Super Gene - Chapter 199: Stranger

Chapter 199: Stranger

Chapter 199: Stranger

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"Sister, what brought you here?" Han Sen took Huangfu to a green area outside the warehouse. No one was nearby since it was approaching midnight.

"Can’t I come to you for no reason?" Huangfu looked at Han Sen ambiguously.

"Yes, of course, but now it's too late. If you have nothing to say, I should go back to rest. Can we talk next time?" Han Sen licked his lips and said.

"What? You are afraid that Ji Yanran might know?" Huangfu had learned a lot about Han Sen since she came to Blackhawk, including his girlfriend.

"Ahem, sister, shall we focus on the business?" Han Sen asked.

"Well, last time you left before we could finish." Huangfu threw him a glance, her charming demeanor making his heart leap.

"Please continue," Han Sen said with a smile.

"If you want the sacred-blood three-blade harpoon, there is another way. You have an extra sacred-blood armor beast soul, don’t you? The one you let Mengmeng wear? Shall we trade?" Huangfu said seriously.

"No." Han Sen turned her offer down. A sacred-blood armor beast soul was very rare and it could save his life, so he would not trade it for the harpoon.

"But you have the other sacred-blood armor beast soul, and you don’t need both. Isn’t it perfect that you trade one for a weapon? I could pay you money for the difference and let me know how much you want,"Huangfu advised.

"I'm sorry, sister. I don’t want to trade." Han Sen did not hesitate in the slightest way. Huangfu had mistaken the fairy queen for a sacred-blood armor beast soul, and in fact the fairy queen’s armor was a bit inferior to a real sacred-blood armor beast soul.

Han Sen would never trade his phantom ant armor, which was something he could always use in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary and might still be of some use in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Furthermore, he had promised Lin Beifeng that he would consider to sell it to Lin first if he wanted to sell.

The phantom ant armor was not just practical, but also incredibly glamourous. Although it had the same function as the black beetle armor, its price would clearly be much higher.

"Think about it. And money is not an issue." Huangfu still would not give up. She loved the look of that armor. It was not only perfect in terms of the look, but would also protect her on her way to other shelters, which was far more important than a weapon.

"I don’t need money," Han Sen said with a smile. He blinked at her, "But if you want me, that’s okay. Shall we get a room?"

"How can you get a room on campus?" Huangfu blushed and gave up. She checked her comlink and said to Han Sen, "Think about it and let me know if you want to sell. I must go now…"

Watching her leave, Han Sen grinned.

The black and white boxing compet.i.tion was held on the Skynet. Most people watched directly online and the players were also using the devices at their schools to compete. There was little to see onsite.

Wen Xiuxiu arrived at the holographic equipment hall early, and there was basically no one there other than the students from the Martial Arts Department and Martial Arts Society.

She set up the camera and was ready to introduce the players when they came in. After that she could switch to the online data and would not need to shoot any more.

She was also the only reporter at Blackhawk, since it was not a popular team and all other media went to the schools that had some chance at winning.

Wen Xiuxiu entered the lounge of the players—part of her reporter's privileges.

Suddenly, Wen Xiuxiu saw Han Sen sitting among the Martial Arts Society members, chatting.

"This guy turns out to be one of the Martial Arts Society members." Wen Xiuxiu was a bit upset, but since his girlfriend is that pretty, it was also understandable that he did not lead the way.

Ignoring Han Sen, Wen Xiuxiu interviewed several players in the first team and a coach of Martial Arts Society, Chen Ling.

"Coach Chen, what do you think of this match? Black and white boxing is a one of St. Germain’s strengths, not to mention Nalan Chengnuo’s fame. What plan or strategy do you have?" Wen Xiuxiu asked Chen Ling.

"No plan or strategy needed. Blackhawk will win, period," Chen Ling said casually.

Chen Ling's answer made Wen Xiuxiu pause. She could not begin to understand Chen’s confidence.

Because Chen Ling's answer was beyond her imagination, her prepared materials were now useless. And she did not know how to continue.

The answer Wen expected was that St. Germain is a very strong team and Blackhawk will try its best.

But Chen Ling threw her off her feet. Wen opened her mouth but could not think of anything to say.

"I have something to deal with. Ms. Wen, would you go interview my players first." Chen Ling saw Wen Xiuxiu’s look and was amused.

Wen Xiuxiu was embarra.s.sed and turned to the players. She finally saw Ouyang Xiaosan, who was resting. She hesitated, and first approached Xu Qian who she had talked to.

"Hi, Xu Qian! Do you have any confidence in this game?"

Xu Qian was very easy to talk to and glad to be interviewed. He grinned and said, "Of course! We will win for sure."

Hearing him, Wen felt that the entire team were simply too optimistic blind to their weakness.

Wen asked a few more questions, and interviewed several other players. The answers she got were all the same—Blackhawk would defeat St. Germain and go to the next round.

"Mr. Ouyang, I would like to your opinion on Nalan Chengnuo." Wen Xiuxiu finally found a chance to interview Ouyang Xiaosan.

"I don’t know him." Ouyang did not even lift his eyes.

Wen Xiuxiu had no idea that her interviews had caused a debate in the Skynet.