Super Gene - Chapter 1501 - The Story of Genes

Chapter 1501 - The Story of Genes

Chapter 1501: The Story of Genes


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Crystallizers wrote in a human language?” Han Sen was very surprised.

This seemed to be an impossible scenario. When the first crystallizer ruins were discovered, humans found that the crystallizers used strange symbols for text. Human text a.s.sociated with a crystallizer ruin had never been witnessed before. Han Sen could read the human text of this book, and he could immediately see that it was t.i.tled The Story of Genes.

Han Sen examined the book more closely to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. After a minute, he picked the book up and started to read it. It had indeed been inked in an ancient human text.

“Have other humans already been here?” Ji Yanran asked.

Han Sen, with a wry smile, said, “I’m not sure, but if they have been, it’s still all too strange.”

“What does it say in there?” Ji Yanran had not researched and learned ancient texts, so she couldn’t read the writing.

Han Sen flipped the book open and his face looked strange as he peered into it. He said, “This seems like a method to practice a Qi Gong, but at the same time, it’s not. Hmm, this is weird.”

“Is it a way for the crystallizers themselves to practice?” Ji Yanran asked, exhibiting shock.

“It could be a method of practice for the crystallizers, but considering how it describes the body, it seems to be referring to the human body,” Han Sen said.

“That means some humans might have come this way, and perhaps even lived here for a time. They might have left the book behind.” Ji Yanran offered her current theory.

Han Sen shook his head. “Although it may appear like a human Qi Gong, and I can read the contents, it’s strange enough to also not be a Qi Gong. I don’t think humans can practice this way.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Yanran looked confused, unsure of what Han Sen meant.

Han Sen composed his thoughts before returning to speak. “I don’t really get it. It’s like humans are unable to breathe in water, but practicing the Qi Gong a.s.sumes they can do just that. So, being able to breathe underwater is a fundamental skill for practicing this. There are many methods in the book that are like this; ones that humans cannot do. Even I, as a demi-G.o.d, could not do all this. I suspect only G.o.ds can.”

They researched the book for a while, but ultimately, they could not learn anything. Han Sen asked the beetle if he could take the book with him, and he was allowed. So, he grabbed the book with the plan of researching it in greater depths further down the line.

Han Sen took a few more crystallizer items from the lounge, and then he brought Littleflower and Bao’er back on board the beetle. They pushed forward to explore other areas.

The crystallizers possessed many things that humans did not understand. Han Sen and Ji Yanran were only able to understand whatever the beetle told them. It was very shocking that a planet like this had been artificially created.

The Main Control Room was a dozen times larger than Planet Roca, where Han Sen lived. And what’s more, this was just a control room of sorts. It was much better than any human battles.h.i.+p.

But if this really was a control room, what did it control? Usually, a control room was attached to a building or mechanical construct to serve a purpose.

Han Sen asked the beetle about this, but he was told that it lacked the knowledge to answer that question.

Within twenty-four hours, Han Sen was able to see everything the Main Control Room had to offer. Aside from the lounge, he hadn’t been able to touch anything, and once they were done, Ji Yanran and Han Sen didn’t think there was any reason to stay any longer. Plus, the control room was moving away from the Alliance too fast. Getting home would take longer, so they asked the beetle to leave now.

When the beetle began to leave, Han Sen noticed they were still in the same system. Since they had entered, it seemed as if they had not moved.

But when they left the control room, the diamond-looking planet began to move fast again. Within a second, it had disappeared out of sight.

“What race were the crystallizers most similar to? This is weird.” Ji Yanran looked at where the Main Control Room had disappeared to.

“Who knows? It has nothing to do with us, anyway.” Han Sen shrugged his shoulders. While he was curious, he didn’t exactly want to find out.

Han Sen could not even figure out the enigmatic business concerning his own family. He wasn’t in the mood to work on the mysteries of this civilization.

Han Sen was interested in The Story of Genes, though. He didn’t know if the book belonged to a human or a crystallizer.

The methods of practicing were really strange, and they seemed impossible to learn.

It was as if a fish needed to swim in water but was expected to fly in the sky. The requirements were too much for humans themselves to learn.

“Might this be some sort of prank, instead?” Han Sen wondered.

After half a day, through navigation via the galactic map, they were able to leave the Barrens. After leaving the Barrens, Han Sen saw a medium-sized cargo s.h.i.+p that belonged to the Alliance.

Han Sen didn’t want to drive the black beetle all the way back, so he contacted the driver of the s.h.i.+p hoping to get a free ride.

“Dude, your s.h.i.+p is cool. I thought it was some deep-s.p.a.ce monster.” On-screen, a young man was chewing gum and jamming to music. He looked quite happy.

“This is a home-made s.h.i.+p. I know it looks a little strange and a little lame.” Han Sen laughed and then went on to say, “Our s.h.i.+p has a bit of a problem. Would it be okay if we hitch a ride to a human planet? We can pay.”

“You don’t need to pay, but we are currently on our way to Mirror Planet. We won’t be stopping, but if that’s okay, hop on,” the man told them in a friendly manner.

“Thanks, that’d be fine,” Han Sen agreed.

The young man opened the docking bay for Ji Yanran to drive the beetle inside.

When they exited the s.h.i.+p, the young man was already waiting outside for them, touching the beetle. He said, “Dude, your s.h.i.+p is too cool. Where did you get it from? The sh.e.l.l looks to have been made from a high-cla.s.s alloy.”

“It’s homemade. We have our own aircraft store,” Han Sen laughed.

“This is too cool!” the young man complimented them again.

“What is your name, friend?” Han Sen asked.

“You guys can call me Sieg. Right, I have cargo I need to deliver to Mirror Planet before the twenty-fifth. We’re in a rush, so we can’t make a stop at the nearest planet. Are you okay with that?” the young man said.

“We aren’t in a rush, so let’s go to Mirror Planet.” Han Sen nodded.

Ji Yanran held Littleflower. She looked confused as she examined the interior of the cargo bay. And then she asked, “Sieg, your s.h.i.+p looks like a Gold Bull from the Starry Group. But it doesn’t look quite right. Is this the latest model, by any chance?”

“This is a Platinum Bull. It was a product that they released six years ago. The Gold Bull is no longer being manufactured.” Sieg looked at Ji Yanran with some confusion.

Ji Yanran was frozen. She sold s.h.i.+ps, and she knew Gold Bull was the latest model. It seemed impossible for them to have stopped being manufactured already.