Super Gene - Chapter 200: All It Took

Chapter 200: All It Took

Chapter 200: All It Took

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Fang Mingquan sent Wen Xiuxiu to Blackhawk not to fool her.

Wen Xiuxiu was from an important family and as someone who cared about his future, Fang Mingquan had to take good care of her. He knew Han Sen would also partic.i.p.ate in the game, and that was why he had sent Wen to Blackhawk.

The moment Wen’s show began, he promoted it in his own show and many of his loyal fans and audience tuned to her program.

Fang Mingquan was now doing great. All his shows had been successful. As he promoted Wen’s show, Wen suddenly had more than ten million audience watching.

In fact, this compet.i.tion was not very high-profile. Even some were paying attention, it was likely that they were on the St. Germain’s side, since that was the stronger team with Nalan Chengnuo there.

As for Blackhawk, they would have even less attention if their opponent was not St. Germain.

Those who had watched for Fang Mingquan’s recommendation were mostly unevolved. After they had seen Wen’s interview, they were p.i.s.sed off.

"Blackhawk is so arrogant?"

"Who gave them the courage to say that?"

"Ha-ha, St. Germain was despised by Blackhawk."

"Waiting to see how they lose."

"With Blackhawk’s black and white boxing talents, they had the nerve to say this!"


"I really want to know what St. Germain would think after seeing this."


It chanced that one of the St. Germain players was a fan of Fang Mingquan’s and was watching his show in the lounge.

Seeing the show promoted by Fang Mingquan was the live show of their match, he clicked in and became livid.

"Blackhawk! You think you are good? Wait till you see how we kick your," w.a.n.g Yangjun thought ruthlessly.

St. Germain and Blackhawk had always been foes. In the most important martial arts games, St. Garmain had kept Blackhawk from entering top 8 multiple times.

Seeing a loser so arrogant made w.a.n.g Yangjun mad.

"Chengnuo, come to see this." w.a.n.g Yangjun walked to Nalan Chengnuo and played that interview bit again.

"The Blackhawk team must be out of their mind." Liu Yunsheng sneered after watching.

"And illusionary." Ma Changkong laughed.

"Poor things." w.a.n.g Yangjun also laughed.

Nalan Chengnuo glanced at the video, blinked and did not speak. He narrowed his eyes and kept eating the jelly in his hand.

"Chengnuo, you are eating too much jelly. It might give you diabetes." w.a.n.g Yangjun looked at Nalan’s flawless skin jealously.

"Diabetes? That is an ancient disease." Liu Yunsheng laughed.

The team talked and laughed, not taking Blackhawk seriously.

In fact, this year, St. Garmain was especially strong in black and white boxing. They not only had a star player, Nalan Chengnuo, but also had three other players in the top 20.

Plus the newly recruited talent Li Yu, St. Germain was very likely to win the champions.h.i.+p of the Military Academy League Game. This Skynet compet.i.tion should be a piece of cake for them.

The only threat to them in Blackhawk was Ouyang Xiaosan, who was no match to Nalan and not much better than the rest in St. Germain.

"Chengnuo, how about you go first this time and give them a five to zero to teach them a lesson." w.a.n.g Yangjun suddenly had an idea.

"Great idea. Let’s what they say after the game," Ma Changye seconded with a smile.

"Right! I can’t wait to see their interviews after." Liu Yansheng also laughed.

"We should follow the coach's arrangement." Nalan was still eating jelly with a harmless smile.

"There should be no problem. Against Blackhawk, we don’t need to take them seriously. I’ll talk to the coach and he will agree." w.a.n.g Yangjun said and went to the coach.

St. Germain’s coach Xu Yundi heard the proposal of w.a.n.g Yangjun and his eyes lit up. Xu grinned and said, "To fight Blackhawk, we wouldn’t even need Nalan. Li Yu can go first and easily give them a five to zero."

"Can Li Yu do it?" w.a.n.g Yangjun said a bit worriedly.

"Rest a.s.sured. Li Yu is not as good as Nalan, but should be among the top 10 right now. Sending him would be quite enough to beat Blackhawk." Xu Yundi laughed.

Li Yu was a talent discovered by Xu Yundi in his coaching career. Xu thought Li Yu would be the next Nalan Promise. Li was very talented and all he needed was a little bit of experience.

Xu Yundi believed that, under his watch, Li Yu would be as good as Nalan in less than two years.

At this time, Li Yu would be all it took to deal with Blackhawk.

"Li Yu, can you deliver?" Xu Yundi smiled at Li.

"Please be a.s.sured, coach. I will not give them any chance to fight back," Li said softly.

"Let’s do this then. You will be the first up." Xu Yundi appreciated his confidence very much.

w.a.n.g Yangjun did not say anything. Li Yu was indeed very talented in black and white boxing. As long as he could beat Ouyang Xiaosan, it would be easy for them to get a score of five to zero.

The key was the match against Ouyang Xiaosan. w.a.n.g Yangjun and Ouyang had fought many times and w.a.n.g admired Ouyang. It was Ouyang’s teammates that were bad.

"How about it? The coach agreed?" Seeing w.a.n.g Yangjun was back, Liu Yansheng quickly asked.

"The coach said, Li Yu was all it took to beat Blackhawk," replied w.a.n.g Yangjun.

"That is true. Li Yu is quite talented. If he could beat Ouyang, the rest would be no threat to him." Liu Yunsheng nodded.