Super Gene - Chapter 1518 - Bloodthirsty Ants

Chapter 1518 - Bloodthirsty Ants

Chapter 1518: Bloodthirsty Ants


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Nothing happened after the battle on Fantis. Unexpectedly, it was as if the New Community forgot the entire thing transpired.

Entering the sanctuary again, Han Sen realized he was unable to use the crystal armor. Even if he wore the crystal armor on his way in, when he appeared inside the sanctuary, the connection he felt with it would be severed and its power could not be maintained.

“The crystal armor is so powerful, but it seems suppressed by the sanctuary. What exactly are the sanctuaries?” Han Sen wondered.

Han Sen gave up on his idea of slaying everything in sight with the new armor. He needed to level up, but he’d have to do it through the use of his own hard-earned powers.

Four of his geno cores had reached silver, and aside from the Crystal Core, none of the others had run the silver geno core test.

Crystal Core had reached first rank, but he had been gone for ten years and had been unable to accept challenges. Because of this, it had dropped down into the ten-thousands.

Han Sen planned on leveling up his geno cores, and when he reinforced them all nine times again, he’d be able to use the gold geno core light to bring them up to gold cla.s.s.

But before he could go to the geno core storage, Ling Mei’er came looking for him. She said she was supposed to leave Dark Spirit Shelter a few days earlier, but she had remained there, waiting on Han Sen. So, when he finally did come back, she was still there waiting for him.

Han Sen followed Ling Mei’er back to Mask Shelter. Little Uncle followed after them, too.

“I’m concerned this trip might not be so safe,” Han Sen thought to himself, after leaving Dark Spirit Shelter. Spirit Thirteen must have concocted some sort of scheme once he had gotten Little Uncle to go with them.

The confusing thing was that the black and white Snake King was always with Ling Mei’er. It could not be swayed, so it was very unlikely Spirit Thirteen could accomplish anything. What was the spirit really trying to do?

Suddenly, something crossed Han Sen’s mind. “What if I’m the one he now wants to get?”

Han Sen thought it was possible. “Spirit Thirteen doesn’t want to kill Ling Mei’er. He needs her to improve his genes. Those he actually wants to kill must be those who are stopping him. That must be why he sent Little Uncle. It’s to kill me!”

Thinking of that, Han Sen actually felt relief. He had the G.o.d geno core, and even if Spirit Thirteen had super creatures, there was very little he could do now.

The three of them followed the Snake King back to Mask Shelter, and along the way, they encountered a variety of ants sticking out of a number of caves as they went.

They weren’t ordinary ants. They were red, as if they were on fire, and around the size of a puppy.

“Weird. Why are there so many Bloodthirsty Ants?” Ling Mei’er frowned, seeing the ants gathered in unusual numbers.

“I was right!” Han Sen smiled darkly. He didn’t know how Spirit Thirteen had attracted all of those ants, but he just knew the spirit had to be responsible.

Han Sen asked Ling Mei’er about the Bloodthirsty Ants, and he was surprised by what he heard.

Bloodthirsty Ants were mostly primitive in cla.s.s, but there were so many of them, you could often see mutant or sacred-blood ones in their midst.

There were king ants, too, and they could often be super creatures.

The geno core of a Bloodthirsty Ant was its blood. When the ants entered Bloodthirsty Mode, their speed and power would increase. The defense of their would also increase. They were annoying.

However, there was one thing Han Sen was happy to learn: their beast souls were glyph-type. They could buff his body up. Their geno cores were difficult to retrieve, though. When you destroyed the ants, their blood would suffer and their geno cores would most likely break.

“Spirit Thirteen is playing big. With Little Uncle here, the ant king will most certainly come out to play.” Han Sen was fearless, and he was actually feeling excited for this. “Maybe if I’m lucky, I can nab another super beast soul.”

The group continued on their way as more and more of the Bloodthirsty Ants became visible. In the beginning, the ants only waited and watched them go by, but now, the creatures were starting to swing their claws.

Han Sen killed a few that ventured close, but they were only primitive. He didn’t get a single beast soul or geno core.

But the blood of the murdered ants triggered the fury of the others. An army of ants came cascading out of their holes and caves towards the group. Their eyes glistened red like h.e.l.lish demons.

In no time at all, the three of them found themselves surrounded by the ants. Aside from Little Uncle, who was a little weaker than them, Han Sen and Ling Mei’er were gemstone cla.s.s. And while the ants were powerful, they didn’t pose much of a threat.

The more ants they killed, the more arrived to take their places. Their swarming numbers seemed endless.

In the beginning, they only encountered ants that were primitive cla.s.s. As time went by, more and more mutants and sacred-bloods began to join the fray.

“Let’s run! There are too many of them, and we won’t be able to kill them all. I’ll run out of juice really quickly.” Ling Mei’er continued to kill the ants as she spoke.

“It’s okay. Carry on fighting!” Han Sen wasn’t planning on leaving just yet.

Han Sen knew there’d be no point in moving on. With Little Uncle accompanying them, the ants were sure to follow.

As they spoke, a red ant that was the size of a bull emerged from a nearby tunnel.

“Oh, no! It’s a Bloodthirsty Ant King.” Ling Mei’er saw the giant ant, and when she did, her face changed.

The Snake King had been moving ahead of them, and when it saw the giant ant, it turned around, picked up Ling Mei’er, and went speeding off to Mask Shelter. It didn’t care about Han Sen or w.a.n.g Yuhang at all.

“Sh*t! What’s up with that snake? Why’d it run off and abandon us like that?” w.a.n.g Yuhang shouted.

In a cave far away, Spirit Thirteen and Spirit Twelve watched as Han Sen and w.a.n.g Yuhang became besieged by the tide of ants. Spirit Thirteen said, “It is a shame Dollar is not here; otherwise, we could kill him, too.”

“Don’t worry. There are so many around her we need to kill, and we will. There is that female spirit, as well,” Spirit Twelve said coldly.

Han Sen, seeing the ant king, became incredibly happy. He picked up w.a.n.g Yuhang and tucked him beneath his armpit. Then, he hop-scotched across the backs of the ants to reach a certain cave.

“Little Uncle, say something to attract them,” Han Sen said to w.a.n.g Yuhang as he ran.