Super Gene - Chapter 1526 - Getting Super Geno Points

Chapter 1526 - Getting Super Geno Points

Chapter 1526: Getting Super Geno Points


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Yan accepted the challenge and entered the geno battleground with excitement. There, she saw Han Sen standing.

“Big Brother, how is this possible… The Real Blood geno core is yours? You have three self-geno cores?” Han Yan had always thought Han Sen was strong; he was her role model, after all. But even for him, this was shocking.

Two geno cores that managed to leapfrog to first place had been owned by Han Sen, and Han Sen had a super geno core on top of all that. He was like a monster, and few people would even be willing to believe such tall tales.

“If other people find out Crystal Core and Real Blood are owned by the same person, I fear the entire populace of spirits and creatures in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary would go insane.” Han Yan felt proud, knowing this was an accomplishment of her big brother—her idol.

“I’ll give you first place. Then, I’ll challenge you again with Crystal Core,” Han Sen said and then conceded, leaving the geno core storage shortly after. Han Sen couldn’t explain everything in a couple of short sentences, so he couldn’t be bothered to say anything else.

Han Sen re-entered the geno core storage and challenged Han Yan’s She-King Blade. Crystal Core was back on top, and it received its ninth reinforcement.

Now the silver geno core leaderboard displayed Crystal Core at the top, then She-King Blade, Real Blood, and Blood Wave. Blood Wave was out of the top three now.

When Little Jade Lion King and Blood Wave entered the geno core storage, they saw the rankings and were stunned. They could not believe what their eyes were telling them, and they were wholly frozen in place.

“How is that possible? No way.” Little Jade Lion could not think straight. He did not know how Han Sen had actually reached first place while Blood Wave wasn’t even in the geno core storage.

The others in the geno core storage saw Real Blood suddenly jump up into the number one slot, and they all knew what had happened.

The top rankings now kicked off a big fuss. Everyone wondered who the masters of Real Blood, She-King Blade, and Crystal Core were, and if they were in any way related.

There were many wild conjectures, but the thought that Crystal Core and Real Blood actually had the same master did not even cross their minds.

Normal people didn’t think it was Han Sen because he had already shown off his b.u.t.terfly geno core in the Alliance. Many people had a video of the battle. Because everyone thought Han Sen had a super geno core, no one would link him to two minor-by-comparison silver geno cores.

If Han Sen didn’t say anything, no one would know he had four self-geno cores.

After leaving the geno core storage, he started to use his gold core lights to level up Real Blood geno core to gold cla.s.s.

The gold cla.s.s Real Blood geno core did not look very different. It still looked like a simple drop of blood, but the interior of the core began to look a little strange. There was a flicker of gold within it, like the sunset.

In Han Sen’s body, his Blood Pulse Sutra leveled up with his Real Blood geno core. His body was improving as well.

The Real Blood geno core, which had just appeared on the silver geno core leaderboard, now disappeared. It had only been there for an hour.

Han Sen tried using his Real Blood geno core to absorb Life Geno Essences again. Now that it was gold cla.s.s, it spread across the items incredibly quickly. Within two days, the Life Geno Essences would be wholly soaked by Real Blood.

“I hope I will be able to absorb it when it is soaked.” Han Sen wasn’t in the mood to do anything else over the course of the next couple of days. He stared at the Sh.e.l.l King’s Life Geno Essence to pa.s.s the time.

Real Blood worked more quickly than Han Sen had expected, and after thirty-six hours, the Life Geno Essence had been wholly covered by Real Blood. Han Sen felt when the connection was completed, and then it was as if the Life Geno Essence was an extension of his being.

Han Sen tried to run his Dongxuan Sutra to absorb the Life Geno Essence next. He didn’t even need to simulate the Sh.e.l.l King’s lifeforce.

“Life Geno Essence absorbed. Super geno points +1.”

Hearing this voice, Han Sen became incredibly excited. He could finally start collecting super geno points once again.

“Haha! I’m going to max out my super geno points again.” Han Sen looked to the sky as he laughed. He was supremely happy.

External power could be handy, but it was the power that resided inside your body that was the most reliable. Han Sen was extremely excited about leveling his genes up further.

The energy inside the Life Geno Essence entered Han Sen’s body. The cells that had stopped evolving began to improve, and his genes were getting better already.

In the end, Sh.e.l.l King’s Life Geno Essence gave Han Sen a total of nine super geno points. And after Han Sen absorbed the Sh.e.l.l King’s Life Geno Essence, he placed his Real Blood on the Ruby Cricket’s Life Geno Essence.

Little Jade Lion was very unhappy about all this. After Crystal Core reached first place, he ran straight out of the geno core storage. He didn’t want to go back inside, as he was now afraid Han Sen would seek him out.

He did not want to accept Han Sen as his master, but he wasn’t obscene enough to deny such a bargain ever took place.

Spirits, creatures, and humans all valued different things. To the White Lion family, loyalty, bravery, and trust were of the greatest importance. That was why Little Lion’s mind was in two halves.

“Little King, the time to go to the Ice Ruins has practically come. Have you sufficiently prepared?” Blood Wave came to ask Little Lion.

“The Ice Ruins are opening?” Little Jade Lion was shocked.

“Yes. Lion Boss asked you to get going to the Ice Ruins tomorrow,” Blood Wave said.

Little Lion nodded and said, “Okay. At least very little will trouble me. Will you come?”

Blood Wave nodded and said, “I can come with you. Tooth Beast, as well. He will be in charge of keeping you safe, but that will only apply outside the ruins. Once we’re in, grabbing the treasure is down to you and me.”

“Of course. Who else, of this same level, could possibly be stronger than us?” Little Jade Lion spoke proudly, but his mind did drift to Han Sen.

As this was happening, Han Sen was simply waiting for the Ruby Cricket’s Life Geno Essence to get completely soaked. But before it was absorbed, Shadow Shelter’s Cheap Sheep delivered a report. A creature had paid them a visit, asking to see Han Sen. They were told he was a good friend of Han Sen’s.

“No way…” After Han Sen heard Cheap Sheep describe the creature, his mouth opened wide.