Super Gene - Chapter 198: Kept Man

Chapter 198: Kept Man

Chapter 198: Kept Man

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After Wen Xiuxiu had done the interviews, she had even less faith in Blackhawk since she did not even see Ouyang Xiaosan during the interview.

"Well, I will just read more about St. Germain and talk more about them during the live." Wen Xiuxiu returned the room arranged for her on campus, casually wrote a newsletter, and checked St. Germain’s team online.

She was doing a black and white boxing show because of her interest in it. Naturally, she was familiar with a lot of teams. Soon she found the data of St. Germain and saw a lot of videos in their online community.

The fans of St. Germain were ecstatic that their first opponent was Blackhawk and thought they could get the first win easily.

The facts were more or less the same. Four out of five members in St. Germain’s first line-up were among the top 20 in the Alliance and Nalan Chengnuo even ranked second.

Whereas except for Ouyang Xiaosan, Blackhawk only had one player in the top 100. By comparison, there was no way Blackhawk would win.

Because of that fact, Ouyang Xiaosan had been reluctant to waste time to partic.i.p.ate.

The more Wen Xiuxiu browsed, the more she felt there was little suspense to the compet.i.tion. She did not understand why Fang Mingquan let her do such a show.

In Wen Xiuxiu’s view, Fang Mingquan was not trying to make her s.h.i.+ne and she had made up her mind that she would focus her show on St. Germain.

Han Sen and s.h.i.+ Zhikang and Lu Meng were practicing warframes in the seventh warehouse. It was almost the day of the compet.i.tion, so Han Sen did not go to the G.o.d’s Sanctuary even though his wounds had recovered.

"Sen, how come I have not seen the girls?"

"How would I know?" said Hansen casually.

In fact, he knew that w.a.n.g Mengmeng had spent a lot of time in G.o.d’s Sanctuary. With her family’s influence, there was no way she would fail a course. And even her job after graduation had been taken care of. Her main task now was to enhance her fitness and evolve as soon as possible. That was why she was seldom seen on campus.

Without w.a.n.g Mengmeng here, her girlfriends would not show up either since they were not that interested in warframes. The frequent visitors were Fatty and Skinny. Even Han Sen and his roommates were only here once in a while. Little had changed in the Heavy Warframe Society.

Fatty and Skinny came over after they had finished. The five guys naturally started to talk about girls.

"Have you heard? There has been a new exchange student. She is so pretty and those racks! OMG!" Fatty said excitedly.

"Everyone knows that! Huangfu Pingqing is her name."

"Wait till I finis.h.!.+ You all know her name, but do you know her background?" Fatty said hurriedly.

"How would we know that? Do you know?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang looked at Fatty and asked.

"Of course! Look who you are talking to!" Fatty said triumphantly, "Huangfu is not only pretty, but also from a prominent family."

"Fatty, spill!" Skinny cut in.

Fatty cleared his throat and said in a mysterious tone, "Have you all heard about Ares Martial Hall?"

"Of course! Who has not heard of one of the best martial halls in the Alliance? They have branches all over the Alliance," s.h.i.+ Zhikang curled his lips and said.

"Yes, that is the one! So you should have also heard that the president of Ares Martial Hall is Huangfu Xiongcheng, right? That is the grandfather of Huangfu Pingqing," Fatty said.

"S*#t! For real?" The other guys widened their eyes.

"Absolutely. My father works at Ares Martial Hall. Their president used to take Huangfu Pingqing to the anniversaries of the Ares Martial Hall," Fatty said.

"That is impressive. Whoever winning her heart would also win a fortune. Whatever Huangfu Xiongcheng would spare was enough for us to live a great life," Skinny said longingly.

"Hey, how can it be that easy? A girl like that would never choose us." Fatty laughed.

"Unfortunately, Sen has a girlfriend already. Otherwise Huangfu would probably keep him as a lover, just because how smooth his skin is." s.h.i.+ laughed.

"I would like that, but not sure if Brother Han would do it." Suddenly a very feminine voice sounded. The guys were all startled.

Quickly looking up, they saw a curvy lady with long legs walking into the warehouse with a smile.

"Huangfu Pingqing!" The guys opened their eyes wide and looked at her incredulously.

The lady they were just talking about suddenly came, which was quite shocking.

Huangfu walked straight to Han Sen, blinked and said in a husky voice, "Brother Han, would you like to be kept by me? I will accept any price you name."

The rest opened their mouths wider, and regarded Han Sen in an odd way.

"Ahem! Miss Huangfu, do not joke like this." Han Sen did not think this woman wanted him. She only wanted him in her company.

"I was not joking. If you wish, I’d give you 100 million per year." Huangfu smiled faintly.

"Shall we… talk about it elsewhere?" Han Sen quickly got up and suggested. He was afraid if he stayed a bit longer, the guys would murder him with their eyes.

"Sen is definitely a beast." Watching Han Sen and Huangfu leaving together, s.h.i.+ shouted.