Super Gene - Chapter 1488 - The Power of the Butterfly Geno Core

Chapter 1488 - The Power of the Butterfly Geno Core

Chapter 1488: The Power of the b.u.t.terfly Geno Core


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ignoring the angry crowd of Elysium spirits, Han Sen drew Taia and swung it at the Elysian Umbrella.

“Stop!” Gu Qingcheng shouted. It was not loud, but it quelled the roaring of the spirits. The area around the Geno Core Storage platform went quiet.

Han Sen stopped Taia mid-swing.

“Leave the umbrella and release the holy child. Do that, and I will let you live.” Gu Qingcheng looked at Han Sen and spoke slowly.

“My life is my own. I don’t need your protection. If you want my life, then come,” Han Sen said, then stepped outside the Geno Core Storage.

The Elysium wished to stop him, and without saying a word, Han Sen lifted his sword over the umbrella again.

“Back off!” Gu Qingcheng shouted at the spirits. Then she said to Han Sen, “Do you really think you can escape Elysium Shelter?”

“I would like to. But if I can’t, the holy child dies with me.” Han Sen looked fearless, and he continued to walk with the umbrella and his sword drawn.

The Elysium bosses didn’t want to leave him be, and they stared at Han Sen with anger. Han Sen continued walking forward, heading towards them.

“Step aside; let him through,” Gu Qingcheng said shortly.

“Master, the umbrella feels like the holy child’s umbrella. But it doesn’t look like it. Perhaps this is all a trick of some sort?” suggested an Elysium boss.

“Yeah, even if that was the real thing, no human can destroy that umbrella. We can’t let him go!” another boss stated.

All the Elysium began to shout again, deploring the idea of letting him go.

Han Sen was shocked. “At least Elysian wasn’t lying when she said that she had an enemy in Elysium Shelter. It doesn’t seem as if these spirits like her very much. She’s definitely not the most reliable hostage to have.”

Gu Qingcheng said quietly, “Why doesn’t one of you become master of the shelter and replace me?”

“No, we wouldn’t dare!” The Elysium spirits were all in shock, and they responded as quickly as they could. They obviously feared her.

“Then what are all doing there?” Gu Qingcheng’s expression looked grim as she glanced at the spirits blocking Han Sen’s way.

The Elysium parted to form a path, prompting Han Sen to sigh in relief. While he could now proceed, he still kept his guard up. He maintained his grip on the umbrella and his sword.

Under the gaze of all those Elysium, Han Sen slowly walked away from the Geno Core Storage. When he took another step, a creature suddenly appeared near him. It was a white snake, and it came lunging towards Han Sen with a snapping maw.

The Elysium were delighted at the sight. The creature, while it was motionless, had the ability to become entirely invisible. That invisibility would disappear as soon as the creature moved. So, it had waited until Han Sen came within range before trying to bite him.

Han Sen’s body flashed red as ruby b.u.t.terfly wings appeared on his back. His Taia gleamed crimson like a laser beam, and with the greatest of ease, he sliced the monster’s head off. Its blood squirted through the air like a shower of flower petals.

The Elysium spirits had been stepping up to support the creature, but they were shocked into motionlessness again. They stopped their advance, not expecting Han Sen to possess such power.

The beast was a super creature. Its body might not have had the highest fort.i.tude, but it would require the strength of something super-cla.s.s to triumph over it. The fact that Han Sen had just cut its head off with such ease was a revelation of his true power.

“Super Creature Alien Beast killed. Beast soul gained. Geno Core un.o.btained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence.”

Han Sen was so happy. The b.u.t.terfly geno core was far stronger than he imagined it to be. The red light was able to kill super creatures, and while the super creature’s defense was fairly weak, the result was still surprising.

And after that swift kill, the last thing Han Sen expected to receive was a super beast soul.

“You obtained the G.o.d geno core?” Gu Qingcheng snapped out of her daze and finally asked Han Sen the question.

After Gu Qingcheng said that, the rest of Elysium awoke from their shock, too. Han Sen had been very weak when he first came there, and now, he had suddenly become very strong. The reason he had so much power must be because he obtained the G.o.d geno core in the G.o.d Battleground.

But even so, they found it a struggle to believe such a thing. There were so many elites there, and Elysian Moon had gone there on the heels of intense preparation. How a human had managed to beat such odds was incomprehensible.

“I do want to try out the extent of the G.o.d geno core’s power. I wonder if this thing can actually allow me to break the umbrella.” Han Sen walked over to the headless corpse of the fallen Alien Beast and collected its Life Geno Essence.

Han Sen continued walking. The Elysium spirits watched him with conflicted expressions. They wished to stop Han Sen from leaving and attack him, but they found themselves too afraid to do so.

They didn’t stop Han Sen leaving, but they did not move from their positions. The Elysium all just stared at Han Sen, looking as if they were ready to fight.

After Han Sen exited the Geno Core Storage, the spirits and creatures had begun to slowly surround Han Sen from all sides. If they found the opening they wished to find, they’d tear him to shreds.

Han Sen continued to move forward, watching the subtle movements of each being there in his mind’s eye. If any of them moved his way, Han Sen was ready to react.

The way Han Sen walked kept them from finding an opportunity to attack, though. But there were too many of them, and Han Sen couldn’t keep track of them all. Whether they attacked ultimately depended on their collective bravery.

Fortunately, Gu Qingcheng was still in command. With her there, the spirits were unlikely to disobey her order to leave Han Sen untouched.

But when Han Sen had reached the shelter’s door, the spirits decided not to let him go any further. They a.s.sembled at the door, barring his way.

“Master, you can’t let him go! If he leaves, it would be profoundly embarra.s.sing. And I think the holy child will die. He won’t let her go, even after he leaves. If he is kept here, perhaps she will stand a chance,” an Elysium spirit said angrily.

The other spirits were in agreement. They did not want Han Sen to depart, either.