Super Gene - Chapter 1456 - Follow Me

Chapter 1456 - Follow Me

Chapter 1456: Follow Me


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the place descended into chaos, Han Sen took off running. Suddenly, a sword cleaved through the air, and plumes of feathers choked the sky as many of the flying creatures were killed.

The snake-turtle and the crocodile stopped fighting when they saw this. No longer interested in the meat, they started to scuttle away in different directions.

“Where are you going?” Han Sen heard a woman’s voice call out from the sky, as another swordswipe reached for the crocodile. The movement was too quick for Han Sen to make out the wielder of that weapon, but it cut down the crocodile in a flash.

The crocodile used its scissors to try to block the incoming attack, but it wasn’t fast enough.

Then, a scream echoed. The sword cut through the crocodile’s head, and its lifeless body dropped down onto the sh.e.l.l.

The creatures were all fighting against each other in a bid to escape now, even the super creatures. Even they did not want the meat anymore.

Han Sen was shocked. The crocodile was incredibly strong, and he hadn’t expected a sword-wielding phantom to one-hit kill it so simply.

Han Sen thought he had heard this voice before. When that person put away the sword, and he got a closer look, he was shocked. She was the master of the Demi-G.o.d a.s.sociation. She was someone who probably had a connection to Han Jinzhi.

“Why are you here?” The woman frowned, seeing Han Sen there.

“I got chased by creatures, and I ended up in here. I didn’t expect to see you here. You must be so powerful to one-hit super creatures like that,” Han Sen said, looking up at the woman.

Fortunately, he had exited his super king spirit before the encounter. He had done so to save power. Had he not done this, the woman might have thought he was a creature and killed him.

The woman coldly responded, “There is a lot more you don’t know. Do you really think you’re the first super aristocrat in the Alliance?”

“No, but I know you and the other members of Blood Legion are stronger than I am.” Han Sen shrugged.

“Good. Then let’s go.” When the woman said that, she turned around.

“Go where?” Han Sen frowned. He did not want to a.s.sociate or interact with that woman here.

The woman said, “It is good to see you here, and there is something I need you to do.”

“I have important matters to attend to. I’m not sure I can spare the time to help you,” Han Sen declined.

The woman stopped, turned around, and coldly said, “You can reject me, sure; but you can’t reject my sword. If you try to leave, I’ll arrange for you and my sword to become well-acquainted.”

“Do I have a choice?” Han Sen shrugged again.

“Yes. Death is always a choice.” The woman spoke with surprising sincerity.

“Who would willingly choose death while they’re living?” Han Sen sighed and simply followed.

The crocodile’s body disappeared after the kill, and not even its flesh was left behind. Still, the woman collected its Life Geno Essence and even received its geno core Crocodile Scissors.

Han Sen knew he wouldn’t be able to beat her, so he followed her.

The woman seemed to ignore Han Sen on their way, but she took him for a long walk through the Underworld. She behaved differently than she had in the Alliance.

In the Alliance, none were able to sense her true power. Here, merely being in her presence told you she was frighteningly powerful. No creature would dare approach her.

Han Sen wanted to ask her a few questions, but after firing them, he received no answer. She ignored him. After a few more repeated tries, he stopped.

They walked in this manner for two whole days. Eventually, they left the Underworld via some cave on a mountainside.

“Where are we going?” Han Sen looked around, acknowledging it to be a place he was unfamiliar with. He could not tell where Shadow Shelter was from there.

Surprisingly, the woman said, “To my shelter.”

“Your shelter? Is it a human shelter?” Han Sen asked in shock.

“Who told you I’m human?” the woman coldly said.

Han Sen was shocked. He used his Dongxuan Aura to scan her, and while she was very strong, he still got the sense she was a human.

“What are you, if you aren’t a human? A spirit?” Han Sen kidded.

“Han Jinzhi didn’t tell you anything?” the woman said, frowning.

“If I knew, I wouldn’t need to ask you.” Han Sen felt lame. He didn’t even know if he was actually the heir of Teacher Han.

Han Sen thought she would tell him something, but she groaned and said, “This has nothing to do with what you need to do. It doesn’t matter.”

The woman kept on walking after that, but she actually started answering questions for Han Sen.

“At least tell me what I’m doing? And your name. What is it? I can’t keep calling you woman.” Han Sen wasn’t going to give up yet.

The woman hesitated a little, and then said, “You’ll know once we get there. And in regards to my name, call me whatever you wish to. It’s merely a t.i.tle.”

“That’s not really an answer.” Han Sen’s heart sank, and after that, the woman went back to ignoring him again.

The woman summoned a beast. Han Sen sat on it, and it didn’t take him long to discover it was a super mount. It was blisteringly quick. But even at that speed, the mount had to run for four days straight before they reached the shelter.

As Han Sen expected, the place was ma.s.sive. It had been built on a floating island, draped with clouds like a heavenly scene. The floating island had no simple palace, though. What was there was a city, and it was clearly a super shelter.

But Han Sen did not see a single human there in the shelter. There were far more spirits than creatures residing there, as well.

The scariest thing was that the spirits and creatures there were all remarkably strong. They weren’t much weaker than Han Sen, which meant they were sacred-blood creatures and royal spirits at the very least.

When they saw the woman, they all bowed. They all either greatly admired her or feared her.

They were curious about the person sitting next to her; Han Sen. They inquisitively guessed who he might be, and what sort of person would be allowed to tag along so casually.