Super Gene - Chapter 1516 - The Power of The Story of Genes

Chapter 1516 - The Power of The Story of Genes

Chapter 1516: The Power of The Story of Genes


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen didn’t want to let go, so he allowed himself to fall to the ground with the armor. A crater formed in the earth, kicking up a plume of dust.

Han Sen gritted his teeth, summoning his Real Blood geno core. He wanted to see if he’d be able to control the armor that way. But when Real Blood touched the armor, it was like water dropping atop anti-stick paper. It just rolled off and was unable to gain a connection with the armor.

Tina, holding her greatsword, came forward again. Han Sen would not be able to guard the armor and do battle with Tina at the same time, and he knew that if she managed to reclaim the armor, getting her out would be harder the next time.

Han Sen used his s.h.i.+eld to block Tina’s greatsword. He used his sword to force her back and prohibit her from getting any closer to the armor.

“Guarding it is pointless. G.o.d’s Armor doesn’t belong to you, mortal.” Tina looked at Han Sen with disdain as she continued attacking.

Shafei was looking on in shock. After she damaged Yi Dongmu, she didn’t go to finish him off. She ran to Han Sen, wanting to help Tina reclaim the armor.

Yi Dongmu was too low level to be of much a.s.sistance, and he had been severely injured. He wanted to stop Shafei, but he was unable to keep up with her. All he could was watch her glide away.

Han Sen had his gold-patterned s.h.i.+eld and his G.o.d geno core. It would not be too difficult to kill Tina, but with Shafei joining the fray, Han Sen would be the one in trouble.

With the gold-patterned s.h.i.+eld, Han Sen wasn’t in afraid of losing against the two, but the armor wasn’t moving. He couldn’t let Tina get any closer, and this prohibited him from fighting in the manner he wished to.

The gold-patterned s.h.i.+eld was a berserk super beast soul, but after that horrible hit it had endured, there was a large crack across its surface. Still, as things were, Tina and Shafei were unable to penetrate his defense. And what’s more, he was able to keep on reversing the damage that they tried to inflict back on them.

But soon, Shafei and Tina began attacking from both sides, which made it difficult for Han Sen to keep up the pace. He had to focus on blocking Tina first and foremost, to prevent her from getting her hands on the armor.

As his body was peppered with damage from Shafei, he began to bleed.


Han Sen took a bad punch from Shafei, and his body touched down on the crystal armor. Tina was on the side of the armor, just about ready to grab it.

It was too late for Han Sen to stop her, so his plan next was to get up, grab Han Yan, and run. But before he could do any of that, he felt The Story of Genes flare up.

So far, it had only shown minute activity, and the reactions it had were nothing that would aid in a fight. Now it was starting to run properly, though, and Han Sen had no idea why.

The moment The Story of Genes began to run, Han Sen felt as if his body and the crystal armor inside his body had some sort of reaction.

In the next second, the crystal armor on the ground began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. Han Sen’s body felt as if it was in water. He fell into the cream-colored crystal armor.

“Impossible! How?” Shafei and Tina almost screamed. Their eyes shot open wide, as if they had just seen a ghost.

They couldn’t believe Han Sen was able to activate the armor.

“No way! Father said other beings of the universe were incapable of activating the armor for themselves. Only people like us, who share the blood of a G.o.d are able to.” Tina grabbed the crystal armor, wanting to use the method the chairman had taught her to get Han Sen out.

But when Tina touched the armor, she felt a force that made her scream and bounce away.

“F*ck! What happened?” Tina tried clenching her numbed hands as she looked on at the armor with a face of disbelief.

Shafei was shocked, too. Han Sen had activated the geno armor and replaced Tina as its user.

“What happened? This is the chairman’s geno armor. Only people with the blood of a G.o.d can use it. How was he able to activate it? Does he have a higher permission of some kind?” Shafei struggled to think of how this was possible, and she was getting frantically worried.

Han Sen was inside the armor, which fit his body perfectly. As The Story of Genes continued to run, he felt the scary power of the armor going inside him. He wanted to scream. And the strength that entered him felt as if it could destroy the universe with only a punch.

“It’s so powerful. Is this the power of the crystal armor?” Han Sen tried to move around with the G.o.d’s Armor.

But after moving only a little, he felt the fabric of s.p.a.ce crack. The power it contained was incredible.

Han Sen clenched his fist and felt a power surge there. He thought to himself, “The Story of Genes’ power is to control the crystal armor? With power like this, not even super demi-G.o.d creatures are a force to be reckoned with. This was very worth it. Even if it took me a full ten years to procure this, it was still worth it.”

Han Sen looked over to Shafei and Tina. He clenched his fist and launched it directly at Tina.

“Be careful, miss!” Shafei shouted, pus.h.i.+ng her away. Tina had frozen solid.


Shafei took that frightening blow, and her fourth-ranked fighter’s body was immediately incinerated into dust.

The strength did not stop there, however. It flew upwards into the sky and blasted a hole in the atmosphere. The rift formed was held open by a beam, and it began to expand.

“Strong. So strong!” Han Sen did not have any other words to describe the power he had witnessed. He felt as if it would only take a punch to destroy Fantis in its entirety.

“No way! Father said, aside from him, across the whole universe, only I was able to make use of this geno armor. You required the blood of a G.o.d to use it, after all. But Han Sen is just a human. How is he able to use it?” This had impacted Tina a lot, and she couldn’t believe another human was able to use the geno armor. Not only that, but Han Sen was using more power than she could when she wore it.

While The Story of Genes was running, Han Sen felt as if he was melting into the armor. They were not separate, and the power was running all throughout his body and armor. It was as if the armor was a part of him.