Super Gene - Chapter 231: Anything but Having a Baby

Chapter 231: Anything but Having a Baby

Chapter 231: Anything but Having a Baby

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Han Sen stood on the back of the golden worm king, dragging the huge iron hammer which was even heavier than the gold axe of the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer. With the hammer Han Sen could not fly at all. He had to use the golden worm king to drag it along. The sacred-blood creature was inedible, and Han Sen did not have much luck. Without the beast soul, the sacred-blood gear was his only trophy.

When he eventually pulled the hammer out of the valley, Han Sen asked Huangfu Pingqing who was dazed, "Miss Huangfu, how much do you think this sacred-blood gear is worth?"

Huangfu Pingqing walked to him, reached out to lift the hammer and failed. She slowly frowned, "This thing is too heavy. Those who had enough strength to use it would not need it, while those who did not have enough strength could not make any use of it. I would say it could sell at 4 to 5 million tops. And even with that price, we would need to find the right person to buy it."

"Several million is also quite some money. Whenever you have another auction, would you list it as one of the items?" Han Sen was short of money recently, and the several million was not a small number.

"Of course. But you have said that you will buy me dinner, and that I'm counting on that," Huangfu Pingqing said was a smile.

"Of course," said Han Sen quickly.

He understood that it was not easy to sell a sacred-blood gear. Back then when Qin Xuan bought the golden axe, only a very strong man in the special squad could use it.

This hammer was much heavier than the golden axe and it would be very difficult to find a buyer for it.

"Did you get the beast soul? If you have got it and will not use it, I could sell them at the same time, best price guaranteed," Huangfu Pingqing blinked and said.

"No luck, I did not get the beast soul." Han Sen shrugged.

Huangfu Pingqing did not ask again. Nor did she continue to march into the Devil Desert. With such a heavy gear, they needed to go back to Steel Armor Shelter.

After signing the contract with Huangfu Pingqing, Han Sen sent the hammer over to hers. Before Han Sen made it back to school, he was summoned by Qin Xuan.

When he saw her, he felt something must be off. The entire team of the special squad in Steel Armor Shelter were present, which was rare.

Yang Manli's face was dark. Gambler and those who were friends with Han Sen were blinking at him, and Han Sen was not sure what they meant.

"Sit down please." Qin Xuan asked him to sit and looked across the room. She said, "In a month I will be able to finish my first evolution and enter Second G.o.d's Sanctuary and need to make the transfer now."

She paused and looked at Yang Manli, "I have recommended Yang Manli to become the head of Steel Armor Gang."

She then looked at Han Sen and said, "As for the head of the special squad, I would like to nominate Han Sen."

Han Sen was surprised and did not expect this to happen.

Now he came to understand why Yang Manli's face was dark. Although it sounded like the head of the gang was more powerful, it was not a formal organization. On the other hand, the special squad was in the military system. Being a member of the special squad, Yang Manli would actually be under Han Sen's supervision.

As for the Steel Armor Gang, Han Sen did not go there again after he entered the military school.

Yang Manli had thought that based on her ability and qualifications, she should naturally become the new head of the special squad. However, she did not realize that Qin Xuan would recommend Han Sen to become the next head.

Han Sen was very glad to see Yang Manli being upset. He had never liked her, but being her subordinate, he had to listen to her. Now, he had become her boss.

"I believe I am the better candidate for the head of the special squad," said Yang Manli.

"This is already decided. It is an order. I will hear no discussion about it," said Qin Xuan and got up.

"Okay, this is the end of this meeting. Han Sen and Yang Manli, you two stay, the rest of you could go back to work."

Han Sen's friends gave Han Sen a secret thumb-up and left the conference room.

"Yang Manli, I should've nominated you as the new head of the squad, but you do have a temper. Just focuse on the gang and the try to evolve as soon as possible," Qin Xuan said softly, Yang Manli was more than her subordinate.

"I believe I have what it takes," Yang Manli said sullenly.

"Han Sen, what do you think?" Qin Xuan looked to Han Sen and asked.

"I will not let you down," Han Sen said resolutely.

At last he was able to boss Yang Manli around and that he would never let this opportunity go.

In addition, being the head of the special squad also had its benefits. Not only could he utilize the human resources within the squad, he could also make connections with the upper level. The pay was much better as well.

More importantly, as the head of the special squad, he had the authority to purchase internally.

Not only could he now access sacred-blood beast souls and S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall licenses, he could enjoy the discounted price.

In the entire squad, the head was the only one who could enjoy this.

"Great," Qin Xuan smiled and nodded, and then turned to Yang Manli, "Since you think you are the better candidate, you two can have a compet.i.tion. If you could win, then I will take back my decision and recommend you instead."

"Okay, I will take any compet.i.tion and will never lose to him." Yang Manli immediately stood up. She used to be the instructor of Han Sen in archery and did not believe that she would lose to him.

Not only archery, Yang Manli did not think she would lose to him in anything.

"Since you are both good at archery, let's do archery." Qin Xuan asked Han Sen, "Do you have any objections?"

"None. I could compete on anything but having a baby," said Han Sen with a smile.

Yang Manli gave him a fierce stare. He was implying that she couldn't do much except for giving birth to a child.

"Then let's go to the virtual training field," said Qin Xuan and walked out.