Super Gene - Chapter 1515 - God’s Armor

Chapter 1515 - God’s Armor

Chapter 1515: G.o.d’s Armor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“It’s no wonder. That thing is the chairman’s geno armor. She might not be able to wield its full strength, but it’s already so frightening. It really is the only sort of power a G.o.d could have.” Shafei looked at the sword strikes and complimented what she saw.

Han Sen was still alive and had not been killed yet, but Shafei could see that he was underneath the incoming sword strike. Shafei felt incredibly happy, and she thought to herself, “I can’t believe Han Sen was that difficult to kill. It is lucky she brought the chairman’s geno armor with her. If she hadn’t, the mission would have been a failure and I would have been punished.”

Seeing Tina slash through the emptiness, Shafei was shocked. Then, she understood.

Planet Fantis had been wholly destroyed, but the hotel itself was fine. It wasn’t really damaged, and Shafei understood what was happening.

Han Sen’s sister and the others had only just entered the hotel, but Han Sen had saved it from annihilation.

“Scary human. Even as the lady is attacking, he can still formulate plans. He led her attacks to avoid the hotel. If the human doesn’t die here, he will surely be a great threat to the New Community. It’s lucky she was smart enough to notice his plan. If he is unable to block her attack, Han Yan will be killed in the hotel. What will he decide?” Shafei thought.

Han Sen saw Tina slash through the hotel. His face changed, but he did not stop. He stood before that sword strike to try his best to block it and stop its descent upon the hotel.

Tina, seeing Han Sen directly in front of her, was delighted. She exerted more force to drive her strike harder. She hadn’t planned to kill anyone else, and she just went for the hotel to get Han Sen to stop dodging her attacks and confront her.

“No!” Han Yan saw Han Sen stand directly in front of Tina’s sword and screamed.

Hong Lianshun and the others did not say a word. The incoming strike was too strong, and even Han Sen wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Han Sen was clearly using his own body as a s.h.i.+eld for them.

Perhaps Han Sen was only doing it for Han Yan, but they all felt the same.

Seeing Tina’s s.h.i.+ning greatsword coming down towards Han Sen’s body, even Fang Yuanyuan hoped a miracle might intervene.

Amidst that scary light, Han Sen’s body that was flas.h.i.+ng red began to melt into it. Then, they couldn’t see anything.

That power destroyed the entire construct of the hotel and all the nearby machines. The video feed for the safe zone was cut-off, and the image vanished.

Everyone was shocked. When they noticed what had just happened, their faces turned grave. They hoped Han Sen was able to deflect that last attack; otherwise, they’d be next.

As their hearts almost leaped out of their chests, they heard a big boom. After it, the entire safe zone began to shake.


Outside the hotel, before Tina’s strike impacted Han Sen, a dark purple arms.h.i.+eld appeared upon his arm.

The s.h.i.+eld swiftly became three meters tall, sheltering Han Sen. Tina’s attack came down against it.

When the hit landed, the word overbearing appeared upon the s.h.i.+eld. Han Sen was sent flying backwards into the hotel, breaking down a number of walls as he went. When he landed, he skidded across the ground for a few hundred meters.

But Han Sen was still on his feet. His mouth was bleeding, but he still held the s.h.i.+eld. The arms.h.i.+eld had a number of cracks across it, but the word overbearing was now s.h.i.+ning like a sun.

At the same time, Tina screamed. The power she had unleashed was turned back on her by the s.h.i.+eld. Tina felt a wretched strength come down upon her, and the armor that previously encased her began to fall. Her lips were bleeding.

Tina didn’t own that armor set, and what’s more, she couldn’t control it fully. Now that the power she had unleashed was turned back onto it, it disconnected the armor, and various pieces of the armor began to fall away from her.

Han Sen, Tina, and Shafei were all shocked. They did not expect Tina to end up being shaken out of the armor she wore.

Han Sen could feel that the armor was too strong. The power he had ricocheted back was awful, but it wasn’t enough to actually destroy the armor itself.

Now Tina had been bounced out of the armor, it was quite surprising.

“Is Tina the same as me? Can she not control the armor properly, either? So, when the power bounced back on the armor, she was disconnected from it?” Han Sen was thinking, heading over towards the crystal armor.

If Tina was unable to control the armor, Han Sen only needed to go and steal it. Even if he was unable to use it, a.s.set denial was always a good idea. If she didn’t have the armor, Han Sen would surely be able to beat her.

Tina’s face changed. Then, she headed directly for the crystal armor at the same time.

Just as Han Sen thought, Tina was unable to properly control the armor.

The geno armor belonged to the chairman. He had taught Tina a method in which she could make use of the armor’s power—a method that only worked for her. It didn’t have any negative side effects, either. But that was because Tina had the chairman’s genes, which allowed her to temporarily use the power of the armor.

Only Tina could do this, and not even Shafei could prompt a reaction from the armor if she tried to use it.

The chairman taught this method to Tina in front of everyone. But despite everyone hearing what she was taught, only Tina was able to make use of the geno armor. Shafei and the others believed the armor contained the power of a G.o.d. Only G.o.ds like the chairman and Tina could make use of it.

Han Sen and Tina rushed towards the armor with a similar speed. Unfortunately, Tina was closer to the armor.

Han Sen used Taia, and he began swinging it at Tina. In a flash, she deflected it with a swing of her own sword. With the room that strike had bought him, Han Sen rushed to the armor to claim it.

Han Sen grabbed it, but he immediately noticed how heavy it was. He was unable to lift the armor up, and he found himself falling down with it.

Tina, who had just been slowed down by Han Sen, laughed when she saw him. “This is G.o.d’s Armor, and mortals like you are incapable of staining it with your filth.”