Super Gene - Chapter 1514 - Power That Exceeds the Capabilities of Humanity

Chapter 1514 - Power That Exceeds the Capabilities of Humanity

Chapter 1514: Power That Exceeds the Capabilities of Humanity


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

While Shafei was shouting at Tina, Yi Dongmu’s eyes went cold. His speedy body suddenly unleashed an unbelievable power. It was like all the speed and power he could possibly possess was let out in a single moment.


His dagger and his body combined. The sky was sundered and the fabric of s.p.a.ce was drawn tighter. The dagger was thrust into Shafei’s chest.

Seeing the dagger impaled through her chest, Shafei suddenly laughed scornfully. Her hand was fast lightning, and she gripped the dagger and said, “You have a deathwish, trying to play tricks on me.”

In the next second, Shafei’s grip on the dagger tightened as her face changed. She had made a slip. The dagger she thought she had grabbed hold of wasn’t the real threat—it was a shadow.

As this occurred, Yi Dongmu’s expressionless face appeared directly behind her. He swung his true dagger, plunging it deep into her back.

Fang Yuanyuan was incredibly excited, seeing this victory. She couldn’t even speak straight. Hong Lianshun shouted, “Dongmu-G.o.d, good job!”

“Letting herself get distracted before an is a deathwish,” Zhao Mingze said.

Blood began to ripple and pour from her punctured back, but Yi Dongmu did not look relieved. His dagger was stuck, as if it had gotten caught on a bone or something.

Yi Dongmu wanted to pull it free, but it refused to move.

Shafei swung the blade in her hand, and Yi Dongmu knew he’d have to leave his weapon and fall back.

Shafei turned around, not caring about the dagger sticking out of her back. She spoke to Yi Dongmu, saying, “I underestimated you, cheap human! You should be proud of the fact you were able to damage me.”

After that, Shafei’s body began to exude a horrible power. She slashed towards Yi Dongmu at a speed that was greater than before.

“No. That shura woman’s body is similar to a super demi-G.o.d’s. Yi Dongmu is strong, but he would have to be super cla.s.s to insta-kill her. He isn’t powerful enough to reach super-cla.s.s, so he was unable to kill her.” Han Yan frowned.

“What do we do?” Fang Yuanyuan was going to cry.

Yi Dongmu could only dodge, and after that last discharge of might, his speed and teleportation abilities had suffered. He could be killed by Shafei at any given moment.

And at the same time, Tina was clad in her crystal armor. The greatsword she wielded was coming right past Han Sen’s face to cleave through his chest.

Han Sen frowned, and but he didn’t panic. When he spun, it looked like he had dodged that close call by magic.


The steel greatsword came cras.h.i.+ng through the air, bringing devastation to the ground he’d been standing on. The crater that formed was a thousand miles deep, and it was as if she had cracked the entire planet.

That strike caused the entire planet to vibrate. Mountains shook in their place, and the seas went wild and tumultuous. Countless more buildings were brought down to their knees, all across Fantis.

Everyone was shocked, unable to believe their eyes. She was far stronger than the demi-G.o.d that was said to have blown up a star-cla.s.s battles.h.i.+p with her own bare hands.

“That woman, is she human?” Hong Lianshun could barely speak.

Everyone, Han Yan and Zhao Mingze included, looked pale. They could not say a single word. That was a strength far beyond the capabilities of any known human, and no one could believe this really was the result of a human’s strength.

Han Sen didn’t look good. The power Tina used was more than he could fathom. She was stronger than Gu Qingcheng.

“The crystal armor. That power belongs to the armor. That isn’t her strength.” Han Sen stared at Tina’s armor.

The armor bestowed an unlimited power upon Tina. It was like the judgment of G.o.d, just as she had said, and it shouldn’t have been allowed to exist in that world.

Han Sen could sense that Tina was struggling to use the armor efficiently, though. The true power of the armor was stronger than the strike she had tried to deliver.

Han Sen had a similar crystal armor, but he didn’t know how to use it in the way Tina was using hers.

Of course, Han Sen didn’t know if the crystal armor in his Sea of Soul was the same type as Tina’s. It was similar, but there were some noticeable differences. As Han Sen pondered this, the second strike was already on its way. The power and speed that carried it were immense. It far exceeded Gu Qingcheng’s power.

Han Sen could not use his own pure strength to deal with her, so he used the Dongxuan Sutra and went through the motions of his phoenix techniques. He was gunning at max capacity. With his movement and judgment capabilities, he effectively dodged her attacks.

Fantis had been scarred with countless marks, and the planet had pretty much been ruined. Fortunately, many of the humans there had managed to evacuate via the airs.h.i.+ps. Otherwise, the earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions the sword had caused would have been responsible for countless fatalities.

Fortunately, it was a vacation planet for the high-cla.s.s. People that came there were rich and their numbers few. If this was a residential planet, the civilians wouldn’t have been able to escape.

But there were still people who hadn’t been able to escape into an airs.h.i.+p in time. As they saw the devastation that was being caused by the sword, they thought it was only a matter of time before Tina caused the entire planet to detonate.

Tina was so annoyed. Her strength was supreme, but she was unable to hit Han Sen. It was as if he was able to predict her every move and dodge the same second she committed to it.

“Luckily, that woman is fighting Senior Han Sen. If that was me out there, I’d have died a million times already.” Hong Lianshun’s face turned pale.

The others all had the same thought, especially Zhao Mingze. He was currently admiring his father’s foresight. Long before Han Sen had achieved such power, Zhao Seventh was already capable of seeing him as a profound enemy to have. Not everyone could do that.

Tina missed again and her eyes squinted. She didn’t slash at Han Sen this time; her swing was directed at the hotel.

Han Sen’s face changed. He didn’t care much for the lives of others, but Han Yan was in there. Their safe zone might have blocked the attack of demi-G.o.ds, but it wouldn’t withstand Tina’s strength.