Super Gene - Chapter 1480 - Main Battleground

Chapter 1480 - Main Battleground

Chapter 1480: Main Battleground


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

If Han Sen was competing with a power that lacked the speed to drive it, he would have little trouble.

Power was pointless if it couldn’t reach an opponent; in this case, Han Sen. Xu Mi’s sword might have carried the strength of a mountain or the force of a super creature, but while it was being tracked by Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura, it wouldn’t find a target. The fight was playing out in advance in Han Sen’s mind, as if Xu Mi was a puppet on strings.

Even if Xu Mi wished to attack, risking his life and putting everything he had into one deadly swing, he wouldn’t land a strike. It was as if the two fighters had established a secret agreement that forbade Xu Mi from even touching Han Sen’s clothes.

Han Sen swung Taia casually, a move which forced Xu Mi to reel back in a clumsy dodge. His sword was powerful, but he had no choice but to fall back.

Red Dragon and the spirits were all in shock, watching an elite such as Xu Mi find himself unable to fight back against Han Sen effectively. The human’s opponent kept stumbling back until he was pushed against the Geno Core Tablet, and he had no place else to evade to.

Xu Mi roared and closed his eyes. He swung his sword like crazy. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to fight; he was truly no longer capable. He couldn’t deal with Han Sen’s finesse any longer.

Taia came to a stop. Han Sen didn’t finish off the spirit because it was pointless. He’d just resp.a.w.n, and as an enemy, no less.

Han Sen sheathed Taia and walked back over to Six Paths.

“Your sword skills are great! It is no wonder it’s called Sky Sword. I, Xu Mi, have lost.” Xu Mi was not a sore loser; he admitted his defeat without trouble.

“Time is up. Let’s go,” Six Paths said. He went before the Geno Core Tablet and placed the missing geno core into a slot.

The missing geno core began to s.h.i.+ne and cast its glow on Six Paths. Then, the spirit was sucked inside.

Han Sen pulled out his own missing geno core. He fitted it into the slot neatly and was then pulled inside in the same manner as Six Paths.

When the light dimmed and his vision returned, Han Sen found himself inside a giant arena. He was sitting amidst the bleachers, over-looking the battleground.

It wasn’t just him there, either. There were countless other spirits and creatures seated there, as well. There was no ruckus or discord in the crowd, even though many might have been enemies back in the sanctuary. Everyone was transfixed with observing the events that unfolded inside the arena.

In the arena, right now, there were two beasts engaged in battle. One was a lion that looked to have been built from steel, and the other was an echidna with six arms. They were fighting, as all the others spectated.

Han Sen looked around him and noticed the arena was far too big for its own good. He couldn’t even get a good look at the creatures that were down there, locked in combat. Without Six Paths’s information, he wouldn’t have had a clue where he was.

“Elysian Moon.” Han Sen did not see Six Paths, but he saw her. Promptly, he walked up to her.

Elysian Moon saw Han Sen come towards her, and she said coolly, “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Where is Old Zhuo?” Han Sen expected Elysian Moon to lie to him, as she had done before. He didn’t care much for her, though, or her well-being. All he cared for right now was Zhuo Donglai.

Elysian Moon told him, “He is fine. He didn’t have a geno core, so he was unable to enter. He’s waiting someplace outside the tablet. Since you were able to enter the main battleground, I can only presume you killed the Firetail b.u.t.terfly King. Yes?”

“Your purpose was to come here, wasn’t it?” Han Sen frowned.

Elysian Moon nodded. “I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to come here, yes. Thanks to your help, Elysium is sure to reward you handsomely.”

Han Sen said coldly, “You weren’t even able to get here by your own strength. Do you honestly believe you’ll manage to earn a G.o.d geno core?”

“It looks like you know many things,” Elysian Moon smiled. “But don’t worry about me. You helped me get here, and that means your task has finished.”

“I don’t think you’re going to get what you came for.” Han Sen smiled without much warmth.

“No one can stop me from getting my G.o.d geno core.” Elysian Moon looked very confident in herself.

Han Sen did not say anything in return to that. He just sat down to ponder why she was so confident in her ability to earn a G.o.d geno core, when there were so many other elites competing.

She was powerful, but she was nothing outstanding. Where she obtained such confidence, Han Sen hadn’t a clue.

“Since you have protected me for so long, I will give you some advice. Watch and do not partic.i.p.ate in the fight. There are so many elites here, you wouldn’t stand a chance. I wouldn’t have come here if I wasn’t prepared, you know,” Elysian Moon said to Han Sen.

“That’s all to my discretion,” Han Sen said flatly.

Han Sen was going to join, and he was going to s.n.a.t.c.h the G.o.d geno core from her. More than anything, he just wanted to disappoint and ruin Elysian Moon’s day.

The only thing Han Sen didn’t know, however, was what she meant by the preparations she had made. It was an enigma.

Elysian Moon looked like she wanted to say something else, but the super creatures in the arena finished their fight. The lion’s legs had been torn to shreds by the echidna, and it had to limp away from the battleground in tears.

Fortunately, it had been able to leave without suffering further injuries. It would have surely been killed if it hadn’t been allowed to escape.

Elysian Moon’s geno core then shone in her hand. A door of light beamed open before her.

“I have given you solid advice. You really shouldn’t go any further.” After Elysian Moon said that, she entered the door of light. Then, she appeared down below in the arena.

On the other side of the arena was another spirit.

That spirit was wielding a large hammer. It didn’t say anything, and simply leaped forward to attack Elysian Moon. The power of that weapon was fierce, and it looked as if it could sunder mountains.

Elysian Moon summoned her Elysian Umbrella. The umbrella seemed a bit different this time.

“Weird. Why does her umbrella feel so much stronger?” Han Sen looked at the umbrella and frowned. It looked far stronger than before. It looked as if it was a super geno core now.

Her spirit opponent swung his hammer, but she didn’t dodge. She spun her umbrella and cast Elysian Vortex.

The hammer landed on it and got sucked inside. The spirit used both hands to hold onto his hammer and pull it out, but the suction force of her skill sucked the entire spirit inside.

When the Elysian Umbrella stopped spinning, the image of a spirit with a hammer then appeared on top of it.

The faces of the spirits and creatures in the audience all changed. That was a king spirit’s heir that had been sucked into an umbrella. Whether he was alive or not in there, they had no clue.

“No… something is wrong. The umbrella wasn’t this strong before. Did she level up? But I thought the Geno Battleground only allowed geno cores that were gemstone or below.” Han Sen frowned.

“Now you understand? It does not matter who the opponent is; I will be the one obtaining the G.o.d geno core.” Elysian Moon returned from the door, sitting down next to Han Sen with unnerving confidence.