Super Gene - Chapter 1523 - Never Reach the Top Ten

Chapter 1523 - Never Reach the Top Ten

Chapter 1523: Never Reach the Top Ten


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Little Jade Lion King stepped onto the battlefield and let out a lion roar that sounded like thunder. The entire arena trembled at the sound.

Han Sen was not scared; he was actually happy. He could immediately tell it was the heir of a super creature. Killing spirits on a geno battleground was useless, but killing super creatures was useful. You could get their beast souls, their Life Geno Essences, and in some instances, their flesh.

When the lion saw Han Sen, it looked murderous. It opened its maw and cast out a laserbeam towards Han Sen. It was so fast, it came right at him. Not wanting to scare the lion off, Han Sen wasn’t going to stand and block the roarborne blast. Instead, he just moved like a bird to dodge the attack.

Seeing its attack had failed, the lion king looked incredibly angry. It opened its lion mouth and continuously shot out a flurry of beams. It really wanted to kill Han Sen with its roarblasts.

Han Sen continued to dodge, ever so slowly inching his way closer to the lion. He wanted to one-hit-kill the fiend and keep it from running off.

Real super creatures couldn’t fight Han Sen, and at the end of the day, his opponent had a silver geno core. His super spank should have been able to kill the lion in a single strike.

Little Jade Lion King wasn’t aware of Han Sen’s purpose, and it had grown used to being the champion of its battles. No opponents of the same level had proven they had the strength to beat it. And now, because it had missed every shot at Han Sen, it decided to leap right at him.

“Good timing!” Han Sen was so happy. He was wondering how he might get close enough to the Little Jade Lion King, and he had never expected the creature to be so eager to deliver itself right to him.

Han Sen’s body gathered power in his right hand, imbuing it with primal magic. It was as if it could transcend the veils between s.p.a.ce and reality.


His right hand did tear through s.p.a.ce, and it struck against the Little Jade Lion King’s claws. His fist went right inside, and it felt as if he had broken one of the little lion’s strings. He tugged it.

And then, the Little Jade Lion King’s body turned into dust that scattered everywhere. But Han Sen thought what had occurred was strange. He hadn’t heard the usual killing announcement.

The fight was over, and Han Sen’s Crystal Core leaped to number eleven. It replaced Jade Lion, which had now been b.u.mped down to twelve.

In the geno core storage, a white lion’s mouth was dripping with blood. It angrily said, “That b*stard. How dare he destroy my geno core Jade Lion! I’m going to kill him.”

Han Sen didn’t know all he had done was destroy the Jade Lion geno core, but he guessed it had to be some sort of doppelganger or something. It was a shame he hadn’t been able to kill the super creature, but at least he had managed to himself up to the eleventh rank. He had finished his current task, and he would only need to reach the top ten next.

Han Sen kept on spamming invites, but no one gave him a response. He didn’t dwell on it though, as he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Han Sen came back to send challenges each and every day, and aside from the person in first place, every partic.i.p.ant had to challenge someone at least once a month. It was only a matter of time before Han Sen got his guaranteed turn.

But strangely, he had tried challenging others for many days and none were willing to take him up on the fight.

Han Sen thought others recalled how famous Crystal Core had once been, and that was why they did not challenge him.

On the next day, Han Sen entered the geno core storage again. There, someone had challenged him. He took a look at the name and noticed it was Jade Lion.

“Since I’m free, I suppose it’ll be worth seeing this Jade Lion again. I’m keen to learn why I didn’t kill him.” Han Sen accepted the challenge.

After entering the battleground, Han Sen saw Jade Lion once again. When the creature saw Han Sen, it shouted, “Who are you? Tell me your name!”

Han Sen was clad in armor, and he used his Dongxuan Aura to mask his true strength. The Jade Lion couldn’t tell whether Han Sen was a spirit or a creature.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. All I need to do is beat you.” Han Sen smiled.

Jade Lion grunted and said, “Beat me? You can turn back now, but I’m warning you right now that your path to leveling up has come to an end.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve only just started on this road, and the way to the top is clear of obstacles.” Han Sen didn’t know what Jade Lion had changed or found to make it say this.

“Top?” Jade Lion laughed coldly. “I have met every combatant in the top ten, and none there will accept your challenge. You will never breach that bracket unless you beg before me, right here and right now. Then you can go.”

“If the top ten are stronger, why would they listen to you?” Han Sen looked at the lion with surprise.

Jade Lion said proudly, “I am the son of White Lion King. Everyone across the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary shows me respect. You destroyed my geno core, so if you can’t make me happy, you’ll never reach the top ten.”

Now Han Sen understood why no one was accepting his challenge requests. It wasn’t because they were afraid of Crystal Core; it was because this was all a ploy orchestrated by the lion.

“Okay, and how can I make you happy?” Han Sen smiled while looking at the lion.

“Give me an opportunity to release my anger, and maybe then we can talk,” Jade Lion King said with a snarl.

“Okay.” Han Sen walked towards it, but before the lion could attack, Han Sen moved.

This time, Han Sen didn’t use super spank. He used his full strength to strike the lion’s chin. It sent the beast flying.

Han Sen’s legs were like blades, swinging through the air after that. He kept kicking the lion over and over, keeping it airborne before blowing it up in the air entirely.


In the geno core storage, the Little Jade Lion King spilled even more blood. It had spent a lot of treasure to recover its geno core in such a short s.p.a.ce of time. It had wanted to exact its revenge, but instead, it had been a.s.saulted like that and then blown up. It hadn’t even been given a moment to concede.

“D*mn! I’m going to kill you.” Little Lion King was incredibly angry.

It couldn’t fight Han Sen out of the geno core storage, and it had no clue who he was. Revenge didn’t seem likely. It was so mad, it called on the top ten to refuse Han Sen’s challenges no matter what. That would at least mean Han Sen would not reach the top ten.