Super Gene - Chapter 1484 - Battling Elysian Moon

Chapter 1484 - Battling Elysian Moon

Chapter 1484: Battling Elysian Moon


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The vortex was so strong. Han Sen tried his hardest to resist, but he was still being pulled towards the umbrella. He was going to be sucked inside.

The creatures and spirits saw Han Sen unable to resist, and they felt it was a great shame. A great swordmaster of spectacular skill was going to die before his prime.

But just as they watched Han Sen about to get sucked into the umbrella, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Everyone thought he had been pulled inside, but he hadn’t. He reappeared right next to Elysian Moon, with his sword poised to cut deep into Elysian Moon’s throat.

“What happened?! How did he escape?”

“I couldn’t see it.”

No one knew how Han Sen had pried himself away from the suction of the Elysian Umbrella, and even Elysian Moon herself was surprised. She had no clue how he had slipped out of her pull.

Elysian Moon gritted her teeth and spun her umbrella. She stumbled back in a hasty retreat, aimed the umbrella at her enemy, and tried to suck him in again.

In another flash, Han Sen had appeared directly next to Elysian Moon, behind the umbrella. With its face not pointing towards him, he couldn’t get sucked inside.

It was then that everyone noticed the dimensions of s.p.a.ce around Han Sen had become somewhat distorted and warped. It was like he was able to teleport directly towards his opponent, and the umbrella had been rendered useless.

“Is he employing the powers of time and s.p.a.ce? Does Sky Sword have a rare time and s.p.a.ce elemental attunement?” A spirit, upon recognizing Han Sen’s amazing power, found himself in complete awe.

Time or s.p.a.ce alone was rare to see, but to have both of them together was far beyond that. It was rarer than winning the lottery.

Across the history of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, only a small handful of creatures and spirits had possessed both the powers of Time and s.p.a.ce. Coincidentally, they also happened to be the strongest known.

But Han Sen was not naturally talented in both of these. His Time and s.p.a.ce element came from the spirit geno points he received in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

It might not have been as effective as those who were naturally talented with such boons, but he could still briefly teleport through s.p.a.ce with Ghost Slash.

This short-distance blink could not take Han Sen a distance further than one meter, and while it would have been ineffective against those who had only s.p.a.ce but were all-natural, it was enough for him to evade the suction of the umbrella.

But Ghost Slash wasn’t enough for him to wholly escape the suction, truthfully. It was because Han Sen’s body was not strong enough, and he had yet to reach super cla.s.s. As such, Ghost Slash was not enough to compete against the umbrella completely.

With Han Sen’s observational skills, though, he was able to tell the vortex sat on the surface of the umbrella, and the suction power was strongest towards the center.

Whenever Elysian Moon used her umbrella, she’d point the center directly at her enemy.

Han Sen wanted to prove whether or not his theory was correct, so, when the umbrella was facing him, he s.h.i.+fted his position to its side, and only allowed the side of the vortex to grip him.

Han Sen felt a strong power pulling on him, yes, but the teleportation ability of Ghost Slash allowed him to easily escape that manner of suction.

Now that Han Sen had witnessed this, he knew the umbrella couldn’t deal with everything. This flaw would allow Han Sen to keep on top of it. Han Sen could see now that Elysian Moon was no greater than Xu Mi. A little bit stronger, maybe, but that was all.

Xu Mi’s sword was small, and it had a limited range. Therefore, Han Sen was able to dodge fairly easily.

Elysian Moon’s Elysian Umbrella had a longer and wider range, and it was therefore just a little harder to deal with.

Han Sen did not get annoyed easily when he fought, so he patiently side-stepped around, staying mobile to avoid the center of the umbrella.

Elysian Moon noticed that Han Sen’s teleportation ability was rather weak, though. She swung her umbrella, trying to grab Han Sen with the vortex’s center-point. If she was able to do this, her umbrella would have enough grunt to pull and finish Han Sen.

But she suddenly made a mistake. She shouldn’t have let Han Sen get close, for he was able to keep on getting near after that. He was at her side, he was behind her. Elysian Moon was able to respond and keep away, but she had no clue where he’d appear next. She was unable to target him the way she wanted to.

The suction at the brim of the vortex would hardly snag Han Sen, and it was impossible to catch him and draw him into the umbrella.

The spirits watched the scene with weird feelings. All they could see was a child holding a gun, firing w.i.l.l.y-nilly, failing to hit the man that was next to her.

It made them think they were watching an adult play with a kid.

Of course, they knew they weren’t playing. And if Han Sen made a mistake, he’d surely die. But for reasons unbeknownst to themselves, they weren’t worried for Han Sen. They knew he wouldn’t fail or miss.

Elysian Moon was getting annoyed. She was unable to point the center of the umbrella at Han Sen, and the human’s sword was slowly pus.h.i.+ng her towards the edge of the arena.

Suddenly, Elysian Moon stopped and did not allow Han Sen to push her any further. She turned and ran straight to the wall of the arena by her own volition.

The reason why Han Sen could fight was because of his strange movements, and his constant reappearances around her. She couldn’t use the center to aim at Han Sen.

If she went up against the wall, Han Sen would be unable to use this same tactic to avoid her, and she’d be able to beat him with ease.

The spirits and creatures acknowledged what she was going to do, and for this, they now started to worry about Han Sen. If she put her back against the wall, Han Sen would be unable to attack her.

Elysian Moon was currently ten meters away from the wall. If she reached it, Han Sen would lose. But for her, in the heat of that moment, it felt like a great distance away. All she had to do was take two steps.

That simple dash felt like an impossible mission for her to accomplish.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra and Ghost Slash. When he teleported, he started to attack a strange spot. It was like he was deliberately missing her. But when Han Sen moved, and she moved, it suddenly looked as if he was targeting her in a weak spot.

Elysian Moon was right in front of the wall, but she felt as if there was a countless number of barricades and corners she had to traverse to get there. She had to turn to move forward, lest she crash like a car.

The barricades were Han Sen and his sword. Elysian Moon was still using her Elysian Umbrella, but she was unable to hurt him. She was being controlled by Han Sen like a puppet on strings. She couldn’t get close to the wall, and it now felt as if she was moving further from it.

“These sword skills are like those of a G.o.d!” Red Dragon couldn’t help but blurt out a compliment.