Super Gene - Chapter 217: Too Young

Chapter 217: Too Young

Chapter 217: Too Young

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Qin Xuan was no stranger to the Saint Hall. Although the Saint Hall was part of the military, it had a special status. All departments in the military and even forces outside the military were always watching the Saint Hall closely.

This was all due to the hyper geno arts developed by the organization. Even within the military, the licenses used to purchase at the Saint Hall were limited.

For those who worked at the Saint Hall, the control was even tighter. Security clearance would only be issued after extremely strict scrutiny.

As a prestigious professor and a maester at the Saint Hall, Bai Yishan was one of the leaders.h.i.+p team in the Saint Hall.

Surprisingly, such a big shot as Bai Yishan would like to transfer Han Sen to work for the Saint Hall as his a.s.sistant. When he contacted the management of the special squad, they were all quite shocked.

Feeling equally surprised was Qin Xuan. As the same time, she felt more confident about her choice of talent.

However, Qin Xuan did not want to let Han Sen go. Her original plan was to ask Han Sen to lead the squad after she entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Although Yang Manli was quite capable, she did not have the leaders.h.i.+p skills and was inclined to make extreme decisions, which was not helpful to the team.

However, Qin Xuan did not make the decision yet, as she would like to hear what Han Sen thought. If he would like to go to the Saint Hall, she would not try to stop him.

After all, for most people, the Saint Hall meant a bright future.

"Come in." Qin Xuan saw Han Sen was outside her office and said.

Han Sen was the biggest gem that she had found in Steel Armor Shelter. He was a little greedy and cowardly, but his growth was faster than she had expected from him.

Seeing Qin Xuan smiling at him, Han Sen felt a bit scared.

"Han Sen, you have done well recently." Qin Xuan smiled at Han Sen.

"Under your guidance." Han Sen said quickly.

"Well said." Qin Xuan's smile became brighter.

This made Han Sen more nervous. He cleared his throat and said, "So why have you called me here?"

"So Professor Bai Yishan from the Saint Hall wants you to work as his a.s.sistant. Do you want to go?" without further ado, Qin Xuan told Han Sen what has happened.

"A professor from the Saint Hall wants me as his a.s.sistant?" Han Sen paused and realized that he had nothing to do with the Saint Hall. And Professor Bai was also a stranger.

"It is many people’s dream to work for the Saint Hall, not to mention under professor Bai Yishan. It is a great opportunity and you should think about it." Qin Xuan grinned. She wanted to make Han Sen her successor, but if he did not want the same thing she did, there was no point in keeping him.

"What do you think?" Han Sen looked at Qin Xuan and asked.

He felt it was a bit weird, since he had never even heard of this professor. Han Sen was always suspicious of a pie in the sky.

"Of course I think the Saint Hall is the great place. The pay is higher than in the special squad, and you will also have the chance to learn lots of advanced hyper geno arts. In addition, you will also be working for Professor Peter who is an authority. If you become his a.s.sistant, you will have a higher status than I do."

"So, you think I should go?" Han Sen pondered.

"On the contrary, I hope you could stay," Qin Xuan shook her head and said. "You know that I have high hopes for you. Of course I wish that you could continue to stay on the squad. In a couple of months, I will become an evolver and enter Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. I will recommend you as my successor to lead the squad."

"Alright then, I'll pa.s.s and follow you." Han Sen said decisively.

In the Saint Hall, there might be a lot of benefits, but he still sensed something fishy about this. In addition, he was practicing Jadeskin. If he walked around experts of hyper geno arts all day, they might be able to tell that.

Han Sen believed that based on his credentials and knowledge, he was more likely to become a guinea pig in a place like the Saint Hall. He would not go even if Qin Xuan did not try to keep him on the squad.

And now he was also doing Qin Xuan a favor, so that was two birds with one stone.

Qin Xuan's eyes lit up. She did not expect Han Sen to agree so fast and give up a great opportunity because of what she had said.

"You're great. I chose the right man." Qin Xuan was excited and patted Han Sen on the shoulder. "Keep up the good work. Although leading the squad might not be as glamorous now, you would have a harder time at the Saint Hall because of the gla.s.s ceiling there. I a.s.sure you that you would never regret today's decision."

"I did not think that far. As long as I can follow you, that's good enough for me," Han Sen said quickly.

Qin Xuan blushed and the thought of Han Sen's words when she hypnotized him.

"Well then, I won't keep you here." Watching Han Sen leave, she thought, " he was just too young, otherwise I might consider him as a suitor."