Super Gene - Chapter 229: A Difficult One

Chapter 229: A Difficult One

Chapter 229: A Difficult One

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"Dad, what did you do?" Situ Xiang pulled Situ Qing into the lounge and closed the door.

What happened to the n.a.z.i coach?

"Ahem, that boy is really good at black and white boxing. Every time he beat me, he could tell what I did wrong, so..." Situ Qing blushed a little for he had completely forgotten about his mission due to his obsession of black and white boxing.

Situ Xiang did not know what to say.

"Dad, you will have to train him well. You know the situation of the Archery Department. And we would be counting on him in this tournament." Situ Xiang said, upset.

"Relax. I've taught him everything. The boy has a good foundation and he would do just fine in Military Academy Tournament," replied Situ Qing.

Situ Xiang felt that her plan had completely failed. She knew from the look of her dad that all he could think about right now was black and white boxing.

Although Situ Xiang felt discouraged, she knew that her father had a great eye for talent. If he said Han Sen was okay, then it must be true.

"Alright." Situ Xiang sat down. Although her plan to teach Han Sen a lesson did not work, she was now even more certain that Han Sen was a great archer.

Situ Xiang decided that to step aside and asked her father to complete his training.

After the training was done, she would ask him to join the school team. As a specially recruited student in the Archery Department, it would be his duty to represent the school in the tournament.

Since the result was the same anyway, Situ Xiang was okay with that. And she was a bit impressed that this student could manage her father.

Situ Qing was training Han Sen in the meantime.

After Situ Qing understood Han Sens conditions from sparring with him in black and white boxing, he decided that Han Sen no longer needed to do the basic exercises. All the student was lacking was some details and techniques, which could easily be learned.

To be honest, Situ Qing did not like to train someone like Han Sen. He preferred to train a rookie because he enjoyed the sense of accomplishment of training a kitty into a lion.

A trainee like Han Sen had taken away the satisfaction from him completely.

However, Han Sen's understanding and skills of black and white boxing were a huge a.s.set.

Since Han Sen was the only trainee and the coach did not have any constraint. Han Sen was able to live like usual.

Although Situ Xiang was aware of that, she did not try to make his life harder. After all, he would be her core player.

Han Sen had learned a lot of useful techniques from Situ Qing and made a lot of progress.

The one-month training ended in 10 days and Situ Xiang recruited Han Sen into the school team after the training.

Different from other tournaments, the archery tournament was relatively short and only started toward the end of the semester, so it would still be a while before the tournament.

Huangfu Pingqing was somehow informed that Han Sen's training was over, and came to find him to accompany her in the hunting trip.

"Huangfu, won't you bring more people?" in the Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen looked at Huangfu Pingqing in Surprise. She had a lot of strong friends, but did not bring anyone.

"You're quite enough," said Huangfu Pingqing with a smile. She herself was quite strong as well. With Han Sen here, unless they ran into sacred-blood creatures that were especially tough, they would never be in trouble.

"Where do you want to go?" asked Han Sen.

"You decide. I'll follow you." Huangfu smiled at him provocatively.

"Then let's go to the Devil Desert. I hope we could meet that black-feathered beast king again." with the three-blade harpoon, he was confident that he could kill the beast king.

Normally speaking, a sacred-blood creature that was the king of a group would be weaker than the sacred-blood creatures that were alone.

Black-feathered beast king was not that strong among all the sacred-blood creatures Han Sen had seen. Its beast soul was sacred-blood wings, which were quite useful.

The two rode their mounts toward the Devil Desert and ran into a lot of primitive creatures on their way. Unfortunately, in two days, they had not even seen a mutant creature.

When they came to the place where they ran into the group of black-feathered beasts, they did not see a single creature. They must have either moved away or been hunted down.

"Last time when I was here, I saw a sacred-blood creature in the Sand Valley. I was not able to kill it at a time. Are you interested have a look there?" Huangfu Pingqing suggested with a smile.

"What kind of creature is that?" Han Sen looked at her in surprise. She was leading a strong team last time and the creature that they were not able to kill was definitely very strong.

"Looks like something inedible. It looks like a warframe made from a piece of rock, only smaller. It was about 6 feet tall; very tough, strong and fast. Even a sacred-blood weapon could only leave a shallow mark on it."

Huangfu Pingqing added, "Apart from that, it also had a black hammer that should be a sacred-blood gear. Last time on my team, one was killed and one was severely injured by the hammer."

"We should go check it out." Han Sen was very interested. As long as a sacred-blood weapon worked, he had some chance to kill it. For a six-foot-tall rockman, it would be easy to cut its neck.