Super Gene - Chapter 1479 - Sky Sword

Chapter 1479 - Sky Sword

Chapter 1479: Sky Sword


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

All the spirits were in shock, but Six Paths’s expression was veiled. He complimented Han Sen by saying, “This sword has the essence of Sky Sword.”

There had only been a hundred slashes, and Red Dragon had to drop his Black Dragon Spear to avoid losing his hands.

Red Dragon stumbled backwards. He looked pale and exclaimed, “It is no wonder this is the sort of man Six Paths would consider an opponent. Han Sen? I’ll remember that name.”

After that, Red Dragon left, and the other spirits followed him from behind.

Han Sen simply shrugged. He didn’t want people to remember him in a hostile way.

“Your sword skill was powerful, but it was not perfect. And it lacked Heart Sword,” Six Paths said to Han Sen.

“It doesn’t have Heart Sword, no. It’s not really a specific technique, though.” Han Sen laughed.

Han Sen had used Ghost Sword, but he had used the Dongxuan Sutra and Heavenly Go more during the fight. The core of his modified technique relied on his ability to judge and predict the moves of the enemy, most of all. The sword skill itself was not as important.

That was why Six Paths said Han Sen’s display lacked Heart Sword. Han Sen did not focus on the intricacy of sword skills in particular, though, so Six Paths’s critique on Heart Sword did not matter to him.

On the way, Six Paths asked Han Sen about Ghost Sword. Han Sen answered the emperor to the best of his abilities and didn’t hide anything.

The Dongxuan Sutra and Heavenly Go were not skills one could simply learn. If you did not have the heart for it, you couldn’t learn them. If you had the talent, you could master them, but without understanding what was under the surface, you couldn’t gain true proficiency.

“It is a shame you don’t practice sword skills. Otherwise, this would have been perfect for you.” Six Paths couldn’t help himself from complimenting Han Sen again.

On the way, Six Paths found himself learning a lot about sword skills. He also showed much about his own to Han Sen, who learned a lot as well.

Six Paths sword skills were all separate, and there were six different ones. Ghost Sword included fragments of every sword skill in existence, but Six Paths’s sword skills tended to go beyond the sword that cast them.

They walked for half a month together, and still, they saw no sign of Zhuo Donglai and Elysian Moon. They had no clue where they went or if they had already gone ahead and entered the main battleground.

But they finally came before the Geno Core Tablet. There were a few spirits standing near it, Red Dragon included.

“I heard Red Dragon say Six Paths Emperor is here, so I have been waiting here for your arrival.” A handsome, white-haired spirit said to Six Paths.

“Who are you?” Six Paths asked the white-haired spirit.

“My name is Xu Mi, son of Furnace Emperor,” the white-haired spirit answered.

“You are the son of Furnace?” Six Paths said, without saying anything more.

Xu Mi wasn’t offended, though. They were on different tiers, and his father, Furnace Emperor, had once lost to Six Paths in a fight. Xu Mi wished to exact revenge on behalf of his father, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to do that without a super geno core.

“You are Sky Sword Han Sen?” Xu Mi looked Han Sen up and down, checking him out.

“Yes, I am. But what is the Sky Sword bit?” Han Sen raised and dropped his shoulders.

Xu Mi, with a serious tone, said, “Because Six Paths Emperor said you mastered your sword skills, and I have studied sword skills, I have taken it upon myself to teach you the Path of the Sky Sword.”

Xu Mi drew his sword, which looked very strange. It was like a long needle, for it was as thin as one.

Han Sen then drew Taia. He didn’t like meaningless fights, but he knew he could not reveal any sort of weakness before this crowd. Otherwise, he’d be unable to get a G.o.d geno core when he entered the main battleground.

He didn’t desire a G.o.d geno core, but since he was here, he wasn’t going to miss out on the goodies.

Red Dragon and the other spirits looked at Han Sen and Xu Mi, looking forward to the fight that was about to begin.

Although Six Paths had admitted Han Sen was his opponent, it was clear Han Sen’s power had yet to reach super cla.s.s levels. And what’s more, they did not seem interested in fighting each other. It was Six Paths that had set the expectations of Han Sen’s talent.

Xu Mi was not just any emperor’s kid. His father was Furnace Emperor, and his mother was famous, too. He had the genes of two emperors, which automatically made him better than both of his parents. Once he became super cla.s.s, he would be willing to challenge Six Paths himself.

That was why his parents produced a baby. They hoped their heir could become the greatest spirit in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and possibly ascend to the Fifth Sanctuary.

Xu Mi did not disappoint his parents, either. With his incredible talent and power, his potential was infinitely greater than their own.

Xu Mi watched Han Sen draw his sword, but did not say anything before slas.h.i.+ng towards him.

The needle-thin sword did not gleam. But the spirit wielded it like any ordinary blade, which was quite surprising.

Han Sen swung Taia, and when the weapons collided, he felt a strong force push him back. He went stumbling backwards a hundred meters, cleaving the ground in two as he skidded in reverse.

Han Sen’s hands trembled and bled after that. He was quite surprised. “A gemstone cla.s.s spirit can be that strong? This is almost like a super creature.”

Xu Mi swung towards Han Sen again, coldly saying, “My sword is called Xu Mi, too. My gemstone geno core has the power of the mountains!”

Han Sen knew now that it was the sword that was strange, and not his actual powers.

Red Dragon and the spirit barked compliments, saying, “Xu Mi is cool! Just one slash and already this happened. I couldn’t do that.”

“If he became super cla.s.s, I have no idea how strong his sword might become. Perhaps not even emperors could avoid his wrath.”

“Sword skills like that are so scary.”

Han Sen’s face didn’t change, though. He shook his numbed hand and put his sword in his left hand. Then, with his left hand, he leaped forward to strike his opponent.

Brutal strength was not everything, or at least not in accordance with Han Sen’s Dongxuan Sutra.

Han Sen’s brain tracked Xu Mi’s every movement. Taia was primed, ready to plunge deep into Xu Mi’s body.