Super Gene - Chapter 1489 - Chaos Inside Elysium

Chapter 1489 - Chaos Inside Elysium

Chapter 1489: Chaos Inside Elysium


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I told you to move! Did you not hear me?” Gu Qingcheng’s face darkened.

The Elysium wore cloaks that obscured their faces. They lowered their heads and did not vocally object to her repeated command, but still, they did not move. Standing where they were, they were blocking Han Sen’s exit.

“It looks like the politics of Elysium Shelter are quite complex. Gu Qingcheng is not one-hundred percent in charge. And because Elysian Moon isn’t all that popular, my hostage isn’t invaluable,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“Gu Qingcheng, you are the master of the shelter! You should think about the Elysium. If the human can simply walk out so boldly, how can we expect to survive and maintain our strength in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary?” A voice echoed across the shelter, and the spirits then divided their ranks to form a path.

A spirit with a grey cloak and a black staff was approaching. When the spirits saw him, they bowed and exclaimed, “The Big Priest!”

“Why is there another big priest here? How many priests do they have?” Han Sen looked at him and frowned. Strangely, Han Sen could not detect a lifeforce from him. It was as if he was inspecting a dead man walking.

Gu Qingcheng, seeing the spirit, frowned and said, “Priest, this is my business! I don’t need your lectures.”

The priest laughed quietly. “I, Ghost Holy, followed Elysium King in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary for an untold number of years. We engaged in many battles and became the priests that nurtured many holy children. Elysium is my life, and nothing is more important to me than upholding all this. Even if you are the leader of the shelter, if you ever tried to do something to embarra.s.s me, I would forbid it.”

“Then what must be done to avoid this embarra.s.sment?” Gu Qingcheng said, looking at Ghost Holy.

“Elysium will not be threatened by humans. We must kill all who try,” the Big Priest said.

“You would really prefer Elysian Moon to perish?” Gu Qingcheng looked at him with disdain.

The priest was fearless in his response. “Every holy child of Elysium must attain further glory for us. If they fail, even they cannot be allowed to embarra.s.s us any further. If they cannot be saved, dying for the betterment of Elysium is the most glorious thing they can attain.”

“What if I have to let him go?” Gu Qingcheng looked at the priest implacably.

“You want to let him leave? Over my dead body,” the priest said with a modic.u.m of cruelty.

Gu Qingcheng looked at Ghost Holy before addressing Han Sen again. “Leave now, and I will see to those who might dare stop you.”

Han Sen knew this would be his last chance for freedom. Elysian Moon, being a hostage, only seemed to affect Gu Qingcheng. He listened to what she told him and proceeded on towards the gate.

But the spirits at the gate did not part for him, and Han Sen realized they were most likely going to side with the priest. Han Sen was going to walk right in front of them. If the crowds did not part for him, he’d have no choice but to swing his sword.

But before he did, another powerful sword cleaved through the to form a way for Han Sen. Many of the Elysium spirits were instantly annihilated.

Han Sen was shocked by the sudden spectacle. He turned around and saw Gu Qingcheng’s hand grasping a green sword with the delicateness of a fairy. The strike had come from her.

“Gu Qingcheng, do you dare to kill those of Elysium? Do you truly think we fear you?” The priest was enraged by her actions. He brought his staff down on the ground as the Elysium-borne powers began to rise.

“You guys were afraid of me for two years. Isn’t this rebellion a little late?” Gu Qingcheng said icily.

“Fine, Gu Qingcheng. I will let you witness the true power of Elysium. Kill the humans! None will be leaving Elysium Shelter today!” The priest raised his staff as the entire shelter was consumed by a void of nothingness.

Han Sen understood now that it was the priest who controlled the spirits, truthfully. The spirit stone inside the spirit hall’s statue had to be his, no doubt.

When the order was received, the eyes of all the spirits became frightening. Their bodies all turned gray, as if they were h.e.l.l-raised minions.

The Elysium did not have an elder, but there were many king-cla.s.s spirits amongst the horde. Twenty of them had super geno cores, while the rest had gemstone geno cores.

The power they unleashed was wretchedly powerful, and it even made Han Sen a little nervous. Fighting individual king spirits wouldn’t be difficult for Han Sen now that he had his b.u.t.terfly geno core. But their numbers were so grand, getting out would still prove a major problem.

Han Sen put away his useless umbrella. He summoned his Bulwark Umbrella instead, determined to use that alongside Taia. He was ready to fight. Han Sen watched another strike come from Gu Qingcheng’s direction. It was so bright, and it slammed right into the gate.

The gate had been hewn open in two, kicking up a murky haze from the debris. The way outside was now clear.

“Get out of here!” Gu Qingcheng shouted.

She didn’t say his name, but Han Sen knew she was speaking to him. His b.u.t.terfly wings glowed red as he started flying out of the shelter through the curtain of fog.

“Gu Qingcheng, how dare you!” The priest was further enraged. His body exuded a horrible aura, and he swung his staff towards Gu Qingcheng.

Some of the king spirits took off after Han Sen, following him out of the shelter.

Han Sen did not stop, and with his b.u.t.terfly wings, he employed the grace of his phoenix techniques. But the king spirits were incredibly fast, and his evasive maneuvers weren’t losing them.

Elysium Shelter was shaking with thunderously loud noises, as if the entire place was falling to pieces. Most of the Elysium, and the priest, had been locked inside the shelter.

“She is so strong! Who is she? Is she really a human?” Han Sen was shocked by it all. He did not think a member of Blood Legion could be that strong, either.

Han Sen didn’t have time to think about such things, though. Right now, he was flying fast. He rushed forward, determined to return to the Underworld.

Gu Qingcheng had appeared before him in the Underworld before. She was not of the Elysium, and so it was highly likely those who were would have to abide by the Hundred Tribe Deal. If they did not follow the rules and break off when Han Sen entered the Underworld, Dark Spirit would have no choice but to teach them a lesson.

There were six spirits coming after Han Sen, all king spirits wielding super geno cores.