Super Gene - Chapter 1477 - Meeting Six Paths Again

Chapter 1477 - Meeting Six Paths Again

Chapter 1477: Meeting Six Paths Again


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

After listening to that sound, Han Sen’s face changed. It wasn’t music played by a piano; it was the sound of a sword that was reminiscent of one.

Han Sen looked in the direction that the sound was coming from, and he felt a powerful force. Someone seemed to be fighting there. After a while, Han Sen decided to mask his presence and sneak over there to see who was in combat.

The battle was not far from Han Sen, and after a few miles of travel, he was able to see the sword that was producing those sounds. And what’s more, Han Sen knew the master of the weapon, as well. It was Six Paths, whom he once battled in the geno core storage.

Six Paths was battling a peac.o.c.k Geno Battle Soul. He wasn’t using Heart Sword this time. As he wielded his blade, music played from the sword that seemed to damage his opponent. The sword didn’t even have to come into contact with the peac.o.c.k, but regardless, it was screaming in pain.

“Is that Music Sword, perhaps?” Han Sen was shocked seeing this. It was a music-element hyper geno art. Han Sen once tried to learn something similar, but due to a lack of talent and immediate proficiency, he hadn’t invested much in it.

Han Sen was amazed seeing Six Paths use Music Sword. It didn’t compel him to learn the same technique, though. It was just something he greatly admired seeing.

The reason Han Sen learned Heart Sword was for the purpose of introspection. Learning Music Sword would be pointless. If he wanted a powerful skill, there were far better ones he’d be naturally talented with. He didn’t need to chase something music-element attuned.

The peac.o.c.k fell on the ground in pain, hearing the song of Music Sword. Then, Six Paths moved forward and lopped its head off. The peac.o.c.k Geno Battle Soul was killed.

What surprised Han Sen the most was that the peac.o.c.k did not leave a Core Light. Instead, it left behind a green geno core.

Six Paths picked up the geno core, looked towards where Han Sen was hiding, and said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you come say h.e.l.lo?”

Han Sen was shocked. He had already used his Dongxuan Aura to hide himself, but Six Paths was able to sense his presence anyway.

“You were still able to find me?” Han Sen deactivated his Dongxuan Aura and stepped out of the thicket.

When Six Paths laid eyes on Han Sen, he looked surprised. “You are in the Geno Battleground?”

“You knew I was here; why are you asking?” Han Sen frowned.

Six Paths smiled and said, “I felt that a small portion of this place had vanished. As a result, I suspected a creature was hiding out of sight. I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Now Han Sen knew why he was exposed. Six Paths didn’t see his Dongxuan Aura, it was just a flaw of his usage of Dongxuan Aura.

“Ah, that’s why.” Han Sen looked at Six Paths then, and asked, “Are you here to level up your geno core?”

Six Paths shook his head and said, “If I wanted to level up my geno core, I wouldn’t have destroyed my last one. I will level this new one up, step-by-step. I don’t need the help of others.”

“Then what are you doing here?” Han Sen looked confused.

Six Paths looked confused, as well. “You didn’t come here because of the G.o.d geno core? You are here to level up your geno core?”

“Elysian Moon hid something from me. Her power was not enough to kill a super Geno Battle Soul, so how could she expect to level up? I didn’t even know a G.o.d geno core existed, but I suspect this is what she is really here for.” Han Sen heard what Six Paths said, and sort of understood.

“What is the G.o.d geno core?” Han Sen frowned.

“It looks like you don’t know,” Six Paths said, and then explained.

The Geno Battleground did not have super Core Lights. If you killed a super Geno Battle Soul, you received a missing geno core like Han Sen had just received. You could not make use of a missing super geno core, but it was a key to enter G.o.d’s Battleground. No one without a missing geno core could enter.

In the main battleground, it was possible to obtain a G.o.d geno core. When you entered G.o.d’s Battleground, you did so by visiting one of the Geno Core Tablets which were scattered around different areas.

This was completely different from what Elysian Moon had told him. She told Han Sen the Geno Core Tablet would take him out of this place, but it would in fact lead them to her desired destination: the main battleground.

“Beautiful women are liars. She wanted to go to the tablet to enter the battleground. But that should mean she has a missing geno core,” Han Sen thought to himself.

“What is this G.o.d geno core used for?” Han Sen asked Six Paths.

“A G.o.d geno core is used for you to receive a second self geno core. I’ve never had a second one before, so I am here to try to receive another,” Six Paths said.

“You were emperor cla.s.s; wouldn’t it have been easier for you to get a G.o.d geno core then?” Han Sen asked, due to his confusion.

Six Paths shook his head. “Self geno cores that exceed gemstone cla.s.s geno cores can’t enter the Geno Battleground. I was born an emperor, and as a result, I could not come here. Now the main battleground is open to me, and I want to get a G.o.d geno core. I want to have two self geno cores.”

Han Sen was not interested in getting another. All creatures had their own special abilities and created a single geno core, but Han Sen wasn’t like this. He already had four self geno cores. It would be pointless for him, so chasing a G.o.d geno core would be a useless venture.

“Since you are here, you should come to the main battleground with me. You don’t need to worry about anything, and you should just try to grab the G.o.d geno core,” Six Paths invited Han Sen to come along.

“I’m not interested in obtaining a G.o.d geno core. But do you know how to get out of this place?” Han Sen asked.

“When the main battleground shuts down, you can use the teleporter that you entered from to go back. Didn’t you know that? You should have known before entering.” Six Paths looked at Han Sen with surprise.

Han Sen told him his story, prompting Six Paths to frown. “You were tricked by Elysian Moon? She is here for the G.o.d geno core because she already has a missing geno core?”

“That’s what I’m thinking, yes.” Han Sen licked his lips. “Don’t let me see her. If I do, there’s no telling what I might do to her.”

Six Paths smiled. “It’ll be difficult to find her now, but you should follow me to the main battleground. a.s.suming she isn’t dead yet, that’s where she’ll be. There are many super creatures and the heirs of emperors on the way, so this’ll be the best chance for you to get better.”