Super Gene - Chapter 230: Beheading in Sand Valley

Chapter 230: Beheading in Sand Valley

Chapter 230: Beheading in Sand Valley

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After he arrived at Sand Valley, Han Sen came to understand why with a strong team Huangfu Pingqing was still not able to kill the sacred-blood creature.

The reason the Sand Valley was called that was for the sand pits everywhere in the valley. Unless one had wings, one would die there for sure.

And even mutant wings would be too slow when fighting a sacred-blood creature.

Hence only those who had sacred-blood wings could partic.i.p.ate in hunting the creature.

The sacred-blood creature was more than 6 feet tall and made of stones with a metal s.h.i.+ne.

What was worse was that the hammer in its hand was as large as a barrel, with a handle more than 6 feet long. When it wielded its weapon, any opponents within a dozen feet would be either injured or killed.

Huangfu Pingqing smiled at Han Sen, "Brother Han, do you think you could kill this creature?"

Han Sen smiled back at her, "Huangfu, I believe you did not bring me here just to let me look at it."

"I could lend you the sacred-blood beast soul arrow. But if you gain its beast soul, I need to claim half of it," said Huangfu Pingqing.

She had planned this out when she took him here. He had a sacred-blood bow and she had a sacred-blood arrow, so they could shoot at the sacred-blood creature from outside the Sand Valley.

If they could kill it, then it would be great. If not, the creature would be injured and provoked to come out of the valley. And then they could try to kill the creature together.

Huangfu Pingqing did not fear that the creature might hurt herself since she had sacred-blood wings anyway.

"You're asking too much," said Han Sen.

"Without my arrow, an ordinary arrow would not hurt it or provoke it. I think it's reasonable for me to climb half," said Huangfu Pingqing.

She did not believe he was able to kill the creature without her arrow.

"I will do without the arrow. After I kill this creature, I will buy you dinner." Han Sen summoned a pair of wings and flew toward the Sand Valley.

Looking at Han Sen flying with a pair of primitive wings, Huangfu Pingqing was shocked, "Brother Han, you do not mean to use a primitive pair of wings to enter the valley?"

The wings were from a primitive black-feathered beast, so they were slow and ineffective. They were just enough to keep Han Sen from falling into the sand.

Han Sen used to have a pair of mutant wings, which he sold to Huangfu Pingqing for the three-blade harpoon. He also had the purple-winged dragon beast soul, which was Dollar's signature and he could not use that.

Han Sen smiled and did not answer, flying into the Sand Valley.

The valley was full of quicksand, and the creature was standing above the sand. For unknown reason, its heavy body did not sink.

Three hundred feet into the Sand Valley, Han Sen was discovered by the creature, who immediately lifted its hammer and ran over like a tank.

One hundred feet from Han Sen, it jumped up and swung its hammer at him.

Although Han Sen had put on the phantom ant armor, the impact from a such heavy weapon would still kill him.

Huangfu Pingqing saw that Han Sen was in danger. His wings were too slow to bring him away from the creature's blow.

If he chose to land on the ground, he would not be able to run away from the hammer either, because he would be trapped in the s.h.i.+fting sand.

The sacred-blood creature had such strength that even someone who had maxed out on all geno points would not be able to spar with it, not to mention Han Sen's weapon the harpoon was extremely short.

Huangfu Pingqing summoned her beast soul bow and arrow, wanting to shoot an arrow to help Han Sen and buy him some time.

Before the arrow left the bow, Han Sen had already taken back his wings and fell to the sand.

He stepped on the ground but was not trapped. Under his feet, the golden rock worm king the size of a car suddenly appeared.

Although the rock worm king had not transformed, it did not fear the sand since it originally came from the desert.

Leveraging this step, Han Sen used Sparticle to avoid the attack from the creature and approached it.

The three-blade harpoon flashed on the neck of the sacred-blood creature like a silver lightning bolt.

The three-blade harpoon was sharp enough to cut sacred-blood armor, and Han Sen's strength was even greater than someone having maxed out on all geno points. With one strike, the creature's rock hard neck was cut off, its head thrown into the air.

The headless creature still managed to make several steps forward before the hammer fell from its hand into the sand. Then the creature gradually sank into the sand.

Huangfu Pingqing was dumbstruck. She could not believe that the creature which her entire team did not manage to kill was easily beaten by Han Sen.

At this point, she regretted selling the three-blade harpoon to Han Sen. With the weapon, he was too formidable.

"How did this guy get so far? Was it really just because of Qin Xuan?" Huangfu Pingqing could not believe that was the only factor in Han Sen's success.

Son of Heaven was equally, if not more resourceful than Qin, but Son of Heaven was not as strong as Han Sen. In addition, even with Qin Xuan's help, Han Sen would not have gained the same resources Qin Xuan did.