Super Gene - Chapter 1482 - Sword Skills of a God

Chapter 1482 - Sword Skills of a God

Chapter 1482: Sword Skills of a G.o.d


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing Han Sen’s opponent was Xu Mi, Elysian Moon frowned and said to herself, “Xu Mi is far too powerful. If Han Sen is. .h.i.t, I don’t think he’ll even have the time to concede. If I was him, I’d turn tail and run right this second.”

In the arena, Xu Mi approached Han Sen. He hadn’t drawn his weapon, and the spirit just looked at the human and said, “A human once told me every man has a price for everything. How much are your sword skills worth? What would you accept as payment for teaching me your technique?”

After Xu Mi said this, everyone was shocked.

The son of two emperors who was really famous wanted to learn the fighting techniques of a human. It was almost too shocking to comprehend.

“For one super geno core, I’ll teach you anything,” Han Sen said.

“Okay, but I cannot bring a super geno core here. When we leave Geno Core Battleground, you can seek me out in Furnace Shelter. If you’d prefer, I can come find you in a place of your determining.” Xu Mi immediately agreed to this, and it seemed Han Sen’s sword techniques were deemed more valuable than a super geno core.

The people in the audience were all in shock. Not everyone could obtain a super geno core so easily. Many creatures toiled and struggled across the years to get their one, sole super geno core.

Now Xu Mi wanted to swap Han Sen’s sword skills for a super geno core, it made everyone want to know what Han Sen’s talents were and why they were worth such a geno core.

“I’ll find you in Furnace Shelter, when I have the time,” Han Sen said randomly. Xu Mi’s agreement actually came as a surprise. But it made Han Sen feel as if the kids of emperors were typical spoiled rich kids, and unsure of the actual value of items such as a super geno core.

“So, if this business is concluded, let’s fight!” Han Sen said, as he drew Taia.

“Fight? If I was able to beat you, I wouldn’t have to learn your sword skills now, would I? I concede. Just remember; come and find me in Furnace Shelter,” Xu Mi said casually.

If the audience had been surprised by Red Dragon’s concession, then they were completely floored as Xu Mi conceded and exited the arena.

Elysian Moon’s face contorted. She had never imagined something like this could happen.

“While we were separated, what did he get up to?” Elysian Moon thought she had come to know Han Sen, but again, she was now feeling like he was a stranger.

Han Sen returned to his same seat. Elysian Moon didn’t say anything, and just looked at him instead. She never thought he’d actually be able to compete, and her expression was growing more serious.

Even Xu Mi, the son of two emperors, conceded to him. She was feeling a lot of pressure now.

The spirits and creatures around the bleachers all had their eyes on Han Sen and Elysian Moon now. They were all talking about them, despite the fact those two were silent.

Han Sen had won twice without needing to fight. Everyone was getting an idea of how powerful he must have been, but Han Sen didn’t think this was of much help.

To get a G.o.d geno core, Han Sen would inevitably have to go through Elysian Moon and Six Paths. If he was lucky, Elysian Moon and Six Paths would have to battle each other first, leaving Han Sen with only one to deal with.

The fights would go on until there was a winner. The phantom doors continued to light up, beckoning fighters into the arena. Whoever found themselves going up against Six Paths or Elysian Moon surrendered and conceded immediately, with much fear for their life.

Han Sen was not so lucky, though. Although all the combatants knew his name as Sky Sword, many of them still wished to witness his true strength.

A super creature in the third round sniffed Han Sen and decided to concede, but on the fourth round, the king spirit he faced did not want to give up.

“Sky Sword, huh? I want to see if you have what it takes to wear such a fancy, self-loving t.i.tle. You really think you are the strongest swordsman in existence?” The spirit drew his own sword and lunged towards Han Sen.

“I never said I am Sky Sword,” Han Sen said tiredly, pulling out his own sword to do battle with the spirit.

Han Sen didn’t like the t.i.tle Sky Sword, either. It sounded old-fas.h.i.+oned and stiff. He much preferred the t.i.tle Dollar, because that at least suggested he was rich.

The spirit swung his blade in a flurry that looked like a thousand simultaneous strikes. The entire arena was covered in those slashes, in a bid to not give Han Sen the s.p.a.ce to dodge.

The spirit was called One Hundred Swords, and his geno core was Ten Thousand Swords. He had been born with very powerful AoE skills.

One Hundred Swords heard Han Sen had beaten Red Dragon and Xu Mi, so he knew his opponent’s sword skills had to be formidable. If this was a case of sword skill versus sword skill, there was a chance he’d be the weaker of the two.

But he had the Ten Thousand Swords geno core, and with its spread, it did not allow Han Sen to use his sword skills. It forced him to fight his opponent with strength.

Seeing all the swords coming at him, though, Han Sen was not afraid. With Taia primed, he was more than ready to fight back.

Han Sen needed his sword skills to win, but that was only for Xu Mi. Xu Mi’s sword was too strong, so Han Sen had to beat the spirit with movements.

One Hundred Swords had a gemstone geno core, but it was weaker than Xu Mi’s. As a result, Han Sen did not have to dodge.


Han Sen’s Taia blocked every sword that came close. He didn’t flinch once, and he managed to approach One Hundred Swords amidst that barrage. With Han Sen’s strength, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against any gemstone-owning beings.

The audience had only heard Han Sen’s skills were strong. They had yet to see him in action with their own two eyes.

Now, seeing Han Sen fight One Hundred Swords the way he was, they were able to understand why Xu Mi was willing to pay the price of a super geno core to learn Han Sen’s techniques.

Aside from the first attack, One Hundred Swords was unable to make another. All his skills were successfully canceled, and if he kept going, he was going to end up on Han Sen’s sword.

Han Sen’s sword skills seemed almost able to predict the future, like the wielder was a G.o.d. At first, Han Sen’s attacks seemed to be missing anything critical. But after seeing One Hundred Swords’s strike, they noticed the moveset was nothing short of miraculous.

Every one of Han Sen’s attacks was for the future, and this G.o.dly sword skill shocked everyone to see. After witnessing its capabilities, no one thought a super geno core was too expensive a price to pay.

“It’s a f*cking bargain. If I had a super geno core and an affinity for the sword, I’d pay up to learn a sword skill as G.o.dly as this.”