Super Gene - Chapter 216: Gone

Chapter 216: Gone

Chapter 216: Gone

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After getting the three-blade harpoon, Han Sen had no time to play with it before he was brought to Son of Heaven by Huangfu Pingqing.

Son of Heaven obviously already knew that he would come. The conditions offered to Han Sen were part of the agreement between him and Huangfu.

If it was not for the fact that the Mystery Island would only last for a short time, Son of Heaven would never have agreed to ask for help from Han Sen, let alone offer him benefits.

What he did not know was that it was useless to promise Han Sen anything, because the Holy Angel was already killed by Han Sen.

Son of Heaven, Huangfu Pingqing and Thumb needed to go back to the shelter to prepare. They did not leave anyone on the Mystery Island either, in case that the person would be attacked by Dollar. In addition, they did not believe that Dollar alone could have killed the creature on the Mystery Island, which was why they only sent a team to watch the Mystery Island from the shelter and had no idea that the sacred-blood creature had been killed.

This time Son of Heaven had spent several hundred million on buying the sacred-blood flying beast soul from Lin Beifeng and borrowing a sacred-blood shape-s.h.i.+fting humanoid beast soul from Qin Xuan, in addition to the price he paid to hire Han Sen and Thumb.

All of his efforts were for the beast soul of this sacred-blood creature on the island.

Han Sen simply took the sacred-blood flying beast soul and a sacred-blood beast soul arrow Huangfu Pingqing lent him, and followed all instructions of Son of Heaven quietly.

Secretly, Han Sen was amused. "Son of Heaven, you've spent so much effort. When you land on the Mystery Island and find the sacred-blood creature gone, I wonder how you would look."

"You can only shoot arrows from afar and the have to stop whenever I ask you to. You will regret it if you try to steal my beast soul again," Son of Heaven looked at Han Sen coldly.

"Rest a.s.sured. I am a professional and know what to do," replied Han Sen calmly.

"That would be the best." Son of Heaven was not afraid that Han Sen would try to get the last hit. This time, there would be a beast soul for sure, so even if Han Sen had got the beast soul, he would have to give it back. Otherwise, Son of Heaven would have the excuse to kick Han Sen's a.s.s in the alliance. Even Qin Xuan and the special squad could not save him.

Everything was ready and Son of Heaven took Thumb and Han Sen to fly towards the Mystery Island again. When they arrived at the island, Son of Heaven did not go immediately into the mountain, but let the team rest for half a day so that they were all prepared and energetic. For this humanoid creature's beast soul, Son of Heaven had considered everything.

Han Sen did not say a word and simply followed what Son of Heaven said. He was only looking forward to seeing Son of Heaven's disappointment when he found that the holy angel was gone.

At last, Son of Heaven led Han Sen and the Thumb into the mountain.

"Where is the sacred-blood creature?" from afar, Son of Heaven used binoculars to watch the top of the mountain, but did not see the holy angel.

Son of Heaven accelerated towards the mountain, but did not see a trace of the creature at all.

Feeling reluctant, Son of Heaven circled around the mountain top and the asked Thumb and Han Sen to search elsewhere on the island, but in the end, they found nothing.

"Dollar, I will kill you!" Son of Heaven bristled and gave up in the end. He hated this person even more than he did a murderer.

On the way back, Son of Heaven's face was dark. It seemed that his anger had controlled him completely.

Han Sen would not provoke him, but was dying with laughter inside.

"What took you so long? Did you get the beast soul?" Huangfu Pingqing who had been waiting for a long time saw the three were back and asked hurriedly.

"It's gone." Son of Heaven squeezed the words from his teeth.

"What do you mean by gone? It is impossible that the sacred-blood creature on the Mystery Island did not yield a beast soul." Huangfu Pingqing did not understand.

"The creature is gone. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Dollar must have killed it. I will never forgive him." Son of Heaven looked like he wanted to strangle Dollar to death.

It was maddening because Son of Heaven had to spend all the efforts and made all this preparation and did not even see the creature.

"How is that possible? We have all seen what the creature could do. How could he have done it alone?" Huangfu Pingqing opened her mouth wide in surprise.

"No one in our shelter could have done this except for Dollar, so it must be him." Son Of Heaven's eyes were bloodshot.

Huangfu Pingqing saw Son of Heaven's look and did not say much, because anything she said right now would p.i.s.s him off even more. She knew very well how much he had paid to kill this creature.

Although this kind of spending was nothing to Starry group, the disappointment was something an arrogant person like Son of Heaven could not take.

Han Sen would love to see Son of Heaven losing his temper for a while longer, but since Thumb had walked away, he had no reason to stay.

Having returned the sacred-blood wings and arrow to Huangfu Pingqing, Han Sen left as well.

Han Sen really liked the sacred-blood arrow, but it was something that Huangfu Pingqing used herself and was not for sale, not to mention he had no money at this point.

Back in his room at the shelter, Han Sen summoned the three-blade harpoon and tried it out. He loved how it felt in his hand and could not wait to fight a sacred-blood creature with this weapon.

"It is time that I go to the Devil Desert again. With this three-blade harpoon, the sacred-blood fox king and black-feathered beast King could no longer escape from me." Han Sen was excited.

But before he went to the Devil Desert, he had received a message from Qin Xuan, who asked Han Sen to see her. Her voice is a bit weird and she did not mention what it was regarding, which made Han Sen feel puzzled.

"It should not concern the special squad, otherwise she would just say it." Han Sen could not think of anything Qin Xuan would need him to do.

At the same time, Qin Xuan was holding some paperwork and had a strange look on her face.

"Why would Professor Bai from the Saint Hall choose Han Sen?" Qin Xuan muttered to herself as she read.