Super Gene - Chapter 218: Weaker Than I

Chapter 218: Weaker Than I

Chapter 218: Weaker Than I

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Bai Yishan did some due diligence on Han Sen. With his level of security clearance, Bai Yishan could see the cla.s.sified files and found out that Han Sen was a member of the special squad.

This discovery was great news to him, since it was relatively easy for the Saint Hall to transfer someone from the military. Although the special Squad were difference from ordinary soldiers, it would still be easy to accomplish.

However, the reply from the special squad made Bai pause. He frowned and thought, "He turned it down. This would create some trouble."

If Han Sen was an ordinary soldier, Bai Yishan could simply force his transfer. But since Han Sen was working for Qin Xuan, even Bai could not think of a good way to have Han Sen work for him.

"Since I could not use the official method, I would have to come up with something creative to make him practice Yin Yang Blast." Bai Yishan wouldn't give up and was a willing to see Yin Yang Blast being banned.

Checking Han Sens's profile again, Bai Yishan was deep in his thoughts.

Han Sen went back to the school and dialed Ji Yanran's number.

Although he had just gained a sacred-blood beast soul weapon, Han Sen did not go hunting because the creature he fed the black crystal to was about to evolve into a sacred-blood creature. He did not want to go too far in case he could not eat the creature in time.

"What are you doing?" Han Sen saw Ji Yanran in the holographic image and asked with a smile.

"Can't you see? I am playing hand of G.o.d." Ji Yanran tried to play cool.

"Where are you? I'll go find you right away."

"E6, if you don't have time you don't have to come." Ji Yanran continued to play.

"Be there in five." Han Sen hung up and went to E6.

Ji Yanran thought to herself, "Had you chosen not to come, I won't forgive you."

"Hey girl, you're so good at this." Han Sen found Ji Yanran soon. There were better players than Ji Yanran on campus, but only a few. And they either did not want to beat her or did not play on Battlenet at all.

"It's not fun playing on campus. I'm playing on the Skynet platform. This player’s good. He has beaten me three times, each time by 10 plus points," said Ji Yanran.

"Which virtual room are you in? Let me avenge you." Han Sen was ready to sit at one of the holographic equipment.

"Use my account." Ji Yanran got up and offered him her seat.

Han Sen sat down, but pulled her back into his laps.

"Let go." Ji Yanran blushed and pretended to struggle.

"Stop. If you leave, how can you see justice served?" Hugging her from the back, Han Sen invited that player to continue to play.

"How can you move like this? If you lose, I will not forgive you," said Ji Yanran.

"That's not a problem. This is the unevolved section, and I will not lose even with my eyes closed," Han Sen said.

"Such an egoist," Ji Yanran teased him.

"This is confidence. If you don't believe that I will win, let's make a bet. If I win, you need to kiss me." Han Sen laughed.

"And if you lose?" Ji Yanran curled her lips.

"If I lose, I will kiss you." Han Sen said shamelessly.

"Nice try. Just do well." Ji Yanran pinched Han Sen on the waist, and he let out a cry, attracting the attention of other students.

They saw the couple and all smiled ambiguously, making Ji Yanran blush more.

"Stop it." she covered Han Sen's mouth with one hand, and felt a kiss on it.

Ji Yanran had to take her hand back.

And this time a prompt popped out on the holographic machine, and it said the opponent refused to play again.

While the couple were wondering why this player would refuse, they saw a message from him.

"You must be Ji Yanran from Blackhawk?"

Seeing the message, Han Sen looked to his girlfriend suspiciously. The latter shook her head and was at loss. "The platform randomly matched me with him. I don't even recognize this ID. Could he be from our school?"

Han Sen checked the ID name, which was quite arrogant--"The third hand of G.o.d."

"Just reply to ask if he's from our school. We don't have a lot of players at this level and I know all of their ID names. This one is not one of them," said Ji Yanran.

When Han Sen was ready to reply, he saw another message from the opponent.

"I am Lu Botao from the Hand of G.o.d Society at Alliance Central Military Academy. My nickname is three-handed king. You should have heard about me."

Ji Yanran was surprised, "The three-handed king from the Alliance Central Military Academy is among the top 10 in the Military Academy League. I wonder how he found out about my ID name."

"No matter how he found that out, I will not let a guy who had his eyes on my girlfriend off the hook easily." Han Sen grinned and sent a message over, " I will not make friends with those who are weaker than I."

Lu Botao sent a message back, "I have just beaten you 4 times, each time by more than 10 points. And you call that weak?"

"I was eating just now and have just finished," replied Han Sen.

"Ha-ha, okay then. We'll play another round. And let's see what you say when you lose again," said Lu Botao, sending an invite to fight.

Han Sen clicked yes without hesitation and the countdown started.