Super Gene - Chapter 1510 - Tina

Chapter 1510 - Tina

Chapter 1510: Tina


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen and Han Yan went to a hotel, and a young man welcomed them saying, “Little Yan, you are finally here. Yuanyuan and Lian Shun are here already; they’re waiting for you.”

He saw Han Sen holding Bao’er and froze. With a forced smile, he asked, “Is this gentleman your partner?”

“This is my big brother,” Han Yan said with a smile.

“Your brother? I thought he was…” The young man was shocked.

“My big brother wouldn’t die so easily.” Han Yan then introduced the young man to Han Sen. “This is my schoolmate Zhao Mingze from the Blackhark Military Academy. He is the second son of Angel Gene.”

“Greetings.” Han Sen reached his hand out.

Zhao Mingze also reached his hand out, but he looked confused. Finding this difficult to believe, he asked, “Are you really Han Sen?”

“Yes I am.” Han Sen smiled.

“We shouldn’t stand here any longer, Yuanyuan has been waiting for a while,” Han Yan said.

“They are in the lobby. Come, I will take you to them.” Zhao Mingze led the way, staring at Han Sen all the while.

Learning that Han Sen had not died was quite a shocking piece of news.

“Little Yan, what happened to you? Whoa! Did you have a baby? Is that your husband?” When they reached the lobby, the group approached her immediately. When they saw Han Sen carrying Bao’er, they couldn’t help but squeal.

“No! That’s my big brother. I don’t have a partner, so I asked him to come,” Han Yan said.

“Your big brother? Wasn’t he the first super aristocrat? I thought there was an accident ten years ago…” As Fang Yuanyuan said this, everyone started looking at Han Sen with confused expressions.

“Yes, he entered the systems of the Barrens. It took him ten years to find his way back,” Han Yan explained.

Now everyone understood, Fang Yuanyuan smiled and addressed Han Sen. “Senior, I used to greatly admire you. You were everyone’s idol in the Blackhark Military Academy.”

Han Sen had come from there, too. In a way, they were like his students. Han Sen thought they were very warm, and they seemed to talk happily.

“Having been gone for ten years, I wonder if you have gotten any weaker.” A cold voice suddenly cut over their chattering.

Han Sen looked over and saw Yi Dongmu sitting on a sofa, drinking wine. He stood up and walked up to Han Sen.

“Why are you here?” Han Sen was shocked to see Yi Dongmu there.

Fang Yuanyuan walked over to Yi Dongmu and held his arm. With a look, she said, “This is my boyfriend Yi Dongmu. There is no need for me to introduce you two, since you know each other already.”

Zhao Mingze laughed and balked. “Everyone knows Yi Dongmu! He’s a demi-G.o.d that’s more famous than Yi Yixui.”

Han Yan’s cla.s.smates all knew Yi Dongmu was famous, and Han Sen found this interesting. He sat down next to him and asked, “It looks like you’ve been doing well for yourself. You have found fame and a pretty woman.”

Yi Dongmu said coldly, “It’s just a shame I haven’t been able to find Dollar. I still haven’t had another chance to beat him.”

Han Sen proceeded to chat with him. He didn’t like talking, and he never really spoke to anyone as much as he did with Han Sen. Time had made him even more reserved, though, or so it felt.

As they continued their discussion, another airs.h.i.+p came to land on Planet Fantis.

Shafei was wearing a disguise. With a hat on, she began to disembark the s.h.i.+p. But before she was fully off it, someone else started to come down, too.

“Tina, why are you here?” Shafei looked at the lady who was coming off the s.h.i.+p with surprise.

“I am following Shafei out.” Tina blinked. Her expression looked sinister.

Shafei gave a wry smile and said, “Tina, if the chairman finds out you snuck onboard my s.h.i.+p and slipped away, I will be punished.”

Tina blinked and said, “Just don’t let my father find out, then. If you are here to kill Han Sen, I can help with that.”

“This is my mission and I can carry it out. You can return aboard the s.h.i.+p so someone can take you back,” Shafei said.

“Shafei, do you think I am weaker than you? Do you think I cannot help you?” Tina seemed rather angry.

“That wasn’t what I meant. You’ve got the chairman’s good genes, so of course you are better than me. But Han Sen is merely a human demi-G.o.d. He’s not worthy of being struck down by someone as good as you.” Shafei sounded very awkward.

Tina was the only daughter of the New Community’s chairman. She was very loved, and she had grown to become incredibly strong. But because she was so young, she lacked a lot of proper combat experience. Shafei couldn’t risk her getting damaged by a demi-G.o.d.

If a single hair upon her head was brought harm, Shafei would be punished. She would probably be killed, even.

While Tina might have lacked experience, she was very smart. She blinked and said, “Auntie Shafei, do not worry. I brought my father’s geno armor. I won’t be in any danger.”

Shafei’s eyes opened wide and she screamed. “What?! You stole the chairman’s geno armor?”

“Auntie Shafei, you shouldn’t say that. I am his daughter, so his belongings are my belongings. I am merely making use of my belongings. I haven’t stolen anything.” Tina blinked again as she spoke.

Shafei did not know how to respond. Tina was fearless, and it was clear that not even the chairman could control her. Since she had already sneaked off and followed Shafei here, it was going to be impossible to send her back. But with the geno armor, she’d be a lot safer.

At least Shafei did not have to worry about any possible punishment for letting Tina get wounded. The armor would be able to protect her from any top-tier demi-G.o.d.

“Auntie Shafei, let’s go kill that human demi-G.o.d.” Tina sounded excited.

“Okay, but you have to follow my orders,” Shafei said.

Tina agreed, but Shafei looked at the woman’s face and knew it would be impossible to actually get her to listen.

Shafei was glad that Tina had stolen the armor. If she ended up injured, that’d be a big problem.