Super Gene - Chapter 1509 - Three Years

Chapter 1509 - Three Years

Chapter 1509: Three Years


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“But the man has one major disadvantage: he cannot access the sanctuaries. If your life is in danger, you can enter there. There might be many New Community elites to square-off against in the sanctuary, but at least you will not have to suffer the wrath of their leader.”

Saying that, the man’s expression became complicated all of a sudden. “My son, you are far greater than I ever thought you would be. Having a son like you makes me immensely proud. You need to stay alive, to take care of your mother and Little Yan. Your wife is good, and Littleflower is cute. I will also do everything I can to ensure the safety of these things, and hopefully, one day, we can meet again.”

After that, the video finished. Han Sen was unable to tell if the man really was his father. Technology had advanced a great deal, and constructing a video such as that wouldn’t be difficult.

Han Sen knew Blind Man delivered it himself to make it look and sound all the more convincing.

Although Han Sen didn’t dare believe it in full, if the content was true, then the video clarified a lot. Many of the answers he had been provided made sense.

He still wondered about it all, though. He felt something was off.

Like Han Jinzhi avoiding the New Community. If he was, then why would he still pretend to be called Han Jinzhi?

It wasn’t as if he was hiding in plain sight. That sort of stuff was a load of rubbish. If he had used a name that was nothing at all like Han Jinzhi, it’d have been a lot more convincing, and he’d have had a far lower chance of being discovered.

If Han Jinzhi was simply proud of his name and didn’t fancy changing it, that didn’t make much sense, either. He was a professional liar, and giving others a different name seemed like a stock activity. No one would risk everything they had done over some measly pride.

Aside from that, though, everything else sounded reliable enough to lend it some credence.

“Who is the New Community’s leader? If he’s stronger than a demi-G.o.d, but cannot enter the sanctuaries, who might he be? Han Jinzhi is a liar, but what did he do to incite the man’s wrath so much? What could have been so bad that the man would want Han Jinzhi’s heirs murdered?” Han Sen wracked his mind.

It did not matter whether the video was real or fake, though. Han Sen already knew the New Community wasn’t going to let him go so easily. He needed to be stronger so he could deal with whatever came his way next.

Han Sen didn’t plan on running to the Ji family or Luo family to hide, though. He himself knew the power he possessed was likely higher than everyone in the Ji family, anyway. If he was unable to stop what was coming, the Ji family would just die along with him.

Many new demi-G.o.ds had risen over the past ten years, but Han Sen didn’t consider them fighters. There weren’t many super demi-G.o.ds in the Alliance. Aside from Gu Qingcheng and the leaders of Blood Legion, he hadn’t seen any others. And there certainly weren’t any in the Ji family.

Han Sen had a G.o.d geno core that practically made him super, so there was no point in him taking refuge in the Ji family now.

Han Sen destroyed the card and went back to helping Bao’er with her homework.

Han Sen couldn’t focus at all, though, and his mind was still occupied with guessing who the leader of the New Community might be.

The likeliest candidate, he a.s.sumed, was this person being Asura. He suddenly disappeared from the sanctuaries, and it was a well-known fact the shura couldn’t enter them. And the leader was forbidden from entering the sanctuary. He really might have been Asura.

Han Sen had another theory, too. The leader hated Han Jinzhi, and there had been an accident which prohibited a full recovery, even up to this day.

Han Sen thought the leader might have also been the G.o.d the seventh team encountered in the sanctuaries. Perhaps at that time, something happened between that figure and Han Jinzhi. That might have been the catalyst for all that came afterwards.

Han Sen thought those were the two most likely candidates, but it was all theory for now. He lacked hard evidence to back up either guess.

But even if the sky was to fall, days would still pa.s.s. Han Sen was not going to sit around waiting to die, just because someone had told him he might.

Han Sen was not like that. If he was going to die, he’d die on his own terms. Plus, he had three years until that supposed time. By then, who knew who might win?

It was now the day of Han Yan’s party, though. So, he went and took Bao’er along with them. The New Community knew he was still alive, so there was no point in hiding anymore. He went to Planet Fantis via public transportation.

Planet Fantis was a holiday resort, and the planet was choc-a-bloc full of hotels. Their party was to be held in one of the more luxurious ones.

Han Yan told Han Sen that most of her cla.s.smates were just surpa.s.sers, and there was only one cla.s.smate who was also a demi-G.o.d. His name was Zhao Mingze.

“Is he from Angel Gene?” Han Sen asked.

Han Yan nodded. “Zhao Seventh’s second son. He was. .h.i.tting on me while we were in school, but I never liked him.”

Now Han Sen understood. “You brought me here to help you keep that Zhao Mingze away from you?”

Han Yan laughed and said, “So many guys chase me, but Angel Gene is too effective in the Alliance. If I found just any guy, he’d be destroyed before the jealous wrath of Zhao Mingze. Don’t you hate the Zhao family, anyway? You aren’t afraid, are you?”

Han Sen pretended to be mad and said, “I’m not afraid of the Zhao family. And if he really is stupid enough to try something, I’ll matchmake his *ss with my foot. Even if Zhao Seventh himself was here. You don’t need to worry about anything, and just pick who you like. Aside from me and our parents, no one else has control over you or can make you do things you dislike.”

Han Yan lifted her lips. “You mean, if you and Mom don’t like my decision, then there’s nothing I can do?”

“Yes. People say you should always listen to your elders, and I must say, that makes sense.” Han Sen spoke in absolutes.

“That’s such a double-standard. You never listen to what Mom tells you.” Han Yan looked at him with disdain.

Inside an ordinary aircraft in the Alliance, Shafei watched the video.

“This guy is ignorant. He’s still in the mood to go and join his sister’s party? Fine. I will just get rid of him there. Let’s head for Planet Fantis,” Shafei commanded.