easy to make the judgment…" explained Han Sen casually.

"May be Blackhawk will have a monster as well, someone like Jing Jiwu," thought Situ Xiang to herself, gazing at Han Sen.