Super Gene - Chapter 1476 - Firetail Butterfly King

Chapter 1476 - Firetail Butterfly King

Chapter 1476: Firetail b.u.t.terfly King


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen looked at what was going on for a while and then stopped, turning to run directly into the b.u.t.terfly swarm. He collected all the Core Lights from the fallen b.u.t.terflies and killed a number more on his way through.

They were good stuff, and Han Sen needed them to fast-track his four self geno cores to gold cla.s.s.

The b.u.t.terfly king squealed, abandoning Meowth to return its focus to Han Sen, but Meowth was too slow to catch up with it and snare its attention again.

Han Sen called back Meowth with a de-summon, then re-summoned it, throwing it right back at the b.u.t.terfly king that was drawing near. An explosion sounded right after, as Meowth was blown away by the b.u.t.terfly king’s attack.

The b.u.t.terfly king re-locked onto Han Sen, wanting to attack him. With the Meowth trick, he was able to keep himself alive, but constantly summoning the pet prevented him from being able to collect all the Core Lights he wished to.

The b.u.t.terfly king realized its inability to strike Han Sen now, and cleverly, it changed targets. It went straight for Elysian Moon, who was the weakest of the trio.

Elysian Moon would have been stronger than Zhuo Donglai on any other day, but her body had yet to fully recover from the injuries she had sustained. She was able to dodge the b.u.t.terfly king’s first attack, but not the second.


Han Sen threw Meowth forward again, letting it hit the b.u.t.terfly king to absorb the explosive damage. The shockwave was still enough to blow Elysian Moon ten meters away, however.

“You guys go on ahead; I’ll deal with him,” Han Sen said to Zhuo Donglai and Elysian Moon.

Zhuo Donglai and Elysian Moon, who was just getting up, knew they were useless being there. They realized they were more of a burden than an aid for Han Sen, and so they ran.

“We’ll wait for you near the Geno Core Tablet. When you come after us, remember not to get too close!” Elysian Moon shouted.

“Don’t worry; I’ll be there later,” Han Sen answered. He picked up Meowth and lobbed him at the b.u.t.terfly king that was going after Elysian Moon again.

After the b.u.t.terfly king was blocked this time, Elysian Moon and Zhuo Donglai were able to disappear from sight. A few b.u.t.terflies followed after them, but they were ordinary ones and of little concern.

After they were gone, the b.u.t.terfly king released all its wrath on Han Sen and Han Sen alone.

Fortunately, Meowth was able to keep going as Han Sen’s meats.h.i.+eld. He wasn’t afraid or put-down by being used in the way he was. As Han Sen proceeded in this manner, he used his umbrella to strike down any of the smaller b.u.t.terflies that were around.

Han Sen didn’t have the time to collect the Core Lights in the Cruel Bottle, though. The gold Core Light was being directly absorbed by the umbrella instead, greatly increasing its strength.

Han Sen found something rather funny about it all. While the b.u.t.terfly king was still strong, its flames seemed to have quelled a bit after the repeated attacks on Meowth. Although the difference was small, it was definitely not a mistake. The b.u.t.terfly king had gotten weaker.

After the lengthy encounter, Han Sen could feel it losing strength.

“Maybe I will have a chance to kill the b.u.t.terfly king.” Han Sen was rather excited about this prospect, and so he continued using Meowth as a distraction for the b.u.t.terfly king as he went around killing the normal b.u.t.terflies and collecting their Core Lights.

It didn’t take long for the Bulwark Umbrella to absorb one hundred Core Lights, and when it hit that figure, it began to break through.

Because self geno cores were connected to his body, and the umbrella had absorbed so many Core Lights, he could feel his Dongxuan Sutra becoming stronger. That too was going to level up soon.

Han Sen knew if his Dongxuan Sutra leveled up, his umbrella would become gold. But Han Sen didn’t want that, and so he suppressed his Dongxuan Sutra to avoid it leveling up.

The Bulwark Umbrella had only just leveled up to silver, and he had yet to reinforce it nine times. It would be a waste to proceed without doing that, and so that was why he stopped the Dongxuan Sutra from leveling up.

After getting a hundred gold Core Lights, it seemed useless to get any more, as it wouldn’t make the umbrella stronger.

So, Han Sen summoned his Crystal Core, and let it absorb the gold Core Lights directly. As it absorbed them, Han Sen felt his Jadeskin grow and mature. It would level up soon, as well: a process which Han Sen also suppressed.

Because there were too many Firetail b.u.t.terflies, there were still a lot of Core Lights yet to get absorbed. But Han Sen didn’t dare to use Coin or Real Blood to get them.

They were only bronze geno cores right now, and if they absorbed gold Core Lights, Han Sen thought they might level up too quickly, and he’d be unable to put a lid on their development.

Suddenly, the b.u.t.terfly king squealed once more. The smaller b.u.t.terflies all started to fly away, joined shortly after by the king itself. The entire horde fled into the bamboo forest.

Han Sen wasn’t willing to let it run off, though. It was a super Geno Battle Soul, after all, and he wouldn’t allow the chance of killing it to slip away.

Not caring for the little b.u.t.terflies that were also all around, Han Sen went straight for the king. The b.u.t.terfly king had been fighting Meowth for a while, and it was visibly weaker now. Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to catch up with it.

Meowth had become a living cannonball, and as Han Sen chased after the b.u.t.terfly king, he would frequently lob the armored kitty at it. If the b.u.t.terfly king dodged, it’d slow down a little and allow Han Sen the chance to catch up. If it didn’t dodge, it’d just be hit by Meowth.

This process incited the b.u.t.terfly king’s rage. The giant b.u.t.terfly turned back around and tried to kill Han Sen once again.

Han Sen wasn’t going to fight it head-on, though. Instead, he used Meowth to strip away its power again, bit-by-bit. After an entire day of this, the b.u.t.terfly king’s power had been almost completely drained. Han Sen delivered a single firm hit and blew it up.

After the Firetail b.u.t.terfly King’s body blew up, however, it didn’t reveal a Core Light that was ripe for the taking. Instead, a red light gathered itself into a ruby-like crystal that was solid.

Han Sen picked it up and heard an announcement.

“Firetail b.u.t.terfly Geno Core obtained.”

“It’s a geno core and not a Core Light?” Han Sen was shocked, as this was unexpected.

Han Sen observed the geno core’s information and was swiftly confused.

Firetail b.u.t.terfly: Super Geno Core (Missing)

“What does missing mean?” Han Sen frowned. Geno cores were either destroyed or damaged; he had never seen or heard about missing ones before.

The strangest thing about this was that Han Sen could not use the Firetail b.u.t.terfly geno core, either. He had no idea why.

He didn’t have time to investigate it right now, though. He returned to the plan and went looking for Elysian Moon and Zhuo Donglai.

After half a day of travel, he was unable to find them. Han Sen thought he might have strayed too far off the track while he was fighting the b.u.t.terfly King. Perhaps he was going in the same direction, just via a different path.

He had no idea where the Firetail b.u.t.terflies had all gone, either. He had seen no more after the last fight. Three days later, Han Sen heard a noise coming from someplace deep within the bamboo forest. It sounded like music.