Super Gene - Chapter 1478 - Opponent

Chapter 1478 - Opponent

Chapter 1478: Opponent


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen followed Six Paths, searching for the Geno Core Tablet that would allow them to enter the main battleground.

If he couldn’t finish the trial of the main battleground, he wouldn’t be able to leave. Staying in that realm, with the constant risk of encountering super Geno Battle Souls, would be dangerous. So he followed after Six Paths, who was an emperor. He didn’t even need geno cores to kill the foes they encountered.

Along their way, Han Sen inquired about Heart Sword. Six Paths watched Han Sen give a performance, then advised him on many tips and tricks he might not have caught on to. Han Sen was able to learn a lot.

Six Paths was not very secretive about this, either. He was even willing to divulge hidden information to Han Sen.

“I’m looking forward to another battle with you. You still need to get stronger, though.” Six Paths spoke with sincerity.

“I want to get stronger, too. But I don’t know how to absorb the Life Geno Essences of super creatures.” Han Sen felt bad about this inability.

Six Paths said to him, “It’s not difficult to absorb Life Geno Essences, you just need to prove yourself to them. You still need to become powerful enough to absorb them.”

“You mean, they have their own thoughts and will?” Han Sen was shocked.

Six Paths nodded. “The evolution of super creatures is different than our own. They will go to the Fifth Sanctuary and use Life Geno Essences to create life. Before they go, they might not be able to create life yet, but they have a consciousness. Killing them is not really killing them, and for as long as their Life Geno Essences exist, they are still alive in some form.”

“Ah; it’s no wonder I cannot absorb them.” Now Han Sen understood they had a consciousness, he also acknowledged how they were able to avoid being tricked by Han Sen’s simulation of their lifeforce.

Han Sen asked Six Paths how to gain the approval of the Life Geno Essences, but he was told that each of them had a different method. Six Paths’s own experiences with them would not help.

The two of them searched for the tablet as they talked. But before they could find it, a few shadows began to approach them.

It was a small collective of spirits, and they all looked powerful in their own right. They were not all emperor cla.s.s, but they were all definitely stronger than king cla.s.s.

“Six Paths Emperor, we did not expect to see you here. Will you walk with us?” The few spirits were shocked seeing him there, and it was the red-haired leader of the few that stepped forward to speak.

“I would like to be alone,” Six Paths said coldly.

The spirit frowned, looked at Han Sen, and pointed at him. He asked, “If you’d like to be alone, then who is that?”

Six Paths said icily, “He is my opponent.”

“Opponent?” When Six Paths said this, all the spirits looked shocked. They all turned to get a look at Han Sen.

Six Paths was not like any other emperor they had seen before. He was on top of the entire Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Many emperors wouldn’t consider a human as their opponent.

There was only one other person Six Paths had ever referred to this way, and he was the one who had reached first place on the super geno core leaderboard.

Many spirits believed Six Paths destroyed his own geno core for a new one that might eliminate the flaws featured in his first, all for the purpose of rising through the ranks to beat the one in that prestigious first place.

Six Paths referring to a human as an opponent was nothing short of shocking.

“I would like to see how this human can be regarded as an opponent.” The red-haired spirit stepped forward, summoned a spear, and turned it to face directly at Han Sen. “Tell me your name. This is the Red Dragon Spear.”

“Han Sen.” Han Sen did not like meaningless fights. He thought them to be a waste of time, as they were devoid of any particular gain.

Han Sen told him his name, but when he fought against Six Paths in the geno core storage, he displayed his true self while clad in armor. Before Six Paths, there was no need to hide his ident.i.ty.

The red-haired spirit did not say another word. With the spear propped, he immediately charged towards Han Sen. The spear was like a toxic dragon, cleaving through the air. As it came forward to strike Han Sen, the mere wake of the gusts that ran behind it was enough to tear the ground below.

Six Paths fell back and smiled. The other spirits also stepped away.

Han Sen was the only one who didn’t. He pulled out Taia and swung it towards the sundered air. His powerful Taia tore through the broken air and clashed against the incoming spear.

Neither Han Sen nor the Red Dragon stumbled back, as each collision was met with perfect balance.

Red Dragon shouted, and his spear began to s.h.i.+ne and light up, transforming into a black dragon. The spirit handled it just like the spear, and it could deal draconic damage that would be difficult for others to defend against.

Han Sen was still fearless. Red Dragon’s geno core was strange, but it was still only gemstone cla.s.s. There was no chance of it hurting him.

Han Sen cast his Dongxuan Aura and performed Ghost Sword. It was what he had learned from Elysian Moon, and what he had later spent time modifying.

Although it was not perfect yet, Han Sen was still very proficient with the technique.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra and Heavenly Go as well, making his moves entirely unpredictable while revealing those of the opponent. It did not matter how strange Red Dragon’s attacks were; Han Sen knew exactly what was coming and when.

Red Dragon soon noticed that no matter how often he tried to s.h.i.+ft and shake-up his performance and skillset, Han Sen was one step ahead of him the entire time. If he kept on going in this way, he was sure to be hit by the human.

Red Dragon was put into a state of caution. He waved his Black Dragon Spear and returned it. He couldn’t attack like that, and with Han Sen’s heightening ferocity, he found himself only able to defend.

All the spirits looked on in shock. They were certain Red Dragon had to be the strongest there. He was an emperor, and Black Dragon Spear destroyed any that were of the same level and below. No one expected he’d be backed into a corner by the likes of a human.

“This human is different. No wonder Six Paths refers to him as an opponent.”

“This sword skill is weird. I haven’t seen any of his movements repeat, even after all this time.”

“This is scary; he can see exactly what Red Dragon is preparing to do. It does not matter how he tries to attack, the human is already prepared to break it. What sort of skill is that?!”