Super Gene - Chapter 1525 - Back on Top

Chapter 1525 - Back on Top

Chapter 1525: Back on Top


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You’ll soon find out whether or not I’m lying. And I’m striving for more than just being in the top ten; I’m going to be first,” Han Sen said coldly.

“If you ever do become number one, I’ll cut my head off and be your chair.” Little Jade Lion King scoffed.

Little Jade Lion King thought it might be possible for Han Sen to reach the top ten, but he never believed it’d be possible for him to reach the number one position.

That was because the first rank belonged to Blood Wave. Blood Wave was a subordinate of Little Jade Lion King’s father, White Lion. It was very possible for Little Jade Lion King to reach first place, for when he did reach the top ten, his challenge against Blood Wave would be accepted.

Han Sen had no way of challenging Blood Wave, so his opportunity for reaching first place seemed unlikely.

Han Sen laughed and said, “You don’t need to cut your head off. But, if I do reach the top, how about you obey and serve me?”

Little Jade Lion King was enraged by this, and he said, “Okay, and if you are unable to reach first place, how about you obey me?”

“Sure. That sounds fair.” Han Sen nodded.

“Okay; if you reach first place, I will consider you my master. Otherwise, I will become your master,” Little Jade Lion King said fiercely. He wasn’t dumb, and he insisted on a time limit of one day.

“Then it is settled. If you lose, don’t think about fleeing.” Han Sen laughed.

“Who do you think I am? Everything I speak is the truth,” Little Jade Lion King said proudly.

He was confident that Han Sen would never achieve first place while Blood Wave was there, and Blood Wave would never accept a challenge from anyone except Little Jade Lion King.

“So, do you want to concede? Or do I need to force you out?” Han Sen said.

“Enjoy this boisterous att.i.tude for one more day. On the next, you will be totally screwed,” Little Jade Lion King said angrily, then stomped out of the battleground by conceding.

Han Sen went back to the geno core storage to accept the challenge Han Yan had already sent him. After accepting Han Yan’s challenge, he entered the battleground again and met Han Yan there.

When Han Yan saw Han Sen, she was so happy. “Big Brother, you really are the master of Crystal Core? Let me see how strong a core must be to put you on top through the test alone.”

“Um, no.” Han Sen didn’t want to hide things from her, as there shouldn’t have been anything he had to hide from his sister.

Han Sen thought the Crystal Core looked like an egg, and its appearance alone made it difficult to believe it was the almighty Crystal Core. He actually thought it was embarra.s.sing that a man’s geno core was an egg.

“Are you going to hide something from your cute sister?” Han Yan lifted her lips.

“Um, today is not a good day. But how about I show you another geno core a little later?” Han Sen coughed.

“I’ve seen your other one. There’s nothing else for me to see.” Han Yan did not force him, though. After they talked for a bit more, she eventually conceded. Then, Han Sen was able to take her second position, and the She-King Blade fell to third place.

Little Jade Lion stared at the leaderboard, eager to see what Han Sen was doing.

Suddenly, the leaderboard flashed. She-King Blade, which had previously been in second place, fell down a rank. And then, Crystal Core took her place.

“Something is wrong with this human. Is that *sshole another human, too? Did he pay her off with something, so they could switch position?” Little Jade Lion King’s face looked grim.

The biggest risk he had taken in his wager with Han Sen was the other human on the leaderboard, and now she had proven that she really was a liability. It made him furious.

“Hmph! But even if you do get to second place, it’s pointless. You’ll have no hope of replacing the core that’s currently in first place.” Little Jade Lion King, thinking about this, suddenly felt much better.

Just in case, though, Jade Little Lion King decided to exit the geno core storage. He went looking for Blood Wave so he could stay next to him, in the event something tricky happened.

“I’m not letting Blood Wave out of my sight. After today, I’m going to kick that guy’s *ss.” Little Jade Lion King was getting himself worked up as he thought about Han Sen again.

Han Sen took the second position. He didn’t say goodbye to Han Yan, and he simply left the geno core storage. Then, he used Real Blood as a key for re-entry.

Han Sen planned to use Real Blood to leapfrog to first place. Then, with Real Blood, he would lose to Han Yan. Then, Han Yan could lose to the Crystal Core, and all the geno cores could have their nine reinforcements.

Han Sen had a few other geno cores, but he could only use one geno core at a time and he could not challenge himself. Since he had Han Yan there to back him up, though, it was no longer an issue.

“Starting test.” Han Sen didn’t speak to the Rockman. He simply allowed it to go ahead and calculate the starting rank.

Rockman’s third eye fired a light at the Real Blood geno core as numbers scrolled quickly.

Little Jade Lion King was talking with Blood Wave in Lionheart Shelter at the time, and all of a sudden, Blood Wave blurted out, “Oh no!”

“What happened?” Little Jade Lion asked him, frowning.

“I lost my first position in the geno core storage.” Blood Wave looked ill.

“How?! You’re kidding, right? You are here. How could you lose your place?” Little Jade Lion’s heart jolted.

“I don’t know, Little King. Let’s enter and find out,” Blood Wave said.

Little Jade Lion and Blood Wave quickly scrambled into the geno core storage. They looked at who was in first place, and they were frozen.

The first position of the silver geno core leaderboard was no longer occupied by Blood Wave. It now read, “Real Blood.”

“No way! How is that possible?” Little Jade Lion was frozen.

Han Sen’s Real Blood geno core reached first place through the placement test. Without hesitating, after reaching that first place, Han Sen sent a challenge request to Han Yan.

Han Yan was wondering what Han Sen might be able to do for them both to touch the top rank, and as she thought, the request for a challenge popped up. She wasn’t in the mood for an actual challenge, so she planned on declining it. But then she saw the name of the geno core. It looked very familiar.

“Real Blood? Real Blood…” Han Yan suddenly thought of something. She looked over to the leaderboard and noticed Blood Wave had dropped down to second place, having been replaced by this Real Blood.

“Ten years ago, Real Blood reached first place in the bronze geno core leaderboard. Now it has appeared here? No way…” Han Yan’s eyes opened wide, as if she was seeing something unbelievable.