Super Gene - Chapter 1511 - Unpredictable

Chapter 1511 - Unpredictable

Chapter 1511: Unpredictable


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shafei followed through with her plan and took Tina to the hotel. But in the lobby, they were unable to see Han Sen or Han Yan.

Yi Dongmu was not fond of such events, so he had called Han Sen over to a battle room that was located in the hotel.

“Han Sen, let me see if your skills have degraded over the past ten years,” Yi Dongmu said as he stood on the battleground. He clutched a practice dagger.

Han Sen stepped onto the stage with a practice sword, and he said, “Even if I didn’t improve in the least, I certainly wouldn’t get worse.”

Yi Dongmu didn’t respond; he simply came forward to attack with his dagger.

Friends like Han Yan, Fang Yuanyuan, and Zhao Mingze were in the bleachers watching.

Hong Lianshun was excited while he watched, too. “I wonder if Senior Han or Demi-G.o.d Yi is stronger?”

Fang Yuanyuan sounded confident when he said, “Of course it will be Dongmu. Little Yan’s brother is strong, but he hasn’t fought in ten years. He must have grown rusty over the course of all that time.”

Han Yan smiled. “No matter how rusty he gets, my brother is incapable of losing.”

Zhao Mingze quickly said, “They are both legends in the Alliance. They are both so powerful, it’s impossible to determine a victor.”

While they were discussing the two combatants, the intensity of the fight flared up. Yi Dongmu’s skills were incredibly powerful, and he could most certainly one-hit-kill an opponent. Although the practice dagger wouldn’t let him kill his opponent, in Yi Dongmu’s hands, it was still really dangerous.

The audience was very close to the stage where the combatants fought, but even still, they were unable to see how Yi Dongmu attacked. Whenever he struck, it was as if his body disappeared.

Han Yan and Zhao Mingze were already demi-G.o.ds, but not even they could see where Yi Dongmu went.


Han Sen flipped his blade and thrust it backwards. Then, he heard the clang of metal, preceding the appearance of Yi Dongmu and his dagger.

A second later, Yi Dongmu disappeared again, up until Han Sen made another move. The strike bellowed another clang, and Yi Dongmu’s presence was revealed once more.

Yi Dongmu was practically invisible, like a ghost that was circling Han Sen. But despite that, Han Sen was still able to use his sword to block each attack.

“They are so good. I wonder why I cannot be strong like them?” Hong Lianshun’s eyes were wide open.

“Han Yan, your big brother is good. But my Dongmu is still better,” Fang Yuanyuan said.

“People often say a woman in love is blinded. I can see the truth to that statement,” Han Yan wittily retorted.

“Don’t you see your brother is being suppressed? He can’t fight back. He hasn’t even attacked once.” Fang Yuanyuan smiled.

Han Yan looked at Zhao Mingze and said, “I fear Yuanyuan won’t listen to me. Perhaps it would be best if you explain.”

Zhao Mingze was fixated on the fight, but when she called to him, it snapped him out of his daze. He looked strange. “My father once said there are only a handful of people he admires in the Alliance. One of these people is Han Sen. In truth, Han Sen is the one my father admires the most. His training abilities are extremely strong, or so my father said. So, I feel rather bad about this. I was hoping to fight Senior Han myself, so I could show my father. But seeing this today, I know that even with another ten years of practice, I would be unlikely to defeat him.”

Han Yan was surprised hearing this. She never thought Zhao Seventh would think of Han Sen in such a way. She couldn’t believe it and asked, “Chairman Zhao thinks that highly of my brother?”

Zhao Mingze was given a wry smile. “My father and your brother once held a grudge. My father might not know his friends or family well, but he most certainly knows about his enemies. He spends more time researching his opponents than he spends with his own family. And Senior Han is the opponent that he has researched the most. He spent a long time studying him, ignoring his family in the meantime.”

“You’ve talked a lot, but you haven’t said Senior Han is as strong as Dongmu,” Fang Yuanyuan said.

Zhao Mingze went on to say, “Demi-G.o.d Yi is strong, and his skills are very powerful. Taken at face value, you might say he is the strongest demi-G.o.d.”

“You have a lot to say about both.” Han Yan smiled.

Zhao Mingze looked at Fang Yuanyuan and said with a wry smile, “That being said, I’m not very knowledgeable about the arts of I can’t give a detailed review of his skills. But in my personal opinion, I thought were a one-hit-kill affair. Yi Dongmu has attacked at least one hundred times, and he has been unable to deal any damage to Senior Han. For someone who specializes in, that is bad.”

Zhao Mingze didn’t say it directly, but he clearly meant that if an wasn’t a single-hit kill, it was a failure.

Han Sen stood in the same place he had started, and he had yet to make a move. He used his sword to continue blocking each and every strike delivered by Yi Dongmu. Zhao Mingze was shocked, but he didn’t want to say anything ill in front of Fang Yuanyuan.

Fang Yuanyuan was in love, so it was obvious why she was so confident in Yi Dongmu’s abilities. But she wasn’t stupid, and she knew what Zhao Mingze had meant.

“Little Yan, is Senior Han really this strong? I thought he was left adrift someplace in the galaxy for ten years.” Fang Yuanyuan looked at Han Yan with confusion.

Han Yan smiled and said, “They have both suppressed their power to fight here. If this was for real, it would be difficult to tell.”

Fang Yuanyuan heard this and looked happy. Han Yan and Zhao Mingze, on the inside, were both thinking that being in love just made women dumber. Everyone knew Han Yan was merely comforting her.

“It’s no wonder that Senior Han is the pride of the Blackhark Military Academy. He is strong,” Hong Lianshun complimented.

Yi Dongmu kept on attacking, knowing he had already lost. But he kept on going, wanting to find out just how long Han Sen would last like this.

Given ten years, Yi Dongmu believed he must have caught up with Han Sen, or even surpa.s.sed him by now. But now that they were fighting, he realized that Han Sen’s power would always remain unpredictable.

As they fought, an explosion suddenly sounded from the outside. The entire battle room was shaken, and then, more explosions sounded. It was as if multiple areas of the hotel were being blown up, one after another.