Super Gene - Chapter 1490 - Entering the Underworld Again

Chapter 1490 - Entering the Underworld Again

Chapter 1490: Entering the Underworld Again


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

All the pursuing spirits were from Elysium, and while they were all around the same power level, their geno cores were very different. Two of the king spirits were using swords. One used a feather, one wielded a knife, and another used a copper cauldron. Han Sen couldn’t see what the sixth spirit was using. He simply waved his hand beneath a cloak, which dropped a thick mist across a dozen miles of landscape. It consumed everything, including Han Sen.

The radius of that fog was too wide for Han Sen to escape. While he was inside, his Dongxuan Aura was also suppressed and dampened by the mist. This made him feel uneasy.

Hallucinations could not confuse Han Sen, but this mist carried a phantom pressure with it. It weighed on Han Sen and slowed him down.

The six king spirits, each with their horrible weapons, all managed to catch up due to this.

The fight was going poorly for Han Sen. It was fortunate he had the powers of his G.o.d geno core and a number of airborne talents for maneuvering. He also had the Dongxuan Sutra and phoenix techniques.

Han Sen was only just managing to hold his own. He kept getting beaten back, and he began to collect injuries. Luckily, all his weak spots were okay, so he wasn’t in any danger of dying just yet.

But after a long time of such fighting, death would be inevitable if things did not change. Han Sen decided to use super king spirit mode to see if he could do something about the mist, but just as he was about to, he heard a familiar voice.


Han Sen turned around. The mist was too thick, and all he could make out was the sight of something small approaching. He eventually saw a beautiful little girl crawling through the fog like a rocket.

“Bao’er!” Han Sen was both surprised and delighted. He had no clue why she was there, and neither did he have any idea how she’d found him.

“Dad, I missed you.” Bao’er looked happy now, and she leaped back into Han Sen’s arms.

Han Sen caught her, but this act distracted him from the battle. And with that opening, a king spirit was able to deliver a firm slash against his back. His blood sprayed through the cleft in his armor.

Han Sen resumed the fight, all the while trying to escape. Bao’er looked incredibly angry. She raised her pudgy arms and summoned her gourd. Then, she pointed it at the mist that was veiling all.

The mist was then sucked away, like water that had been drained. It all vanished into Bao’er’s gourd without issue.

“Blergh!” The king spirit that had unleashed that mist spilled out some blood. The other king spirits were angered by this, and their furor only heightened. They raged at Han Sen with greater ferocity.

But Han Sen was happy. He felt the burden of the fog lift, enabling him to flap his wings and soar into the open sky. He could not lose the hounding of the king spirits, but at least they couldn’t catch up to him.

“Bao’er, you are a good daughter to have,” Han Sen complimented her as he flew.

Bao’er c.o.c.kily responded, “Bao’er is Dad’s best baby.”

The Elysium spirits, unable to catch up with Han Sen, tried to use their swords to stop him.

But Han Sen’s movement was better than the king spirits, and everything they tried to do missed. They couldn’t slow him down, not even for a second. The slashes ended up wreaking havoc on the ground below, as if it was the end of the world.

Han Sen ignored them, though, and he just kept up his escape. He’d earn no benefit from battling them, and with the risk involved in fighting them being as large as it was, Han Sen didn’t fancy doing so.

The king spirits really wanted Han Sen dead, though; they weren’t keen on the prospect of giving up the chase. They chased Han Sen for a few days, until he was able to reach the Underworld and fly through the tunnels and caves of the place.

The king spirits stopped at the entrance of the Underworld. They were clearly afraid of something, and they weren’t going to follow him any longer.

“It looks like this place belongs entirely to Dark Spirit. Should we continue our pursuit?” one of the king spirits asked, frowning.

The other king spirits hesitated, but one said boldly, “Of course! He is not of Dark Spirit, so what is there for us to be afraid of? We can’t let him escape. And if we fail to kill him, what can we tell the priest?”

After that, the king spirit entered. Clenching their jaws, the others followed him.

When Han Sen saw the Elysium king spirits following, he was delighted. The landscape of the Underworld was complicated. It was perfect for him to make the most of Heavenly Go and the Dongxuan Sutra.

If he used the terrain to his advantage, it might even be possible for him to kill them there. But Han Sen, after thinking about it some more, decided not to attempt to kill them immediately. He was going to go to the place where the sh.e.l.l king had died.

He remembered the hordes of scary creatures that had gathered there. So, there was still a chance he could use them to aid in the fight against the king spirits. If he was lucky, he could end up hitting two birds with one stone.

Han Sen traveled for a while, but he didn’t see any creatures. There were no super creatures, or creatures of lower either.

“That’s weird. Where did they all go?” Han Sen ran towards the fallen sh.e.l.l king, but there was no sign of a creature there.

Han Sen flew past the sh.e.l.l, planning to proceed onwards to Dark Spirit Shelter. If Dark Spirit discovered they had been invaded by Elysium spirits, Han Sen could pretend to be Ling Mei’er’s subordinate. If he pulled that off, it’d not fare well for the spirits that chased him.

When Han Sen flew over the sh.e.l.l and glanced down into the big hole at its top, his heart jumped. A dark purple pincer flashed from the hole like an excavator. The teeth-laden pincer almost nicked Han Sen.

Han Sen looked inside the hole where the pincer had come from, and he could see more. A dark purple crab was crawling up into the light.

Han Sen did not know since when the sh.e.l.l king’s body had been claimed by the crab.

But the crab, after coming out of the sh.e.l.l, immediately encountered the king spirits that were still in pursuit. The pincers moved so fast it looked like they were teleporting, and the crab tried to grab two of the king spirits.

The spirits had not expected something so big to be lying in wait beneath them. When they noticed the pincers coming towards them, they had to use their swords to block.


The super geno core weapons, fueled with Elysium power, came cras.h.i.+ng down on the pincer. But the strikes did not even leave a mark; they only succeeded in making the creature even angrier. The eyes of the crab gleamed with a purple color and obvious bloodl.u.s.t. Next, the crab gathered itself, then hurled its entire body forward. The pincers were going for the king spirits at a blisteringly quick speed.