Super Gene - Chapter 1522 - Jade Little Lion King

Chapter 1522 - Jade Little Lion King

Chapter 1522: Jade Little Lion King


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ji Qing was the most talented young person in the Ji family. When she was in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, she managed to kill a super creature. She had gone on to max out her super geno points, and she possessed a Swordsoul super body.

The Ji family spent a lot on making her this strong. She had worked hard and she had already become a surpa.s.ser. She had almost maxed out her super geno points there, as well. She was going to become a demi-G.o.d in the very near future.

Han Sen heard Ji Qing’s Swordsoul super body was very strong, but he had never seen it in action. They didn’t maintain contact much, if at all. In fact, they’d only encountered each other at a few important events, and even then, their exchanges had been brief.

“Brother-in-law, your sword skills are good. I have almost become a demi-G.o.d. I would like to fight against you and see which of us is better with the blade.” Ji Qing, seeing Han Sen, smiled.

“You have a sword-based super body. There is no chance of me beating you.” Han Sen was pa.s.sed the age of wanting to win for bragging rights. There were no benefits to fighting Ji Qing, and if he ended up hurting her feelings, it’d only invite the complaints of other members of the Ji family.

Ji Qing blinked and said, “Well, that is something we’ll have to find out when we fight. When I become a demi-G.o.d, I’ll have to fight against you for real.”

“We can cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, I have duties I must attend to. And what’s more, your sister is waiting for me at home. I’m going to leave now,” Han Sen said that so he could get away.

After taking Bao’er with him, Han Sen thought to himself, “I want to stay in the sanctuary. If I’m there, there’s no way she could seek me out. And besides, she won’t be able to fight me unless she sp.a.w.ns right beside me when she ascends. The sanctuary is so big, the chance of her ending up near me is minuscule.”

Back with the Ji family, Ji Yanran was sunbathing in the garden alongside Littleflower. Zero was also there, drinking tea. Bao’er jumped down near Littleflower, stroked his face, and said, “Did you miss your big sister?”

“Big… sis…?” was what Littleflower could manage to speak. That being said, he was only comfortable saying Mom, Dad, Sister, Granddad, and Grandma. Still, that was very good.

“Anything new happen recently?” Han Sen asked as he sat down. He poured himself a cup of tea.

Ji Yanran knew he was referring to the New Community, so she shook her head and replied, “Nothing. It’s as if they’ve forgotten all of that took place.”

Han Sen frowned. “No way. I stole their treasure; there’s no way they’d sit back and do absolutely nothing. Their tempers cannot be that composed.”

In truth, it wasn’t about their tempers. They just hadn’t been able to figure out how Han Sen had been able to make use of the geno armor. If Han Sen was able to use it, they didn’t think it’d be worth taking him on when he could use it against them. That was why they had decided to do nothing in retaliation.

In the New Community, there was only the one geno armor. Unless the leader himself went to fight, no one there could beat Han Sen.

The body of the New Community’s chairman had yet to fully recover, and it was due to this mixture of reasons they hadn’t formulated a plan to exact revenge on Han Sen.

Tina was punished for her actions. Even though it was a grand mistake she had made, the punishment she received wasn’t very harsh. The chairman was obviously fond of her.

If Han Sen had killed Tina, things might not have ended up as they had. The chairman might have revealed himself to Han Sen so they could fight, no matter what.

After resting for two days, Han Sen returned to the sanctuary. Then, he went to visit the geno core storage. He wanted to level up his geno cores.

Han Sen used his Crystal Core as a key to open the geno core storage this time, as his Crystal Core’s ranking was low. It was weak, and he knew he had to get it to first place.

Over the course of ten years, people had forgotten all about Crystal Core. So, Han Sen went on to challenge the geno cores ahead of him. His challenges were accepted. Han Sen managed to get under the ten-thousand bracket, and he eventually went sub-one-thousand. After that, Han Sen had to challenge those in the hundreds all the way to the tens, and from there, ten and below.

But when a geno core in the thousand-and-below bracket challenged those that were below one hundred, it wasn’t easy. The geno cores there would not accept a challenge very easily, as they were afraid of dropping a rank. Han Sen sent a number of challenge requests, but none gave him a reply.

“If this goes on, when will I ever reach first place?” Han Sen was used to getting number one as soon as he entered. He wasn’t fond of—or used to—working his way through the ranks, step-by-step.

There was nothing else he could do for the time being, at least. Han Sen looked at the silver geno core leaderboard, and whenever a name lit up, he’d send an invite and wait for a potential opponent to accept.

But none of his challenge requests worked, despite repeated sending.

As Han Sen increased his pace to full-on invitation spam, the leaderboard lit up and sucked Han Sen in through a portal.

“Someone accepted my challenge?” Han Sen was very happy about this, but because he had been spamming, he wasn’t sure which invitation had been accepted. When he reached the battleground, he was eager to get a look at who his opponent would be.

A white lion appeared across the battlefield. It was so strong, and it looked bigger than an elephant. Its body appeared to have been crafted from white jade, and its hair was like luscious silk. It looked powerful.

Han Sen did not remember who this white lion might have been. If Han Sen had grown up there and met a lot of spirits and creatures along the way, though, he would have definitely known.

The White Lion King was from Lion Mountain, and it was a berserk super creature. It was a famous beast all across the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary due to the grudge it had held against an emperor that occupied land nearby Lion Mountain. The lion had destroyed a thousand shelters that belonged to that emperor, wiping them all off the map. The emperor fled and disappeared, never to be heard from again.

The white lion Han Sen was now seeing was the heir of that White Lion King, and although its blood was not pure, its mother was a super creature, and so its genes shouldn’t have been too bad.

The jade-looking body it possessed came from its mother, who was called Demon Lion.

It had White Lion King and Demon Lion’s blood, and it had earned the creature the nickname Little Jade Lion King. It was a famous second-generational creature of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

His parents were very strong, and so was he. After running the test, his geno core immediately hit number eleven.

Han Sen had challenged many geno cores, but none had cared until now. Little Jade Lion King didn’t care too much who its opponent was going to be, as this was the first time someone had willingly challenged him since he had arrived there.