Super Gene - Chapter 1517 - Han Sen’s Return

Chapter 1517 - Han Sen’s Return

Chapter 1517: Han Sen’s Return


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s body was filled with power. He looked at Tina, whose face had now become drawn and pale. He clenched his fist and drove it right at her.

She didn’t want to try to fight against a power that could break a planet. She didn’t run, though; she just remained transfixed at the sight of that horrendous power coming right for her.

Just as that power was about to turn her into dust, an elegant middle-aged man appeared next to her. His hand pressed against her shoulder, and in a second, the middle-aged man and Tina vanished. The scary power was exhausted into s.p.a.ce.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to search the vicinity, but Tina and the middle-aged man appeared to no longer be on Planet Fantis.

In another quadrant of the galaxy, Tina and the middle-aged man appeared again.

Tina was still shocked at what had just happened, but she was happy to see the middle-aged man. “Uncle Qingyu, why are you here?”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “If I wasn’t watching over you, you’d have been killed.”

Tina was still frightened over what had transpired, and she said, “That human is too scary! I thought father said only those of our blood can use that geno armor. Why was the human able to use it too, and exude an even stronger power with it?”

Uncle Qingyu flicked her on the head with his finger. “Ouch!” she said, reeling back. “Uncle Qingyu, why did you hit me?”

“You deserved that,” Uncle Qingyu said. “You snuck out of here, stealing the chairman’s armor in the process. Now, that armor is gone. It was taken. How are you going to explain this?”

Tina looked upset. She tugged at his arm and pleaded, “Uncle Qingyu, you will have to say something nice to my father. If you don’t, I’m sure I’ll be dead!”

The man sighed. “I will do what I can. But you will have to fess up to your mistakes; otherwise, no one can help you.”

He then touched her shoulder again, and they both disappeared. When they appeared again, they were in an airs.h.i.+p outside the galaxy.


Planet Fantis was like an apocalyptic h.e.l.lscape. Yi Dongmu got a grip on his pain and stood up, looking at Han Sen with a conflicted expression.

He thought Han Sen had been in the Barrens for ten years, so he’d had the chance to catch up. But there was still a big difference between the two of them; the gulf that separated their powers seemed to be ocean-wide.

Han Sen forced the armor into his Sea of Soul. While he was using The Story of Genes, the crystal armor had become a part of Han Sen. Now, he could make use of it whenever he liked.

But when he stopped running it, that feeling would be gone. He would no longer feel a connection to the armor.

“Big Brother!” Han Yan and everyone else emerged from the ruins of the hotel. Seeing Han Sen standing tall, she was shocked, and she immediately began running toward him. Her face was wreathed with dried tear-tracks, indicating that she had only just been crying.

“Where are those two horrible women?” Hong Lianshun looked afraid, unable to see hide nor hair of Shafei or Tina anymore.

After the signal got cut off, they had no clue what was occurring on the outside. When they exited the safe zone, all they knew was that Shafei and Tina were gone.

“The shura woman is dead, but the other one ran off. It is safe now.” Han Sen smiled.

Zhao Mingze and the others were shocked to hear this. It made sense that Shafei had been killed, but before the signal got cut off, they saw Tina’s power. It wasn’t something a human could defend against. They couldn’t imagine how strong Han Sen must have been to be able to block the woman’s attack and make her run off.

The mere fact that they had survived was cause enough for merriment. They didn’t have the mental energy to think about an alternate ending, right then.

They waited there for over an hour, and after that, the s.h.i.+ps of the Alliance and the Zhao family began arriving at Planet Fantis. They explained what had occurred.

Han Sen asked Yi Dongmu to cover for him about what had actually happened, but even so, the soldiers of the Alliance were in absolute shock.

Seeing all the sword marks that had swept across Planet Fantis, they knew how terrifying the battle must have been. Han Sen and Yi Dongmu had managed to beat back the enemy, when the day was done, the soldiers were looking at them both in profound admiration.

Zhao Mingze quietly retrieved the video in the safe zone, though. He kept it private, and he sent it to Zhao Seventh when he was able to.

Zhao Seventh watched the tape and replayed it a few more times before speaking. He said, “Find out who that woman is and find out what her armor is, as well.”

“Father, do we still need to investigate Han Sen?” Zhao Mingze couldn’t help but ask.

Zhao Seventh said coldly, “No. If he can beat a woman like this, it’s proof enough that he is abnormal. This exceeds all our expectations. He is stronger than us. It is pointless for us to continue investigating him. You make sure to look into the woman in the meantime. Find out who she is, but don’t draw attention or invoke the ire of any potential new enemies.”

“Yes, I will get right on it.” Zhao Mingze was a demi-G.o.d, and Zhao Seventh was still only a surpa.s.ser. But even so, before Zhao Seventh, Zhao Mingze felt like a child who did not know too much.

After Zhao Mingze left, Zhao Seventh began speaking to himself. “It looks like our research has developed too slowly. To think that such strength exists in our world… It far exceeds the capabilities of the average demi-G.o.d. We have to quickly produce a greater Angel Gene Fluid.”

Because of what had happened on Planet Fantis, Han Sen returned to the Alliance’s spotlight for the first time in ten years. Everyone was talking about how powerful he had become, but no one was really able to guess correctly.

Based on the state of the planet and the things people said, it was determined that Han Sen had reached super-cla.s.s. But he hadn’t entered the sanctuary for ten years, and he hadn’t been there for very long before his disappearance. The fact that he had been able to reach a super demi-G.o.d status in such a short amount of time was incredibly difficult to believe.

Han Sen didn’t care about what others thought of him, though. To keep the New Community from trying something again, he asked his family to avoid going out or to stay inside the sanctuaries.

Ji Yanran and Littleflower were safe in the Ji house. The Ji family’s planet had countless airs.h.i.+ps and defensive systems. It was not like Planet Fantis.

But Han Sen was still worried about Ji Yanran and Littleflower. They could be targets, and there were too many elites in the New Community. It would be difficult to defend against such numbers. And the man who took Tina could obviously teleport freely through s.p.a.ce. He had to be someone of some renown. It couldn’t have been some random n.o.body.

Somehow, Han Sen thought the man looked familiar. Despite that, he was certain he hadn’t seen the man before.