Super Gene - Chapter 1524 - A Way to Absorb Life Geno Essences

Chapter 1524 - A Way to Absorb Life Geno Essences

Chapter 1524: A Way to Absorb Life Geno Essences


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Little Jade Lion King was worried about the geno core in second place, She-King Blade. The ones between third and tenth place were known to him, and he only had to tell them not to accept any challenges from Crystal Core. They’d listen.

She-King Blade, the one in second place, belonged to a human. He had never seen the human before, but he did know that the human was strong. The spirits that challenged her would usually get killed straight away.

If the person in first rank hadn’t avoided her challenges, she would have most certainly reached first place already.

“Ah, of course, it’s okay if he challenges that human. He’ll die to her, anyway,” Little Jade Lion King thought in anger.

He had no idea Han Sen was a human, though. And Han Sen himself knew that She-King Blade was his little sister.

Han Sen observed the top ten. He was unable to challenge first place, and neither could he challenge the person in second place, which was his sister.

“It looks like that lion knows how to bluff, saying I’ll never be in the top ten. I don’t know the others, but I do know Little Yan. I think I’ll have to ask for her help,” Han Sen said to himself.

Han Sen left the geno core storage and returned home. Little Yan was still in the sanctuary, so he left her a message and went back to the sanctuary himself.

Han Sen was holding a Life Geno Essence at the time, wondering how he might absorb it.

Han Sen had been researching the Life Geno Essences of Sh.e.l.l King and the Ruby Cricket, but he had yet to come up with a solution that would allow for their absorption.

Han Sen tried to communicate with them, as that was what Six Paths had once said. Unfortunately, he did not know how to obtain their approval.

When he was thinking about Little Yan that day, he thought of something else. Real Blood geno core was the power of blood, and it could control geno cores. Perhaps it could also control Life Geno Essences. If Real Blood was able to control Life Geno Essences, then absorbing them should be fairly easy.

Han Sen decided to give it a try. He brought out Sh.e.l.l King’s Life Geno Essence and dropped Real Blood on it. Han Sen was nervous.

Real Blood didn’t seem to slide away, and it remained fixed atop the Life Geno Essence. It was slowly being absorbed by the item, and after an hour, only a tiny amount had managed to go inside. It seemed as if it would take at least ten days for full-control to be obtained.

“It looks like Real Blood geno core is at too low of a level. That must be why it’s so slow. Still, if this can lead to the absorption of the Life Geno Essences, it’ll be great nonetheless.” Han Sen was getting very excited.

Han Sen hoped Real Blood would be able to control Life Geno Essences, so he could see if they could be absorbed. Han Sen wanted to level up his Real Blood geno core. If he could get it up to gold cla.s.s, then the process would surely be faster.

After waiting two days, Han Yan returned from the sanctuary. When Han Yan saw the message, she had waited to see Han Sen.

“Big Brother, why did you want me to wait for you?” Han Yan asked Han Sen.

“I saw your She-King Blade on the silver geno core leaderboard. Why are you number two?” Han Sen asked.

Han Yan heard Han Sen and then looked angry. She said, “That guy is a b*stard! He won’t accept my challenge, so I can’t level up. The first one was Dragon Eye, and I thought when he leveled up to gold, I could be first. But before he went, he deliberately lost to the person in third place: Blood Wave. I’m only in second place because he refuses to accept my challenge.”

Han Yan was complaining, saying if she was in first place, she’d have been gold cla.s.s already.

“Ah, so you want first place?” Han Sen squinted his eyes and looked at Han Yan.

“Of course! If it wasn’t for the nine reinforcements, I wouldn’t be this slow. You gave me so many resources to speed me up in reaching demi-G.o.d, but ever since, I’ve been so slow. I’m so sorry,” Han Yan said.

Han Sen smiled. “This has nothing to do with your power. It’s not difficult to reach the first rank with me, though. But you’re going to have to lose once.”

“Lose once?” Han Yan looked at Han Sen with confusion, not sure what he meant.

Han Sen explained, “I just got to the eleventh rank in silver cla.s.s. But unfortunately, I offended a second-generation super creature. In spite, the guy made those ahead of me refuse to accept my challenge requests. When I reach the top ten, I’ll find a way to make us both number one.”

Han Yan was shocked. “Big Brother, you only have a silver geno core?”

Han Sen had shown off a crazy amount of power on Planet Fantis, and she earnestly believed he had reached super cla.s.s.

“I have more than one self-geno core,” Han Sen said.

“Two self-geno cores? That’s very rare. Amidst human demi-G.o.ds, only two are known to have two self-geno cores. I didn’t know you had two, as well. I am going to the sanctuary now, then. I will help you get into the top ten.” Han Yan then asked, “By the way, what is your geno core’s name?”

“Crystal Core,” Han Sen answered.

Han Yan heard this and was shocked. She asked Han Sen, “Crystal Core? The one that reached first place through the testing on the bronze geno core and silver geno core leaderboards? That was your geno core?”

“Yeah.” Han Sen smiled, and then went on to say, “But don’t tell anyone else, okay? We don’t want any unnecessary trouble.”

“I understand. All right, I will go to the sanctuary now.” Han Yan didn’t ask how Han Sen would later reach first rank.

Han Sen then also returned to the sanctuary and entered the geno core storage. There, he saw She-King Blade light up.

But before Han Sen challenged Han Yan, the Jade Lion challenged him again.

Han Sen didn’t say anything and simply accepted the challenge invitation to see what the lion wanted.

Han Sen entered the geno battleground, and when the lion saw him, he immediately said, “See? You can’t enter the top ten. You are free to beg me now.”

Han Sen smiled and said, “It’s not that difficult, you know. I can go whenever I want.”

“Pah! Bluffing about this is useless.” Little Jade Lion King lifted his lips. This time, though, it was clear he was keeping his distance from Han Sen. If Han Sen tried to kill him again, he could make a quick getaway to keep his newly generated geno core from being destroyed.