Super Gene - Chapter 1508 - A Man Like God

Chapter 1508 - A Man Like God

Chapter 1508: A Man Like G.o.d


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ji Yanran took Littleflower over to see the Ji family for a while. It was safer for them to be there, too, since they had a high number of demi-G.o.ds for protection, not to mention Old Man Ji himself.

Han Sen stayed at home teaching Bao’er. She was quite smart, but she never grew. A child such as her was unable to go to kindergarten or learn anything at school, either.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Han Sen checked who it was through the security camera, and he saw that it was Blind Man. Han Sen was surprised, as Blind Man was always a mystic sort. For him to now come seeking Han Sen was strange.

Han Sen opened the door. Forsaking general niceties, Blind Man said nothing and walked inside.

“Can you talk?” Blind Man kept on walking, looking all around him.

“Yes, we can talk here in the house.” Han Sen was very calm. He wasn’t in a rush, and he knew he was close to the truth.

When they reached the living room, Han Sen asked him, “Do you want a drink?”

“I’m okay. I don’t have much time. I’ll just tell you and go.” Blind Man looked directly at Han Sen and then said, “You are in danger. Someone wants to kill you.”

“Many people want to see me dead. I’ve gotten used to it.” Han Sen shrugged.

“It’s different this time. The people who want to kill you this time can actually succeed. Not even Luo Haitang can stop them,” Blind Man said.

“Who wants to kill me?” Han Sen asked casually, not really expecting Blind Man to give him a proper answer.

Blind Man quickly replied, “The New Community.”

“You have a connection to the New Community?” Han Sen asked, his heart jumping.

Blind Man nodded. “It’s complicated. I can’t explain much about it right now. Your father told me to tell you to take your family to either the Ji family or Luo family, where they’ll be safe. If you are one day captured by the New Community, it does not matter who asks you, you only need to know that your great-grandfather Han Jinzhi was just an officer. He had nothing to do with the Han Jinzhi of the Blueblood Special Forces.”

“I want to know everything,” Han Sen said coldly.

“Everything you want to know is in here. Open it in a secure location and then destroy it. Don’t let anyone else see it; otherwise, your father will be in danger.” Blind Man pressed a card into Han Sen’s hand and then promptly left.

Blind Man was incredibly quick to make his departure. Before Han Sen could even respond, he was gone.

Han Sen closed the door behind him and retired to his room, so he could read the contents of the card. In the holographic images, Han Sen saw a familiar and strange shadow. It looked like his father, from what little he could remember.

“Little Sen, remember what I have to tell you. You are a grown man now, and I believe you will make the right decision.”

The man in the video paused, and then said, “This is a long story, so I will explain it to you as concisely as I am able to. If we both survive, and we are able to meet, then I will tell you everything.”

“My grandfather is your great-grandfather Han Jinzhi. He was known as the last Qi Gong master of the Alliance.”

Han Sen was stunned. He was used to the elders being all mystic, but now, he was being told hard facts. That almost made it more difficult to accept.

The man went on to say, “He is not the Qi Gong master from the legends, though. He does not possess special blood. He was born to an old faction that was not a Qi Gong faction. He was in a faction that was comprised of professional liars that pretended to be physiognomists.”

Han Sen was frozen hearing this. He thought the real Han Jinzhi was smart; otherwise, how had he been able to cause so much disruption and chaos?

Instead, he was just a liar. He was a professional one.

“Also, he is not your real great-grandfather. Your second uncle and auntie are not related to you by blood. When your great-grandfather was dying, he did so via a scheme he had concocted years before. He used the ident.i.ty of an officer also named Han Jinzhi. Your great-grandfather used his ident.i.ty and I used the ident.i.ty of your grandfather’s first child. The Han family sacrificed two lives for us. We owe them too much, so no matter what they do, do not hold them accountable. Aside from Han Jinzhi and your granddad, they don’t know anything. We owe them two lives.”

Han Sen’s face looked very complicated. What the man was telling him was beyond all of his expectations.

“We thought we could escape those pursuing us and live as an ordinary family, but they picked up the trail and it led them right to me. And Starry Group wanted to buy out our company, so I faked my own death. I made them think the leads were incorrect, but I made a couple of mistakes.”

The man gave a wry smile and said, “I didn’t expect my wife to be Luo Haitang’s daughter. And I never expected my son to become someone so great. When you grew up, you drew their attention again. It is fortunate you also have Luo Haitang for a grandfather. You became Ji Ruozhen’s son-in-law, also. And with your power, they are unable to figure out whether or not you are Han Jinzhi’s heir. They are afraid of alerting others, so they haven’t done anything to you yet.”

The man’s face turned dim. “Now it is different. The man has woken up. In three days, he will be wide awake. They are fearless, and in three years, they may find themselves able to bring changes to everything in the universe. You need to cherish and make the most of the next three years, preferably by taking refuge in the Ji or Luo families. But when the man has fully recovered, and he wants to kill you, no family will be able to protect you.”

Han Sen opened his mouth, wanting to ask who this man was. He wanted to know whether he was the chairman of the New Community or a member of Blood Legion.

But it was just a video, and it wouldn’t answer him. So, Han Sen only left his mouth agape, without speaking.

Still, it was like the man could pierce through Han Sen’s mind. He said, “This man is the chairman of the New Community. I was with them for many years, and aside from his strength, I do not know much of anything. All I know is that people who are strong like him, upon recovery, are the sort that not even demi-G.o.ds can stand up to.”