Super Gene - Chapter 1483 - Waiting for You to Defeat Me

Chapter 1483 - Waiting for You to Defeat Me

Chapter 1483: Waiting for You to Defeat Me


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

One Hundred Swords couldn’t correctly cast Ten Thousand Swords on Han Sen, and without further ado, he conceded and abandoned the battleground.

Although Han Sen won, it wasn’t a scary and unsettling victory like Elysian Moon’s wins. When Han Sen reached the next round, all his opponents decided to fight until there was no choice for them but to concede.

Han Sen’s sword skills were very suppressive. He couldn’t kill his opponents in one hit, so there was no need for any of them to truly be afraid.

This did give Han Sen the chance to practice more and more with the technique, though. All his opponents were super creature or king spirits, and fighting against them challenged his proficiency with the sword skill.

It did not matter what the abilities of his opponents were, as Han Sen could change his moveset on the fly to respond appropriately. While his strikes changed a lot, the base of the skill was still focused on his formation and judgment.

Elysian Moon was scared watching him perform this way. Han Sen was using Ghost Sword. It wasn’t perfect, but somehow, Han Sen’s version of Ghost Sword was far better than her original one.

It was more than just better. In fact, Elysian Moon thought to herself, “Why is Ghost Sword not that effective when I use it? If it was this good, I wouldn’t have to rely solely on my Elysian Umbrella.”

After many more opponents were defeated by Han Sen, many creatures and spirits were willing to approve and respect his t.i.tle of Sky Sword.

When Han Sen entered the arena next, everyone was shocked. His opponent was none other than Six Paths Emperor.

“This is a shame. If Han Sen was super cla.s.s, he might have been able to fight Six Paths. As he is now, he does not stand a chance.”

“They met far too soon. I wanted to see more of those sword skills. They were so amazing!”

Everyone believed Han Sen was going to lose. His sword skills were powerful, but they were still inhibited by the strength of his body. When a fight was down to power and speed alone, the versatility of his sword skills would not be of much aid.

Elysian Moon felt great relief, seeing Han Sen square off against Six Paths. Han Sen was sure to lose, she thought, and that took one of her most feared opponents off the board.

Elysian Moon was confident in her umbrella, but Han Sen was so strange to her. She thought it would be best if she could avoid him, at all costs.

It would be great if Han Sen was able to beat Six Paths, however. She still considered Six Paths to be her greatest foe there.

Han Sen gave a wry smile, seeing Six Paths as his opponent. He understood his foe, and also acknowledged there was a ninety percent chance of the spirit winning.

Six Paths’s sword skills rivaled his own, but the spirit’s fitness was much higher than Han Sen’s. This fight was sure not to last very long.

Six Paths looked at Han Sen and smiled. “I know what you’re thinking. I want to see you defeat her, as that would most certainly be an interesting watch.”

When Six Paths said that, he immediately exited the arena.

Everyone was shocked. No one expected Six Paths to be willing to concede in the way he had. And he had clearly been referring to Elysian Moon in his brief dialogue.

“Six Paths quit for him? That is surprising.”

“Is he really Six Paths’s opponent? He didn’t look up to scruff.”

“You don’t know much. When you’re strong like Six Paths, finding a worthy opponent is quite difficult. It’s natural for him to treat the human nicely.”

“I thought the Elysium woman was stronger. I didn’t expect Six Paths to respect Sky Sword that much. Six Paths sounded as if he was very confident Sky Sword would triumph.”

“Six Paths gave up his opportunity for Sky Sword. If he doesn’t win, even after that, it will be very disappointing for them both.”

Elysian Moon felt a wash of relief. She didn’t like what Six Paths had said, but she was glad she could avoid battling Six Paths Emperor. The biggest obstacle to her obtaining the G.o.d geno core was now out the way. This was good for her.

“I didn’t think bringing Han Sen here would yield such a benefit.” Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen with a complicated expression. Then she thought, “What kind of human is he, for even the likes of Six Paths to treat him with such respect?”

The next battles were boring, all in the antic.i.p.ation of Han Sen and Elysian Moon’s upcoming fight. The spirits against Han Sen all gave up, just eager to get things over with and watch the fight they were hyped for.

They thought Han Sen’s chance to win was low, initially. But Six Paths Emperor believed Han Sen could make it, and this had them doubting their own expectations.

Because the creatures and spirits that met Han Sen and Elysian Moon all gave up, it wasn’t long before the two were facing each other on the grounds of the arena.

“I never thought the biggest obstacle between me and the G.o.d geno core would be you.” Elysian Moon sighed.

Han Sen said coldly, “It’s too late to regret this. You should not have brought me here.”

Elysian Moon shook her head. “Bringing you here was not my choice. You know it was Gu Qingcheng. She said you were better than Ghost Moon, and she was right. If it was Ghost Moon, I don’t think I’d be here right now. But even she could not foresee you would end up being my opponent.”

“What is your relations.h.i.+p to Gu Qingcheng?” Han Sen asked, but he didn’t expect a reply.

Elysian Moon didn’t want to answer this, either. She opened up her Elysian Umbrella and pointed it at Han Sen. “That which is absorbed by this umbrella does not survive. Not even spirits can resp.a.w.n. You have helped me a lot, and I do not want to kill you. I am getting that G.o.d geno core, though. You should quit now while you have the chance.”

“Didn’t you say I shouldn’t join a meaningless fight? This entire event would be pointless if I quit now,” Han Sen replied.

Han Sen had watched the umbrella for a while. He figured that she must possess the powers of s.p.a.ce. She could suck creatures and spirits inside and refine them once they were held in the umbrella.

Han Sen had practiced s.p.a.ce hyper geno arts before, so he was familiar with the idea. But he had never tried to fight something like that before. He didn’t know whether or not his prior experience would benefit him here.

The easiest way to win would be to use his super king spirit mode, as the umbrella’s suction probably wouldn’t work when that was active. Unless it was absolutely necessary, though, Han Sen was not going to use his super king spirit mode in front of everyone.

“If you really want to fight me, then don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Elysian Moon said, her tone growing chilly. Then, she began spinning her umbrella. The umbrella began to glow, and as it spun, the dimension it occupied began to swirl.

Han Sen immediately felt a strong suction pulling his body towards the vortex.