Super Gene - Chapter 1507 - Mystic Power Returns

Chapter 1507 - Mystic Power Returns

Chapter 1507: Mystic Power Returns


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I’m not going. I still haven’t announced the fact that I’m not dead, and I don’t want people to see me before I do,” Han Sen said after thinking for a minute.

w.a.n.g Yuhang smiled. “What is there to be afraid of? It’s been ten years. Aside from close friends, no one will really remember you. Perhaps they might remember your name as the one who was a super aristocrat, but they might have forgotten what you look like.”

“I still need to exercise caution. You should keep the fact that I’m alive a secret.” Han Sen shook his head. He wasn’t afraid of the New Community, but he was worried his return might disturb the investigation into them.

So, w.a.n.g Yuhang decided to join the gathering alone.

Because of Ling Mei’er, Han Sen had no restrictions on his comings and goings. He decided to return to the Alliance.

“Big Brother, you are back!” Just as Han Sen returned, Han Yan happily approached him and gave him a big hug.

“I haven’t seen you in a few days, yeah. Wow, you’ve grown up a lot in such a short time.” Han Sen patted her on the head, as he used to do when they were young.

“It may have been a few days for you, but it’s been ten years for me.” Han Yan gripped Han Sen’s arms as she spoke. “Big Brother, is the crystallizer’s Main Control Room that magical?”

“I wouldn’t say magical, but one day seems to have been ten years. If we had stayed there for a while longer, the era of my lifetime would have completely disappeared.” Han Sen laughed.

“It looks like you guys didn’t change one bit. For us, it was ten years. For you, it was only one day. And in that time, I’ve been able to catch up with you. Now that I am a demi-G.o.d, perhaps you’ll be unable to compete with me anymore.” Han Yan would only talk this way in front of Han Sen.

“Haha, I will forever be your big brother. Even a hundred years from now, I’ll be the elder of us two.” Han Sen smiled.

“Fine, you’re my big brother. You’re the best.” Han Yan blinked and went on to say, “Big Brother, I am going to a party with my schoolmates in a few days. Might you be able to come with me?”

“Why would you want to bring me to a party with your schoolmates?” Han Sen asked.

Han Yan shrugged and told him, “They say you need to bring your partner, but I don’t have one. I only have you.”

“I see. When is it exactly?” Han Sen asked.

“It’s night on Planet Fantis. It’s a three-hour ride there,” Han Yan said.

“Hang on.” Han Sen called Ji Ruozhen and started chatting with him.

When the conversation was over, Han Sen smiled and said, “Okay, that won’t be a problem. I can join you for your cla.s.smate’s party.”

“Then it is settled. Pinky promise me, okay? You can’t wiggle your way out of this one.” Han Yan yanked Han Sen’s hand forward and forced a pinky promise on him.

Han Sen laughed and said, “Ha, how old are you? You’re still doing things like this?”

“I’m still your little sister, no matter how old I am. Isn’t that right? And remember now, this promise is unbreakable.” Han Yan giggled to herself.

Ji Yanran and Littleflower were at home, so Han Sen spent some time playing with them. He brought out The Story of Genes, too. Han Sen was unable to practice its contents well, but the pain he was suffering every day was starting to wear him out. He wanted to find out if there was a solution for the ailment.

Han Sen was unable to get rid of the Black Crystal armor’s mystic power. Even making use of his super king spirit mode didn’t help.

Han Sen carefully examined the power, but he was unable to determine which element it was a.s.sociated with.

He had once studied the creation of hyper geno arts alongside Bai Yishan, who had a lot of knowledge regarding all sorts of different powers. But the power exuded from the armor didn’t match-up to any power he had previously studied or even glimpsed before.

Han Sen looked at the time and noticed it was almost time for the Black Armor to do its thing. So, Han Sen went to his training room and readied himself to endure the pain.

It showed up right on time, as always. The mystic power was expelled by the armor, swirling and coursing all throughout Han Sen’s body. It caused him a lot of pain.

Although Han Sen was unable to prevent this from happening, he was determined to not just sit where he was and do nothing about it. When the power was running all through him, Han Sen used a skill from The Story of Genes to aid him in controlling that power.

Perhaps his powers were too weak, or maybe the power just didn’t belong to him, but no matter what he tried, Han Sen was unable to control or even affect it in the slightest.

Following Han Sen’s vessels, the mystic power circled his body once before returning to the armor.

When the pain disappeared, Han Sen practiced in accordance with what was written in The Story of Genes. But this time, something surprised him.

His body hadn’t produced any reaction all the other times he had used The Story of Genes, but now there was a reaction of sorts. He felt all of his cells heat up, and it almost made him feel as if he was sitting in a hot spring.

This reaction was minuscule, and it barely const.i.tuted a rookie level of training. But the fact that he did have a reaction was more than enough to tell him that it was possible for humans to learn from the book.

Han Sen ran a few more cycles to confirm the reaction he was getting did indeed exist, but that was about all he could do. No matter how many more times he ran it, the reaction was of the same strength and did not increase.

Of course, Han Sen did not mind this. He persisted in casting The Story of Genes step-by-step.

As this occurred, on the roof of a building on a planet, there was a strong man with white hair sitting at the head of a meeting table. To each of his sides sat a number of humans and shuras.

If anyone saw the humans and shuras together like that, they’d be shocked. The humans were demi-G.o.ds and the shuras were fourth rank fighters.

It was quite the collection of power. The people to each of the white-haired man’s sides were all quiet, and no one dared look at his face or make contact with his eyes.

“Can someone tell me what happened? Why are Han Sen, his wife, and his son still alive? And yet, five members of the New Community remain missing?” The white-haired man looked at the humans and shuras as he addressed them, his voice grave.

No one spoke. After a while, a royal shura female to his right said, “Chairman, if you would allow it, I think I can bring Han Sen and his family here. We can get the answers straight from him.”

“That’s not very nice. We can’t even confirm if he’s Han Jinzhi’s heir or not. If he’s not, then that will have us offending the Ji family and Luo Haitang,” said a human male on the left side.

“Does it matter whether he is or isn’t? The chairman has already woken up. Should he care about the Ji family or Luo Haitang?” the shura woman spoke with disdain.

“Shafei, I will leave this to you. I want answers, so you better not disappoint me,” the white-haired man said.

“Yes, Chairman. I won’t disappoint you.” The shura woman then stood up and bowed.