Super Gene - Chapter 1500 - Main Control Room

Chapter 1500 - Main Control Room

Chapter 1500: Main Control Room


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Luckily, the beetle had a galactic map of its own. It was better than the ones the Alliance had, and with it, Ji Yanran was able to determine their location. They were in the Barrens, a place the Alliance had name Plato.

It wasn’t a long journey to return to the bubble of s.p.a.ce humans occupied, and with the speed of the beetle, they estimated that the journey would only take half a day.

Han Sen relaxed. He looked at Ji Yanran as she drove the beetle and asked her, “What is the New Community? Have you heard about them before?”

Ji Yanran shook her head. “No. But if they managed to summon five human demi-G.o.ds, they couldn’t be just some faceless, nameless organization. Father must know something about them. We should ask him.”

The black beetle flew through the Barrens with ease. It was a place not occupied by humans, and they saw nothing as they went.

Han Sen put the beetle on autopilot, and it gave him, Ji Yanran, Bao’er, and Littleflower the opportunity to play together. Their trip was not boring.

The beetle had been flying for about an hour, and as Han Sen was playing with Littleflower, he suddenly heard a message coming from the AI.

“Main Control Room discovered. Should we land?”

“What Main Control Room?” Han Sen looked at the black beetle’s display with shock. To the left of the beetle was a large planet, one that looked to have been created from diamond. The planet was moving fast, faster than the Alliance’s greatest s.h.i.+ps.

“Is that a crystallizer planet?” Han Sen was shocked. He looked at the map, but the charts gave no indication of a diamond planet residing where they currently were.

That meant the planet did not belong there, and yet for some reason, there it was.

“That looks like it.” Ji Yanran was the captain of a crystallizer research team, so she knew quite a lot about this stuff.

“Should we land?” The black beetle’s AI repeated the message.

“Is it dangerous?” Han Sen asked.

“The Main Control Room is devoid of lifeforms. The risk is minimal,” the beetle answered.

Ji Yanran and Han Sen had a discussion about this, as the discovery of new crystallizer relics was a rare opportunity. Since there wasn’t supposed to be any risk, though, they decided they should go just in case they could discover new technology.

And since the diamond planet was moving so fast, this could be their only chance to explore this place.

Han Sen commanded the beetle to land. It didn’t do it immediately, and it seemed to fire a signal at the planet first. Only after the signal was sent did they begin approaching.

“A connection to the Main Control Room has been established. We will begin docking procedures now.”

The beetle flew down towards the planet. The planet opened up as they approached, as if it were one large docking station itself, and the beetle itself went straight inside.

“Is this really not dangerous?” Han Sen asked.

The beetle answered, “The Main Control Room is running automatically. There are no lifeforces there; provided no rules are violated, the risk is and will remain minimal for you.”

“And what are the rules of the Main Control Room?” Han Sen asked.

The beetle’s monitors displayed a variety of information that had been translated into the language of the Alliance. Han Sen was able to see it all.

They carefully read the safety rules before they instructed the beetle to proceed.

The entire planet was some sort of big crystal tool. It was far more advanced than anything the Alliance had. Star-cla.s.s battles.h.i.+ps were like toys before something like this.

Han Sen and Ji Yanran were in shock, sitting in the beetle as they were brought in to see the entirety of the Main Control Room.

There they could see the operations of the tools of the Main Control Room. The rules dictated that they were not allowed to touch them. If they did, they’d suffer punishment.

Although Han Sen was a demi-G.o.d, he still remained careful around all the crystallizer things. Crystallizers were once the most advanced civilization, and they had left behind a lot of technology neither the humans nor shura had yet come to understand.

“We have reached the lounge. Would you like to enter?” The beetle asked as they reached a crystallizer door.

“Let’s go in.” Han Sen was tired of seeing those tools at work. He wasn’t a scientist or engineer, and just watching them bored him.

Han Sen was very curious to check out a crystallizer lounge, as this was where they’d come to rest and relax. He was keen to find out how they entertained themselves.

The beetle opened the door and landed on the ground.

Han Sen discovered himself in a plaza with a large number of statues, fountains, and benches. These, however, seemed to have been made of crystal. The strangest thing about what they were seeing, though, was that the statues seemed to depict figures that looked an awful lot like humans.

“Weird. When the crystallizers existed, there weren’t any humans around, were there? So why are there statues of humans?” Ji Yanran stood before the statue, with a look of grand curiosity.

“Maybe it’s because there were creatures that looked like humans in the past, like the shura,” Han Sen suggested.

They jumped out of the beetle, and Bao’er leaped directly onto a bench. The bench that seemed to have been made of crystal was actually plush, and Bao’er jumped up and down on it like a trampoline.

Because it was a lounge, there were no rules for them to follow there. Han Sen wasn’t worried about Bao’er triggering something, so he left her to play while he walked around with Ji Yanran.

There were so many things Han Sen didn’t understand or know about, and anything he didn’t, he could ask the beetle. The beetle would scan the item in response to his query and give him the answers he sought.

Han Sen found it more and more strange. The furniture and decorations looked very human-like. He wondered why the lounge looked the way it did.

“Maybe the crystallizers looked like humans?” Han Sen guessed.

“With this layout, you could be right. If this is true, it would be a most shocking revelation. The Alliance has researched the crystallizers for the longest time, but we have yet to learn what they might have looked like. It is a common belief that the crystallizers had bodies made from crystal. If they actually looked just like humans, that would be amazing.” Ji Yanran was beginning to sound very excited.

The two of them continued looking around as they spoke, but all of a sudden, something snagged Han Sen’s attention. On a chair, there was a book that seemed to have been composed of paper. And surprisingly, Han Sen was able to read the text on it. It was in a written language of ancient humans.