Super Gene - Chapter 1487 - Back to Elysium

Chapter 1487 - Back to Elysium

Chapter 1487: Back to Elysium


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zhou Donglai really was waiting for him, right outside the Geno Core Tablet. He was waiting for Elysian Moon to come out.

He had realized that she had tricked him, and so he wanted to grab hold of her and ask her questions whenever she decided to emerge. But then, all of a sudden, the tablet began to s.h.i.+ne.

It wasn’t Elysian Moon that appeared. Instead, it was a number of strong spirits and creatures. Zhuo Donglai’s face changed, and he immediately turned around and tried to flee.

The creatures took off after him. As they were following, they shouted out, “Are you Zhuo Donglai?”

“Did that b*tch Elysian Moon call on all those foul beings to kill me?! D*mn it!” Zhuo Donglai was both scared and angry. He thought Elysian Moon had sent them to dispose of him, so he just kept on running, refusing to respond.

“Why are you running?! I asked if you are Zhuo Donglai!” one of the spirits behind shouted again.

“I am not Zhuo Donglai! You fellows made a mistake,” Zhuo Donglai shouted in response, not slowing down his feet the slightest. He was so old, he did not care about his name or reputation anymore. At that age, he only cared about survival.

“How can you not be Zhuo Donglai? You look just like the description Sky Sword gave us. You must be him!” The spirit on his heels did not believe Zhuo Donglai’s dismissal, and kept pursuing him.

“Sky B*tch! The spirit must be referring to Elysian Moon. I hope she knows how cheap she is,” he thought to himself. Then, still at top speed, shouted, “I really am not Zhuo Donglai! And I don’t know Sky Sword; neither her brother Earth Sword! You guys must be mistaken, I swear!”

“I know I’m not wrong. You have to be the one. Sky Sword told us to look for someone who was old, ugly, and had the beard of a goat. I don’t see anyone else out here that looks like that,” the spirit said.

“F*ck you! You’re the old and ugly one. I’m what you’d call vintage.” Zhuo Donglai was extremely angry at hearing the description.

When Zhuo Donglai looked at the horde closing in, he thought it was all over. As the group spread out behind him, a few more came forward to his front and sides. He was entirely surrounded.

“It looks like I, Zhuo Donglai, will meet my end here. It’s a shame there was nothing I could do to kill that b*tch.” Zhuo Donglai accepted his fate, knowing he could no longer run. He went on to say, “Come on! If you want to kill me, I’ll still take you all down one by one. You’ll pay for this.”

The spirits and creatures looked at him like he was a strange madman. The spirit that had been calling after him in the pursuit then said, “Are you insane? Who said we were going to kill you? Sky Sword said that if we saw you, we should help take you back to the teleporter. What nonsense are you going on about?”

Zhuo Donglai was shocked. He thought he had slipped into a strange dream, and he said, “Um, who is this Sky B*stard? And why would they want you to escort me?”

“Isn’t he your friend? He said you were his friend. That’s why we wanted to help you. Are you sure you’re Zhuo Donglai?” All the spirits looked at the funny man in confusion.

Zhuo Donglai then waved his hand and said, “I am! But I don’t know who this Sky B*stard is. Hmm, let me think…”

Zhuo Donglai retreated into his mind. “Who would be r.e.t.a.r.ded enough to call themselves Sky Sword? I don’t know who that is. Whatever, I’ll admit who I am first. That’ll help me stay alive, at least.”

“Oh, yeah! Sky Sword said his real name is Han Sen,” the spirit added.

Zhuo Donglai opened his eyes wide and said, “You guys have been talking about Han Sen?”

Again, Zhuo Donglai thought he was dreaming. Guarded by the spirits and creatures, he was escorted back to the teleporter. Then, he was able to return to his garbage shelter.

“Maybe I’m getting too old. I didn’t expect the young ones to be able to befriend or affect the att.i.tude of spirits and creatures in such a way. It looks like humans might find their place in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary soon, after all.” Zhuo Donglai thought it was amazing.

Han Sen said goodbye to Six Paths and the other spirits, then returned to his own teleporter, as that would be the only way he could leave.

He investigated the b.u.t.terfly geno core as he went. If he was getting into a fight, that’d be his biggest support, for sure.

b.u.t.terfly geno core wasn’t a.s.sociated with the fire element. After the holy light he had witnessed in the main battleground, the missing part was fixed and something changed.

The b.u.t.terfly geno core was like a ruby, but there was a blue fire symbol etched onto it. It looked rather beautiful, and Han Sen thought it to be one of the prettiest geno cores he had ever seen.

The abilities of this geno core were very obvious to see, though. He wouldn’t have to spend much time researching it to find out what they were.

The b.u.t.terfly geno core could land on Han Sen and grow a pair of b.u.t.terfly wings for him. It was different than a flying beast soul. The b.u.t.terfly wings could fly, yes, but they could also provide him a bounty of additional power. It would give him the strength of a super creature.

“It’s no wonder it’s a G.o.d geno core. It’s incredibly strong.” After Han Sen tried the b.u.t.terfly geno core, he found himself quite surprised.

The b.u.t.terfly geno core meant he could make battle with super cla.s.s enemies. His strength and speed wouldn’t be too far behind, whatever the case.

“Maybe I really can escape from Elysium Shelter with this thing.” Han Sen mulled it over.

Han Sen reached the teleporter and compiled all his ideas on how to proceed. He stepped onto the plate.

The teleporter was activated, and the dimension before him twisted. A second later, he was back in Elysium Shelter’s geno core storage.

Han Sen immediately saw a lot of the Elysium there before him. Most were there, actually.

Gu Qingcheng was standing two meters away from Han Sen, eyes staring right at him.

“Where is the holy child? Do you remember what I told you? If she lives, you live. If she dies, you die. Don’t dare tell me she didn’t make it.” Gu Qingcheng peered at Han Sen coldly.

Han Sen looked at all the Elysium around. His browse stopped on Gu Qingcheng’s face. He summoned the red Elysium Umbrella, opened it, and showed them the picture of the green-clothed woman.

“Are you telling me this is the holy child?” Han Sen said coldly.

“Why would she be inside the umbrella?” All the Elysium were in shock, as was Gu Qingcheng. She stepped forward to grab the umbrella.

“Don’t move! One step further and I will destroy the umbrella and your hold child within!” Han Sen shouted menacingly.

“How dare you!” exclaimed many of the Elysium. The power of their shouts was enough to level a city.