Super Gene - Chapter 1499 - Kill

Chapter 1499 - Kill

Chapter 1499: Kill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s eyes were filled with murder, and he threw a punch towards Naga. His powerful fist did not look special, at all. But the power he had gathered up in that one thrown fist was enough to sunder an alloy battles.h.i.+p.

A fight seemed unavoidable, so Han Sen thought he should be the one to get the first punch in.

Naga coldly laughed and threw a punch back towards Han Sen, not wanting to retreat.


Both fists collided, and although neither of them had exhausted the full extent of their powers, the shockwave was enough to blow up the alloy wall in the room.

Han Sen did not move. Ji Yanran stood behind Han Sen unaffected, clutching Littleflower.

Naga’s body stumbled backwards a fair bit, which resulted in him tumbling into an alloy wall and bringing it down on himself.

“Han Sen’s demi-G.o.d name is real. His fitness is like a gemstone demi-G.o.d!” Naga stood up from the metallic debris with blood smeared across his face.

The four demi-G.o.d humans and shura swiftly approached and surrounded Han Sen.

Naga wiped his lips and said, “Because you are too strong, if you lose control, it will bring nothing but harm to the universe. It is our responsibility to avoid this by erasing you.”

Han Sen looked at him and laughed coldly. “Who are you to judge if I am harmful to the rest of existence. Do you think you are G.o.d?”

“We aren’t G.o.ds. We are merely those tasked with protecting this world.” Naga’s face hadn’t changed at all. The power in his body suddenly exploded. His body began to change, and the beautiful face of a royal shura was chased away by a horrid replacement.

After he used Shura Change, Naga stepped forward to Han Sen and said, “I will give you one more chance. If you join us and prove the goodness of your heart, we will let you live.”

“This is the biggest joke I have ever heard and seen. I don’t need to prove to anyone whether I’m good or bad.” Han Sen’s eyed raged with fire as they peered back at Naga. “But I have decided that for this day, I’ll take a trip to the dark side.”

“That is a shame. I guess I will have to proceed with erasing you,” Naga said, then threw a punch towards Han Sen. With the Shura Change, and him being a four-ranked fighter, it was plain to see how tremendously powerful he was.

The other four elites unleashed their own power, too. Humans summoned their demi-G.o.d geno cores while the shura employed their Shura Change abilities. Their powers were very strong, easily putting them at a sacred-blood level of strength.

While sacred-blood level enemies might have been fierce opposition to others, it was nothing to Han Sen.

Han Sen opened his ruby wings, covering his body in red light. With that strong red light, Han Sen simply used his hands like swords. He threw one at Naga’s incoming fist.

Naga’s fist, and his arm as well, was entirely lopped off. He realized something was wrong before their forces collided, though, and so he was fortunate enough to take a minor step away. If he hadn’t, his entire body would have been cut in half.

Without pausing, Han Sen flapped his wings and teleported four times. Four red light sweeps accompanied each move, quickly bringing an end to four of the demi-G.o.ds and shuras. They hadn’t even been given the opportunity to fight.

“Impossible! How can you possess such power? You have only just become a demi-G.o.d! Even if you maxed out your super geno points, you could not reach super…” Naga held the shoulder that was squirting blood. With wide open eyes, he looked at the bodies and blood all around him.

Ji Yanran was still behind Han Sen, covering Littleflower’s eyes. She didn’t want her baby to see blood so soon in his life.

“Who is your master? Who asked you to kill me?” Han Sen looked at Naga directly.

No nameless faction could rally so many demi-G.o.ds. It had to be something rather big.

Naga laughed, shook his head, and said, “If you had entered the New Community, you would have been allowed to see who the leader was. From the way you ask, it doesn’t seem as if you’d believe me even if I told you. I might not be able to kill you this time, but next time I surely will. You are getting stronger, and that only equals more harm to the universe. I won’t allow you to exist much longer.”

“Who said you’d be given another chance? You’re dead,” Han Sen said quietly.

Naga was not afraid. His shoulder continued to bleed, and his face was turning pale, but he still managed to raise a smile. “You won’t kill me. We miscalculated because we were unaware you had achieved the strength of a super cla.s.s, so it was our mistake that we did not bring along with us. Remember, you are not alone. You might be able to survive, but your wife and son won’t. I set up a dead man’s trigger; if I die, then the s.h.i.+p will self-destruct. Can your wife and son survive in deep s.p.a.ce until you find another planet?”

Naga cackled loudly. “So, you can’t kill me. Next time, I won’t make the same mistake. Even if you are super cla.s.s, the New Community will destroy you.”

“Are you done yet? It’s time to go,” Han Sen said. He threw a punch at Naga.

Naga was unable to resist. He fell back screaming, “You can’t kill me! Everything I said is true. If you kill me, your wife and son will die, as well.”


Han Sen didn’t say a word. His hand simply moved to strike Naga’s head, and the red light severed it from the neck. The bloodied head rolled away, its eyes full of shock. Naga clearly hadn’t expected Han Sen to kill him like that.


Naga hadn’t been lying. When he died, the self-destruct system activated. The s.h.i.+p was starting to blow up.

Han Sen’s hand flashed as he summoned the black beetle. He said, “Ji Yanran, you drive.”

Ji Yanran put Littleflower inside the black beetle, but Han Sen did not go in just yet. He jumped on top of the beetle and punched upwards, and the red light cleaved a hole through the ceiling. It went up a thousand meters, forming a route outside the s.h.i.+p.

Ji Yanran drove the beetle out, just as the star-cla.s.s s.h.i.+p blew up with an explosion that was brighter than the sun.

Han Sen worried the beetle might get damaged, so he summoned his arm s.h.i.+eld to block the shockwave. The gold-patterned s.h.i.+eld was so powerful, and the explosion of the star-cla.s.s s.h.i.+p did not hurt it.

Unfortunately, they were lost. While they were on the battles.h.i.+p, they had flown into the borderlands. There was no signal, and Han Sen had no clue where they were.