Super Gene - Chapter 1481 - Concede

Chapter 1481 - Concede

Chapter 1481: Concede


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“If you’ve always had this power, why did you pretend to be so weak?” Han Sen asked.

Elysian Moon shook her head. “I never really pretended, but I had a way to increase the strength of my Elysian Umbrella. It can temporarily possess the strength of a super geno core. That time is quite limited, so I saved it until I got to the main battleground. I would have preferred to die out there rather than use it before reaching this point. I am appreciative to you and Zhuo Donglai for bringing me here.”

Han Sen didn’t say anything in return. He hadn’t minded helping her at the time, but the fact she had been lying to him all along made him angry.

Elysian Moon wanted to say something more, but Han Sen’s missing geno core lit up. A door of light appeared in front of him, indicating it was his turn to fight.

“You are a human that cannot resp.a.w.n. There are so many elites here; if I were you, I wouldn’t join a pointless fight such as this.” Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen and offered advice.

“I don’t like pointless fights. You’re right about that. That’s why I need to get the G.o.d geno core; to nullify the pointlessness of my current partic.i.p.ation,” Han Sen said coldly. He walked into the open doorway and then appeared out in the arena.

Elysian Moon said to herself, “I’m sorry, but I have to get the G.o.d geno core no matter the cost.”

After that, Elysian Moon turned to look at the arena. His opponent was Red Dragon. She frowned. “Red Dragon is better than an emperor. It looks like Han Sen had bad luck. If he ever hopes to win this battle, it’ll cost him a lot. That’s good, though. I’d hate to end up being forced to suck him into my umbrella.”

Han Sen saw Red Dragon, and Red Dragon saw him. They froze, and then Red Dragon bore a wry smile. “It’s bad luck for me to meet you again in my first round.”

Han Sen smiled and did not say anything. Red Dragon shook his head and went on to say, “I was probably going to lose, anyway. I suppose it isn’t all that shameful to lose against Sky Sword, of all opponents.”

After that, Red Dragon decided to concede and exit the battleground.

Red Dragon was like an emperor. He was a very famous individual amongst the spirits. Everyone was shocked to see him not even bother to fight, and simply concede right away. As shock swept the audience, everyone wondered who his opponent had been.

Elysian Moon was shocked, too. It surprised her a great deal that Red Dragon had conceded like that. She had no idea what was happening.

Han Sen walked back out of the light door and sat back down in his seat.

He wasn’t going to say anything to her, so Elysian Moon asked, “Why did Red Dragon concede?”

“Maybe I’m just lucky? Or perhaps he thought I was too handsome, and he didn’t want to scar my beauty?” Han Sen smiled.

Elysian Moon didn’t believe that, of course. Although Red Dragon was an emperor, he wasn’t the strongest. As such, she didn’t dwell on it too much.

There were many elites entering the arena to fight after that. Regardless of whether they were creatures or spirits, each one of them was very powerful.

When Six Paths entered the arena, Elysian Moon’s face changed. “Six Paths Emperor is here?!”

“You said you were going to win. Does his presence here matter?” Han Sen mocked her.

“Six Paths is different. He doesn’t have a super geno core, but he has the body of an emperor. Now not even I am able to guarantee a win.” Elysian Moon spoke with grave sincerity.

Han Sen licked his lips but did not respond. Elysian Moon was evil, but she wasn’t a fighter. Even if she had a super geno core, he didn’t think she had the fighting talent to back it up.

And that didn’t just apply to her fighting Six Paths. Han Sen wagered she wouldn’t win, even if the two of them had to battle.

It didn’t matter how strong a super geno core was; the wielder himself had to be powerful. Elysian Moon was not super cla.s.s in body, and she wasn’t much of a fighter. She couldn’t depend on the strength of the super Elysian Umbrella entirely.

Not many creatures were able to enter the main battleground, and after a few more hours pa.s.sed, the first round was over. The second round would begin soon.

The creatures that were defeated could not fight again, as they were disqualified. The winner of each previous fight were the ones who could go on.

Elysian Moon was up for the next fight again. Her umbrella was incredibly strong, and she was able to suck the super creature she went up against into her weapon as she did before. The image of that same super creature then blazed across the top of the umbrella.

“Who is that female spirit? She is so strong!”

“If I am not wrong, she has the Elysian powers. The Elysium used to be the best in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.”

“The Elysium were once that strong? Why have I not heard of them for many years?”

“Back then, there was a horrible battle. Many old families went into hiding, and Elysium was one of them.”

“I think it is either Six Paths or this Elysium spirit that will get the G.o.d geno core.”

“I’m just here to watch, more than anything. I know I don’t stand a chance.”

“It’s scary. That super creature heir, with a gemstone geno core, was defeated by the umbrella so easily. Can Six Paths really beat her?”

“If I end up facing her, I’ll just concede. Who knows if I can resp.a.w.n at my spirit stone if I end up getting sucked into that umbrella?”

Everyone was discussing Elysian Moon’s performance, having all been shocked by her display of power.

Not long after, Han Sen was up again. When he saw his next opponent, he was shocked.

“What is happening today? Another one I already beat?” Han Sen licked his lips. It was Xu Mi, who was frozen.

When the audience saw Han Sen and Xu Mi, the excitement across the stadium rose.

Han Sen was the human who had made Red Dragon concede. Xu Mi was the son of two emperors. He was very talented and extremely famous amongst the spirits. Now that they were to square-off, everyone was ecstatic for the prospect of an exciting battle.

“I wonder which one of them is stronger?”

“Xu Mi for sure. He’s the heir of two emperors. I’ve heard his powers are abhorrently strong. His gemstone geno core allows him to do battle with super creatures.”

“Why are so many elites appearing here at once? It is difficult to determine who will end up obtaining the G.o.d geno core.”